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The birth chart is a blue print to our potential. We are born with particular strengths and challenges. Astrology helps understand personality and helps navigate the timing and unfoldment of events and cycles. There is a season to everything.


Wednesday, July 16. The big news today is the greater benefic, Jupiter, leaves Cancer and enters Leo for the next year! That is good news indeed. Jupiter is considered to be the planet of good luck, fortune, excess, extravagance, enthusiasm and confidence. The kind of confidence where you wake up in the morning and believe that the Gods are on your side and divine intervention will make everything turn out all right with very little work on your part. It’s often dumb luck. Of course the downside of Jupiter is taking things for granted and believing you don’t have to do your homework because – hey, after all I’m lucky! Well, not always. But for now lets focus on this optimistic side of what Jupiter in Leo signifies.

Leo is the ego, a party, fun, joy, creative self-expression, giving birth to someone or something you love, children, being in touch with the inner child within, romance, games, doing things from the heart, being connected to the heart, acting, drama, understanding one’s specialness as an individual, taking center stage, basking in the spotlight, being king or queen of your own domain, loyalty, generosity, gambling, risk taking, playing the stock market. The planet Jupiter will lovingly expand all these attributes and activities or on the negative side swell and over indulge them with overextended false confidence. For the negative side of Jupiter just put the word “over” in front of every word. The biggest downfall would be over spending, over indulgence or a swelled ego leading to over confidence. Because Jupiter represents growth sometimes he just piles on more shit if we’re not handling other energies very well or if we’re just having lousy transits and progressions. Be aware of being a spoiled brat who wants everything in sight. It’s youthful entitlement a la the children in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Because Leo represents love, it can be one of the most cruel signs when it doesn’t feel loved as it will withdraw its own love from others with a ferocious cruelty. But the more Leo feels respected, loved and admired the more it glows and gives of itself in an incredibly warm, generous and fabulous way!

As the King of the Gods enters this sign we should immediately notice its largesse. Be a Hollywood Movie God starring in your own self creative film. Feel the love flow from your heart and do something fun this weekend to set a positive template for this glorious planet’s ingress into Leo, the Sun sign. Make your inner Lion roar loudly and proudly!

On a mundane note the Pisces Moon in trine to the Cancer Sun helps us get deeper into our soul in a feeling oriented way to balance the exuberant fire of Jupiter in Leo. This energy helps stay more grounded in feelings and be sensitive of ourselves and others. Luna square Venus is over spending or over indulgence in our relationships and possibly being confused by what others are saying and doing but all and all it’s a very optimistic day. The Sun will enter Leo next week so for now while it’s still in watery Cancer prepare inwardly and realize that the gestation period of nurturing Cancer is of vital importance in preparation to the showy, exuberant vitality and birth of fiery Leo.

Sun King jupiter in leo



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