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The birth chart is a blue print to our potential. We are born with particular strengths and challenges. Astrology helps understand personality and helps navigate the timing and unfoldment of events and cycles. There is a season to everything.


Friday, August 1. We’re in the dog days of August and the astrological weather also heats up today after a rather productive and relatively easy week for many of us.

There’s quite a bit of planetary activity today so buckle down and get serious to deal with some intensity. Nothing necessarily bad but for a summer Friday more high energy than you might like.

The Moon squares Pluto all morning so this can be a rather oppressive mood to the first half of the day. Someone may be bearing down on you and getting under your skin and the work load has a heavy feeling. The other big aspect during most of the work day is Mars square Jupiter. That is a very overbearing energy in which everyone will fight for what they believe to the point of beating other people over the head. This is the violent religious zealot at its worst so let’s keep an eye out on the unrest in war torn areas especially by religious fundamentalists. In your own personal life watch out for being overly aggressive in asserting your opinions and points of view. Mars fuels Jupiter to be even more grandiose but in a bullying type of way so monitor relationships at work with the boss, co-workers and clients.

Tonight the Libra Moon opposes Uranus and squares Venus. Talk about electricity and love at first sight! This is a very upbeat and exciting energy but on the provocative side especially in the pursuit of getting what you want. Sexual chemistry is heightened tonight but it’s the type that is aggressive and may not be mutually shared. This can be the prototypical man wanting sex at any price and the woman saying “no”. Be very clear about who wants what from whom and how you’re willing to negotiate terms. If the two of you are on the same page, whether for a one night stand or an already formed relationship, then this is sexually combustible so have fun. Just make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Venus Uranus

If you’re not careful with a partner’s feelings, wants and needs tonight then you’ll pay the price tomorrow when Mercury, planet of communication, is in challenging aspect with Jupiter and Mars and your partner will tell you just exactly what they think about you and your behavior.

Watch out for loud, overly aggressive people when out and about.






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