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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Wednesday, February 22.

Volatile aspects rule the day and the Capricorn Moon puts everyone in the mood to manifest, concretize and realize ambitions and goals.  Mars and Pluto can cause violence, arguments and outbursts or positively this combination can push you to the limits to negotiate and close a deal or relentlessly

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Saturday, February 18

Sleep in late today since the Moon remains void in Scorpio through 1:52 pm (EST).  When Luna enters Sagittarius afterward there will be a noticeable shift in energy as this sign is notable for high Yan energy.

The Sun enters Pisces and combined with the Sagittarius Moon makes this

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Friday, February 17.

The Moon remains in Scorpio through 2:38 pm (EST) at which time it goes void for almost 24 hours.  Use the Scorpion intensity to diligently get as much work done as possible before the void so that you can have a relaxing weekend.  Remain determined to complete all assignments. 

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Thursday, February 16.

The Scorpio Moon steers the mood of the day towards investigative skills.  A fortuitous aspect between Mercury and Mars can put words, ideas and investigative skills into action.  It’s a great day for a debate or to hash out work projects with colleagues.  The mood can be intense but

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Wednesday, February 15.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday while the Moon was in the engaging and partnership oriented sign of Libra.  The aspects yesterday were rather harmonious with a little tension thrown in courtesy of Mars which would have been great for lighting up romantic tension and sexual friction

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Friday, February 10.

The Lunar Eclipse energy culminates at 7:33 pm (EST) in the sign of Leo 22.28 degrees. Lunar Eclipses bring to light and resolution issues from the past six months, more specifically those issues that were started at the solar eclipse six months ago in September. 

If the eclipse hits

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Thursday, February 9.

Snowmageddon here on the east coast!

How dramatic all the hype is as we approach a Lunar Eclipse in Leo – a sign having to do with doing things in a BIG WAY!  There ‘s a major winter storm about to hit and this is an interesting astrological study about what may happen.  The Moon is void of course  in Cancer from 5:00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, February 8 until 4:40 am (EST) on February 9.  During the void the storm will be hurling towards the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  Predictions are saying the first flakes will start falling around 3:00 am but then it will rapidly increase and build in intensity to 2 inches per hour starting at 5:00 am and that is exactly around the time the Moon will enter dramatic Leo and build towards the Lunar Eclipse which culminates on Friday.  So the intensity of this storm coincides with the eclipse energy as it grows towards it’ s fullest power and intensity. 


Some times the drama can be hype but it

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