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Daily Insights

Monday, November 20

Neptune is preparing to station direct on Wednesday so there ‘s a fishy feeling in the air and a haze of confusion, glamour and illusion in the air this week.  For many there can be positive sensitivity of feeling and for others the inflation of feeling can veer towards blowing things negatively out of proportion.  Whatever it is you are feeling is highly sensitized.  Neptune is a planetary energy having to do with pain, suffering, healing and compassion.  All these energies are spotlighted now.  Seek higher guidance from your spiritual guides. 

Today’ s Sagittarius Moon suggests placing faith in your beliefs while having some of them tested as the last aspect before the Moon turns void is a conjunction to Saturn. There are twists and turns and it’s hard to navigate

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Sunday, November 19

The Mars/Pluto square culminates today.  This is one of those aspects that has been in the news in all it ‘s garish, ghoulish glory for the past month.  The worst this aspect has to offer is abuse of power, violence, murder, death and inappropriate sexual behavior of which rape is the most extreme manifestation.  The best this aspect has to offer is extreme ambition, going after what you want with relentless focus, facing violent and dangerous situations with courage, strength in the face of adversity and a tremendous spirit of competition.  The conjunction and the opposition of these two planets also manifest in similar ways. 

Often an aspect like this manifests its duality within the same person as you can see by this cluster of men who have Mars in aspect to Pluto who have been in the news lately: You can see for yourself the split Jekyll & Hyde personality within each of them based upon their professional successes and personal failings:


Harvey Weinstein: Mars/Pluto square

Roy Moore: Mars/Pluto opposition

Kevin Spacey: Mars/Pluto conjunction

Stephen Paddock (Las Vegas shooter): Mars/Pluto square

Steven Seagal: Mars/Pluto square


There are many positive attributes of this planetary pair so don’ t go crazy if you have a connection between them in your chart. Awareness is always the key to challenging aspects because they always contain great power to do

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Saturday, November 18

Today ‘s Scorpio New Moon stimulates the Solar Eclipse from August 21.  Notice any events that transpired around that time taking a turn towards deeper feelings, deeper investigation, deeper passion and more intensity to evolving situations that incorporate major change in life.  This is an evolutionary lunation and things may die and rot in order to be purged, or in other cases there is high creativity and collaboration towards creating new, more powerful emotional security.  Where is the power and how appropriately is it being used? 

The sexual investigations and revolution that has been going on continues to intensify under the aegis of Scorpio combined with the Leo eclipse. This combination is all about inappropriate romantic overtures that veer towards threatening power plays involving sex, money and influence.


It’ s a time to deal with difficult challenges and showing up for others and offering strong emotional and financial support. Be more committed towards people, places and things that stir deep passions in your bowels. Your loyalty may be tested.


This can be a highly romantic and

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Thursday, November 16

Vesta enters Scorpio.  Get closer to the sisterhood.  Stay focused on goals with an eye towards getting to the bottom of things. There is safety and power in numbers. 

Pallas retrogrades into Aries. Warrior women uncover the battle scars of the past and are ready to fight with the

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Wednesday, November 15

Today’s Libra Moon aspects Saturn and Uranus.  It’s a perfect day to bring to consciousness the ability to marry tradition with progress.  When working with others it’s a good idea to have people around you that represent both sides of the coin.  The older generation has wisdom based on

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Tuesday, November 14

It ‘s an action oriented day.  Be considerate on behalf of someone else.  Be spurred on to do something in partnership with or for others.  Ask questions, seek answers and communicate what is on your mind.  It’ s a much better day for receiving and transmitting information. 

Look for equality in relationships and be willing to debate intellectual concepts. It’s a social day that could be used for networking as well as pleasurable pastimes.


Mercury enters its shadow tomorrow before its formal retrograde commences

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Saturday, November 11

Today is the final of three trines between Uranus and Saturn.  This is about the relationship between tradition and progress.  Uranus in Aries wants revolutionary change while Saturn in Sagittarius wants to hold on to old laws, philosophies and concepts.  A trine presents great opportunity in combining the two

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