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Daily Insights

Friday, April 29.

The work week ends with an Aquarius Moon in harmonious aspect to retrograde Mars. Think twice about something you ‘ve been thinking of releasing, letting go or transforming and then take action to do so.


Venus enters Taurus so its time to indulge in personal pleasures as well as those with a partner. You’ ll want to eat and spend more but this placement usually assures good value for the money being spent.


Because the Moon squares the Sun tonight there could

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Wednesday, April 27

This Mercury retrograde is all about healing and taking care of the body through diet, health and exercise. The Earth grand trine presents ample opportunity to learn how to work with the body intelligently from the inside out.


Mercury ‘s talent can expand through it’ s contact with Jupiter, and deepen through its

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Tuesday, April 26

The Moon is void from 11:51 am until 7:54 pm (EDT). It ‘s the morning that counts today. The rest of the week we will be feeling Mercury slowing down as the trickster prepares for its retrograde that starts on Thursday in the sign of Taurus. This one will be all about values, self-worth and money. So if a piece of machinery breaks down its important to get the most bang for you buck when replacing it.


Remember during a retrograde it is not a good idea to buy a phone, car, washing machine, dishwasher, or anything mechanical UNLESS it breaks down and you have to replace it. Only buy if replacing a broken item!!! Do not buy anything just because you’ ve decided you want it now. There’s a big difference.

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Sunday, April 24

The Moon is in Sagittarius all day making no aspects. Go as far as you ‘d like today with the archer and shoot for the stars. Don’ t worry, Saturn will eventually rein you in should you go too far.


On a more complex level, because the Moon is in Sagittarius and Mars is retrograde in this sign, and

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Thursday, April 21

Thursday, April 21. It ‘s the Taurus time of year and that’ s when spring is starting to burst forth in the northern hemisphere and the Sun radiates more warmth eliciting more color and lushness from Mother Earth, henceforth Taurus ‘s correlation with the five senses and sensuality. Feel, see, taste, touch and hear everything with greater awareness. Luxuriate in the pleasure nature has to offer in its vast abundance.


Try to balance the Taurus need for security and money with its more pleasurable side of taking a stroll in the country, by the shore, in the mountains and standing still just observing the mystery and magic of nature in all its natural beauty and splendor. Think of the bull lying in the pasture just being in the present moment and basking in the Sun. Whatever you’ re doing enjoy and experience it to the fullest and at its deepest level.



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Sunday, April 17

Mars and Pluto are retrograding within a day of each other on April 17 and 18.  Mars is the more notable retrograde since he only does so once every two years, and is felt on a more personal level than Pluto.  Pluto retrogrades every year for about 5 months,

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Saturday, April 16

It ‘s the day before the Mars retrograde and two days before the Pluto retrograde of which I will have much more to comment on in posting later today or early tomorrow. That being said if you’ re seething and feeling like a pressure cooker waiting to explode that ‘s the reason why. Often on stations like this pressure that has been mounting is released in eruptive ways. We see it in physical events such as the recent earthquake in Japan, and we see it in personal events in our daily lives as well as psychologically. Mars takes action and Pluto uncovers what was lying beneath the surface waiting to be released.


The Moon is in Leo until 1:48 pm (EDT) and then we have a void lasting until 7:23 pm. The Virgo Moon tonight can lead to lots of questioning and heavy dialogue with whomever you’ re engaged. Be wary of heated arguments and stinging words, but if the energy is used appropriately you can get to the bottom of things in a good way and discover exactly where you stand

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