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Daily Insights

Sunday, January 25.

The Aries Moon is in charge again today and triggers the Uranus/Pluto square so it ‘s an action-packed Sunday for whatever you have planned. Afternoon aspects to Mercury and Jupiter are great for socializing, networking and reaching out to friends and families for lively conversation and a generally boisterous Sunday.

Have fun and if last night or early this morning brought any unexpected intensity then today you’ ll be able to recuperate and spring back. If Mercury retrograde is returning old friends or relationships from the past then today is one of those good times to have a healthy discourse and

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Saturday, January 24.

It ‘s a pro-active Saturday courtesy of the Aries Moon.  Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is self-directed and very me-oriented.  Flowing aspects to the Sun and Saturn insure that goals can be reached today as you self-direct energy towards achievement and recognition.  Your visions can be structured towards something that gets immediate results or if you’ ve been working on something for a while you may get the payoff today.  Yes, Mercury is retrograde but today is one of those days during the retrograde period when persistence will have positive results.  Ask yourself what is my purpose (Sun), use Mercury retrograde to refine ideas

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Friday, January 23.

The Moon is void in Pisces for more than 24 hours beginning 6:13 am (EST) and doesn ‘t enter Aries until Saturday at 8:31 am (EST).  Please everyone, check your time zones to make the proper adjustments.

This brings me to an important point for the next month that will color the entire Mercury retrograde period in a rather frustrating way.  The duration of the voids are going to make January, February and the beginning of March a rather frustrating time to navigate. There are going to be many times when Luna is wandering aimlessly without connecting to the other planets which will make it difficult to get jobs off the ground in the way we’ d like.  Things often don ‘t go the way we’ d like during a void moon and with Mercury retrograde adding fuel to the fire a lot of adjustment will be required.  Be prepared to do things

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Thursday, January 22.

Mercury is still causing problems as the two days before, day of and day after are usually the most stressful so just be aware of what is happening and face any challenges with as clear a mind as possible, get the facts and information and assess the problems that

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Wednesday, January 21.

Just as the New Year gets underway that old trickster Mercury has to get in on the action by entering its shadow on January 6th, turning retrograde on January 21st, moving direct on February 11th before finally leaving its second shadow by March 4. That’s about 8 weeks to

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Tuesday, January 20.

On your mark, ready, get set, go!!!  – The keyword for today is FAST!

The Sun ingresses into Aquarius whose current dispositor is Uranus in Aries.  This is a speedy combination.  We are currently caught in limbo between the ages of Aquarius and Pisces.  There isn ‘t one specific date when Pisces ends and Aquarius begins but the shift happens over many years, even hundreds!  We’ ll see extremes

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