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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, June 22.

There’s a battle between fact and fiction, the truth and alternative facts.  The Gemini Moon seeks information and asks for just the facts while Neptune in Pisces is all about stretching the mind through more imaginative and artistic visions that cloud the truth or explains it in more mystical

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Wednesday, June 21.

Wednesday, June 21.  Today is the summer solstice when the Sun enters the cardinal, action-oriented sign of Cancer.  It is the longest day of the year and this sign initiates the warm summer days ahead for us in the northern hemisphere.  There is a tendency during these longer, more

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Tuesday, June 20

I hope you all have some good memories to take away from the Neptune station this past weekend.  I attended a wedding and the celebrations lasted the entire weekend.  It was like a fantasy that happened somewhere out of a Hollywood movie.  It was one long weekend of partying,

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Friday, June 16

Neptune has the power in the sky.  Her retrograde begins exactly this Friday but we always feel the effects of the retrograde most powerfully two days before the day of and the day after in terms of predicting events and the current mood.  Neptune highly sensitizes feelings and as

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Thursday, June 15.

Neptune has the power all weekend and more on that in tomorrow ‘s post. 

You’ re feeling the Neptunian mood permeating these days so pay attention to your dreams and be careful when imbibing alcohol or using mind altering drugs as their effects may be more powerful and influence your mood to

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Wednesday, June 14.

It ‘s a great day to express the unique and offbeat side of your personality.  Take an idea that has been percolating in your mind for a while and tangibly express it in your work environment  There’ s good opportunity to push something a bit further.  It ‘s a day to steadily broaden horizons and network with a larger group whether it be business associates or friends or perhaps some of both. 

There’ s a state of suspended animation coming into play for the next few days as Neptune stations retrograde.  The mist is coming in slowly before the fog fully takes over on Friday.  Everything will be sensitized for the

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Thursday, June 8

Well this is going to be a rather interesting next couple of days as we approach a full Moon in Sagittarius that coincides with the direct station of Jupiter in Libra.  Both Libra/Sagittarius have to do with the law, courts and legal matters.  As Jupiter comes out of it ‘s retrograde which began on February 6th it’

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