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Daily Insights

Friday, October 2.

Very sad to hear about, yet again, another shooting on a college campus, this time in Oregon. I won ‘t pontificate on the philosophy of gun laws here, but I will discuss something about predictive astrology. I don’ t mean to be detached and unfeeling but this is educational for students. You may want to re-read my post about eclipses from Sunday, September 27th when I talked about

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Wednesday, September 30.

The last day of the month finds us engaged with a stabilizing Taurus Moon which can help everyone get grounded after the craziness and unhinged energy of the past weekend ‘s lunar eclipse.  The boat should stop rocking somewhat as one sets anchor.  An early morning trine to Jupiter lends expression to put one’ s natural talent to good use on the job, and the conjunction of the Sun & Mercury can help

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Tuesday, September 29.

The Moon is void today from 3:45 am until 2:57 pm (EDT).  There are going to be very, very long voids for the next month.  Without getting paranoid or going crazy just be aware.  We have to live our lives and the void of course Moon is nothing to

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Sunday, September 27.

Today is the lunar eclipse in Aries.  Aries is a hot headed sign and lunar eclipses are more intense versions of full moons which are fairly emotional to begin with.  So when an eclipse is evolved the energy is ramped-up to a crazy level.

At its best Aries is

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Saturday, September 26.

The Moon is void from 12:32 pm until 3:29 pm (EDT) on Sunday.  That ‘s a long void but by that doesn’ t signify in any way, shape or form that nothing will happen.  We ‘re building towards an Aries Lunar Eclipse on Sunday and as I’ ve been saying for the past week the energy is being felt very strongly through Monday.

It doesn ‘t mean it’ ‘s a horrible time

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Friday, September 25.

It ‘s an intense weekend.  Today Pluto stations direct and how appropriate we are seeing so many people in positions of power and prestige taking center stage: specifically Pope Francis and all the political leaders in the USA as well as Vladimir Putin coming to the United Nations and many other leaders, presidents, kings & queens congregating in NYC.  Saturn is in Sagittarius, so of course religion is a major catalyst, while Pluto sets the stage for negotiations and power plays.  Pluto is in Capricorn, so there’ s much intensity towards tradition, pomp and circumstance.  In many ways there is an upholding of tradition and yet also a transformation of old worn out structures.  You can see that in the emphasis the Pope is placing on certain issues and the subtle changes he is trying

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Thursday, September 24.

The CEO of Volkswagen has resigned  after findings that the company had cheated on its emissions tests.  This is a huge financial impact on the company and tremendously detrimental to its reputation.  I mention this only because Mercury is currently retrograde (cars) and Pluto is stationing direct over the

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