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Daily Insights

Thursday, July 12

There ‘s a Solar Eclipse occurring Thursday into Friday at 20.41 degrees of Cancer.  This is a big deal mostly because this degree is exactly opposing transiting Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn.  A Solar Eclipse means the sky is dark.  It is a heightened new moon.  It doesn’ t mean a fated event will happen in the next two days (although for some that may be true) but the seeds are planted for a fated story to unfold over the course of the next few months.  We also have a second solar eclipse on August

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Tuesday, July 10

Venus enters Virgo.  Love becomes hard work and that will be doubly so since Mars is retrograde acting antithetical to his nature.  It ‘s time to get down to the nitty gritty work out, work through or work away from relationships.  Those that stand the test of time will grow stronger from the analysis and those that are constructed on a foundation of clay may end once the retrogrades are over.  In either scenario you owe it to the relationship to be honest and dig into the problems and work on them.  You need to make a decision either way.  Venus in Virgo will help this process even though it may feel like it’ s hurting it.


Venus in Virgo is wonderful for paying extra special attention to your pets and for appreciating and valuing your employees.  That

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Thursday, July 5

Chiron has stationed retrograde at 2.25 Aries over the 4th of July holiday.  Old wounds may resurface that you previously thought you had dealt with to completion.  This happened to me and it wasn ‘t pleasant but with Chiron you should be kind to yourself and realize that certain types of wounds never go away.  They may lay dormant for a while but eventually rear their ugly head just to remind you that you must accept and forgive and not be so harsh on yourself.  You’ re always working to make yourself better and there should be no shame attached. 

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Wednesday, June 13

Today is the Gemini New Moon and yesterday Mercury entered Cancer.  The name of the game is communication with a personal touch.  Infuse thought with feeling and project a caring and thoughtful tone when expressing through words as translated by thought. 


Venus enters Leo and everyone becomes

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Tuesday, June 5

Mercury forms a conjunction with the Sun today in its home sign of Gemini.  There ‘s an attunement to communicate with integrity and honesty combined with an empathetic, compassionate tone courtesy of the Pisces Moon.  It’ s definitely a day to be logical and communicate ones creativity with great style and flair.  Use the Pisces Moon for inspiration rather than confusion and being in a fog. 


The other

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Saturday, June 2

The day is colored by a Venus/Neptune trine.  Any romance or romantic feeling that was initiated last night will flow throughout the day.  This doesn ‘t have to be a sexual or sensual romance with a partner but can also be something more psychological or having to do with love of a child, a concept or an event.  Broaden your definition of romance. 


The Moon is void all day so let the mood flow into more escapist activities.  Things should really liven up after Luna enters Aquarius at 6:06 pm (EDT).  The first aspect she makes is a square to Uranus so there’ s a great deal of excitement in the atmosphere and the air will shift noticeably after this void is over.  Routines need to

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Wednesday, May 30

We are coming off an expansive Sagittarius full moon.  For me the weekend was about expanding my mind and broadening my astrological outlook by attending the UAC 2018 conference in Chicago that assembled thousands of Astrologers from all over the world sharing information, knowledge and teaching.  What did

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