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Daily Insights

Wednesday, December 5

The next few days are quite busy what with the direct Mercury station tomorrow, the Sagittarius new moon on Friday, and Chiron station direct over the weekend.  There ‘s a lot of forward momentum about to happen so that you can start to get yourself out of a quagmire. 


But before we get to this more energetic forward movement we have to deal with today’ s Sun/Neptune square.  This is a confusing, low energy type of aspect that can really cause you to have things

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Sunday, December 2.

Two important astrological aspects occur today and both involve the love and creative planets Mars and Venus.  Mars square the Sun is a very feisty energy that can be very polarizing.  This can veer at its worst towards bullying and unwelcomed aggressive behavior if you ‘re frustrated about something and can’ t channel the

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Friday, November 30

The Moon is in Virgo which can make for an industrious Friday and her trine to Pluto can get the job done fully and completely. 


The bigger story is Venus in opposition to Uranus.  This is the third and last hit of the love goddess as she

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Thursday, November 28

Hope those who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I had a great one.  The Neptune/Jupiter/Mars energy manifested in its more positive form as spiritual enlightenment and putting the energy into expanding a more philosophical approach to life.  And there was a very important Pisces who re-entered my life

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Sunday, November 25.

The news the entire weekend is the direct station of Neptune.  The entire weekend had a Pisces tone to it and indeed there may have been more Pisces types of friends and family in your orbit. 


Psychologically this weekend is about the mist slowly settling or a

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Thursday, November 22

This year the holiday falls on a very challenging Mercury retrograde.  Little old Mercury isn ‘t in his most comfortable sign, so he may grandstand and put his foot in his mouth one or two times.  There will be plenty stretching of the truth or a rewriting of history in some way.  But the bigger problem, more than Mercury acting out of sorts of his own free will, is that he’ s also being assaulted by bully Mars, deceptive Neptune and inflammatory Jupiter.  So all forms of communication are going to be clouded and kind of infuriating.  Opinions will be polarizing, self-righteous and divisional.  

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Tuesday, November 20

The Moon is in high-spirited, pioneering Aries for the workday so there ‘s a quick and speedy mood to get last minute work assignments completed before taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Give clear, concise and direct orders to co-workers, partners, clients and colleagues so that everyone is clear about their role in getting things done and doing their part. 


Mars squared Jupiter yesterday and this aspect will still be felt today, so it will continue to produce high amounts of energy and willingness to push hard to get things done.  Everyone might be a little too pushy today but if you can just keep an open mind everything should be fine. 


I would leave extra time for travel this entire holiday season since Mercury is retrograde in the sign of its detriment while squaring a stationing Neptune.  This does not bode well in any way, shape or form for transportation running smoothly.  There will be mix-ups, delays, misinformation, and general craziness so be very careful and be more aware than usual. You can’ t control what others do with this very sloppy Mercury retrograde but you can be aware of yourself. 


There ‘s a short void this evening from 5:46 pm to 6:43 pm (EST). Afterwards the Moon enters Taurus, a more tranquil pleasure loving sign but tonight’ s pleasure will most likely be anything but tranquil since Luna conjuncts Uranus at 5:46 pm

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