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Daily Insights

Friday, February 5.

The major aspect of the day is a conjunction of Venus with Pluto. You can use this aspect in a positive way by negotiating hard about money issues and for building solid and mutually beneficial business relationship or negatively by being obsessive in your quest for money at any

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Thursday, February 4.

The Moon is void of course all day. Since she ‘s void in Sagittarius with the last aspect being a square to Jupiter there can be a great deal that can be accomplished. Just be careful of making mountains out of molehills or being sloppy with the details. Often when one overextends oneself there is a possibility of spreading yourself too thin. Be wary of that tendency today.
If you use the energy wisely, it could be a day to attend too many minor details and get a lot of nuisance work completed that you’ ve allowed to pile up.
Stay focused on several things at once, but the moment you feel the slightest bit of spaciness and things starting to get out of control, rein yourself in.

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Wednesday, February 3.

It ‘s a very active day with many aspects. There’ s an abundant amount of cosmic energy in the air that each person can channel towards achieving goals.
The early morning has Mars and Pluto promoting ambitious projects and getting the day off towards competitive action. Have a goal in mind today and go after it. A

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Sunday, January 31.

The early part of the day is perfect to pursue religious and spiritual pursuits, and that should be a good Sunday morning thing to do.
The remainder of Sunday can be a highly social and busy one. Be careful of blurting out things during the course of conversation

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Friday, January 29.

The Libra Moon is once again rather dynamic today making stressful and action-oriented aspects. It ‘s an aggressive energy that’ s best used in working on intense work projects with others where each person has to deliver the goods and bring their talents to the table towards productive goals.
Keep the mind active,

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Thursday, January 28.

The Moon is void in the early morning and then she enters Libra at 9:59 am (EST). Make sure you take action after that time. Libra is a partnership sign and seeks balance, harmony and takes into consideration others ‘ opinions and points of view before making a decision. It can be indecisive but because the Moon squares Venus (Libra’ s ruler) there won ‘t be much of that going on. In fact this will make the normally sweet demeanor of Libra a bit more assertive, aggressive and Aries-like. The side of Libra that is the iron fist in the velvet glove is more likely to be on display.
A square aspect of this nature is likely to create friction rather harmony than between partners. Use the tension for healthy debate and sparring rather than for being bitchy and accusatory. Hash out differences through healthy discourse. There will most likely be disagreements, and you may not solve all issues, but it’ s important to allow each other

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Wednesday, January 27.

It ‘s an extremely industrious Virgo Moon and now that Mercury is starting to pick up speed, so should you. Aspects are flowing throughout the day and the last aspect before the moon turns void at 7:11 pm (EST) is a conjunction to Jupiter. This suggests that information can be disseminated and you’ ll be able to get answers from others and solve problems by attending to details and staying focused. It ‘s a good day to multi-task.
For those with health question, problems and issues it’ s a day to get answers and finally figure out what exactly may be going on with the body and mind.
Stay focused in conjunction with seeing the

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