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Daily Insights

Friday, December 19.

The Moon is in it ‘s dead phase (the days just before the new moon) but that doesn’ t mean you are or that life is at a standstill.  Really just the opposite.  For the workday the Moon is in intense and power driven Scorpio so make a consolidated effort to clear your desk of work and start to take an accounting

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Thursday, December 18.

Today ‘s Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto and Jupiter and that is a relentless combination that pushes one to extremes.  While it’ s important to take chances and risks it ‘s not wise to be foolish and this aspect can push people towards excess such as gambling so err on the side of caution if you find yourself going too far.  If you do something rather foolish tomorrow’ s aspect of Moon to Saturn could make you feel some guilt or possibly shame if the activity is that extreme and provokes that kind of emotion.

For most people today provides a positive energy to deepen your commitment to

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Wednesday, December 17.

Today ‘s aspects present ample opportunity to solve problems in creative and imaginative ways as well as being a good communicator.   The mood of the day is one of getting things accomplished.  Doors will open even in challenging circumstances presenting new ideas in which to tackle old, current and new difficulties.

With Saturn at the last degree of Scorpio there’ s time for a major accounting in life and if that presents any hardship today will be one of those days to understand how to better cope.  

Everything is deepening as we head towards the winter solstice.  There are endings and new beginnings in the midst of

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Tuesday, December 16.

After the Libra Moon triggers the Uranus/Pluto square there there may be major relationship issues that need to be handled and managed as things come to light that may set you a bit off kilter.  This would be especially true right now since the 6th of seven Uranus/Pluto squares

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Monday, December 15.

Today is the exact square of Uranus and Pluto but as I ‘ve said we’ ve been experiencing it for the last few years and most especially this particular manifestation of it in the past month since the issues dividing race, the police and everyone in this country have reached a tipping

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Sunday, December 14

We ‘re approaching the penultimate square between Uranus and Pluto. The most obvious manifestation of this energy are the spate of protests and demonstrations asking for fair and equal treatment for all by the powers that be. We are each going through our own personal revolution as well as we try to gain truth, clarity and enlightenment over obsessive, compulsive and unconscious habit patterns. We must properly police our own behavior and inner demons.

The Moon is in Virgo today. The Sun meets up with grandiose Jupiter early on urging a call to seek truth in a higher power and expansion of spirits to soar. Venus in harmony with Neptune brings opportunity for devotion and compassion within relationships. The Moon square Mercury can make communication stressful as it is difficult to express one’ s needs with clarity. Try not to be overly critical. And finally Luna meets up with Saturn which can help mental and emotional processing if the going gets rough. Dissect information and feelings in as objective a way as

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Wednesday, December 10.

The Moon enters Leo while Venus ingresses into Capricorn.  This is about having fun and paying the price for it.  When indulging in pleasure or making purchases be aware of what you ‘re paying and what it’ s worth.  Not just from a material point of view but from a spiritual one as well. 

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