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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Friday, February 22

Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect begs the question what price are you willing to pay for love, passion and intimacy? A lot of money can be spent tonight if you go on a date because the urge will be to impress the partner. It ‘s a good time to start a new working partnership with someone that has been in the works for a while. It’ s also

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Sunday, February 17

Chiron is
finishing up his transit through the sign of Pisces before its Aries ingress on
February 18th. 

Chiron at
the last degrees of Pisces asks us to analyze the wounds of the collective
unconscious, the entire world, our spiritual past of pain and suffering that
has existed

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Tuesday, February 12

There are major planetary shifts in the sky but the big news this week is the Mars/Uranus conjunction at the final degree of Aries. This culminates on Wednesday but you have been feeling it ‘s effects the last week and will continue to do so all week long.

This is a highly combustible energy. It’ s about sudden bursts of anger, energy, temper and vitality. It is an explosive

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Saturday, Februay 9

The Aries Moon creates tension with Saturn and demands dealing with more serious issues. You cannot go full speed ahead today. For instance, if you do things too hastily like a gym workout where you ‘re careless or running too quickly and not looking where you’ re going, there can be something like a pulled muscle, twisted ankle or

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Thursday, February 7

Optimism rules the day!! If you can ‘t tap into that energy to uplift spirits and connect to joy, then do something excessive like spend money on a purchase that makes you happy or an expensive restaurant that indulges overboard appetites.

The Sun (ego) and Jupiter (expansion) are partnered for positive opportunities. Having the signs Aquarius and Sagittarius involved suggests broad reaching opportunities and doing something to help others as well as yourself. In fact, it’ s more about doing things that help others. In the process one ‘s ego can be stroked and you’ ll feel special for having been more concerned with the bigger picture, the group endeavor or the effect your talents have on the world at large.

Mercury and Mars

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Monday, January 21

Today’s Lunar Eclipse occurs in Leo on Dr. Martin Luther
King’s Birthday.  How synchronistic since
Leo is the sign that rules Kings!  A
perfect day to honor a King among Kings! 
While I’m not extremely well educated on his legacy, I am aware of all
his Leo qualities

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Saturday, January 19

Saturday, January 19. 
There’s a Leo Lunar Eclipse culminating tomorrow around Midnight Eastern
Standard Time.  Lunar eclipses are always
a little maniacal and everyone’s mood becomes a bit more frenzied.  This one in particular has an even higher
dramatic quality because it is colored by the sign of

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