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Daily Insights

Friday, October 31.

Happy Halloween to everyone here in the USA. The Moon is in Aquarius which is a sign that likes to be quirky, unique, odd, outside the box, unusual and walks to the beat of a different drummer. So when thinking about costumes wear something shocking that catches attention. Take

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Thursday, October 30.

There ‘s an early morning void moon so it’ s alright to get a late start and arrive at the office late.  You won ‘t miss much.  Luna enters Aquarius at 9:52 am (EDT) and then the work day launches with high energy.  The Moon squares Sun all day so it’ s important not to whine but do the necessary work to gain recognition and be productive.  If you whine or complain to the boss you’ll be smacked down.  Meet your responsibilities with determination,

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Tuesday, October 28.

It ‘s pretty much a great day to accomplish anything on your agenda.  The Capricorn Moon provides action on the material plane.  It’ s all about the hard work and effort you put into today ‘s activities that determines what kind of pay off you’ re likely to achieve.  With this ambitious Capricorn Moon comes 5 very positive, flowing and easy aspects.  Align the imagination with an ambitious drive towards recognition; throw in a healthy dose of ego and harmonious partnerships

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Monday, October 27.

Get a bright and early start on the work day and get the ball rolling before the Moon turns void at 12:18 pm (EDT) for the remainder of the day.  Remember that while Luna is void you can still accomplish a great amount of work just don ‘t make new connections, sign contracts, have important business meetings or make large purchases of any kind during the void.

It’ s an

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Sunday, October 26.

A Sagittarius Moon with Mars at zero degrees Capricorn is a great combination for stretching your goals towards productivity and high ambition. Though it ‘s Sunday look towards far reaching career horizons and get the ambitious juices flowing towards planning for the work week ahead. After you do some important planning then enjoy the rest of Sunday relaxing in ways that heal, nourish and regenerate the soul, spirit and body.

Zero degrees Capricorn is the world axis and often when Mars hits that point something major happens in world events. Keep your eyes and ears open towards what’ s happening in the next couple of

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Saturday, October 25.

Mercury moves forward in Libra today helping matters of communicating with more balance and diplomacy. Libra is a great sign for socializing. Make the necessary deep connections. Give everyone their fair share in expressing an opinion.

Luna conjunct Saturn is a very determined aspect for working hard to get

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Friday, October 24.

The Moon continues in Scorpio and further develops a deep consciousness surrounding yesterday ‘s eclipse. This energy is around for a while so don’ t be afraid to face your fears and probe deeply. You ‘ll be glad you did.

For the end of the work week the Moon sextiles Pluto so getting to the bottom of things at the office should be easily obtained. Be determined getting your desk in order and clear. Mercury is stationing direct today and throughout the weekend so a lot of information can begin to be processed and if things have been stuck now they can move forward. Also, this is the timing to see if problem solving techniques have worked or might need a slight adjustment.

It’ s a great Friday night for passionate socializing. Intense conversation can lead to further intensity between the sheets.

Give yourself ample time on the commute

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