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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Wednesday, March 14

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Uranus so it ‘s a day to feel a little bit like a genius in some way.  It’ s easy to receive messages, ideas and enlightenment in the flash of a lightning bolt.  It ‘s a great night to attend an astrology lecture.  Stimulate the mind.  Do something unexpected and take a risk today.  Chances are it will pay off.  A little luck is in the air.  Listen to what’ s in the ethers and riding the air waves.  You can pick up important transmissions. 


Do something during the work day

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Monday, March 12

Mercury entered its shadow over the weekend so for the next couple of weeks you ‘ll become aware of nuisance problems that may need to be addressed more directly on the retrograde which begins on the 22nd.  The weekend was relentless and exciting with lots of cosmic aspects in play. 


Today as the work week begins the Moon’ s main aspect to color the day before she turns void at 11:36 am (DST) is a square to Uranus.  There ‘s a fight with wanting to keep solid structures and traditions in place while moving forward in a progressive manner.  This could be the gap between generations, young vs. old or different ideologies.  If there’ s some kind of blow out or blow up in the morning

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Wednesday, March 7.

By Jove! Jupiter is slowing down tremendously as it gets ready for it ‘s retrograde station in Scorpio on Thursday.


We can view Jupiter’ s effects playing out very well in the realm of mother nature.  Two huge Nor ‘Easter’ s in less than a week and tomorrow ‘s has yet to arrive.  The principle of Jupiter is expansion and growth, therefore it effects events like this by hiking up the snow totals, tides, winds and general destruction.  It makes storms bigger, more frequent and longer lasting. 


So whatever is going on in your life right now and through the weekend will be expanded, heightened and magnified.  If you’ re in a bad mood that may grow stronger unless you allow

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Tuesday, March 6.

Mercury and Venus both enter Aries today and the pace of communication speeds up rapidly.  It ‘s a good time to birth a new creative idea or start a relationship with a clean slate.  Project a more personable demeanor.  Active charm is another way to describe this energy.  Pursue job opportunities and sell your talent. 


The tempo accelerates in a social interactions.  There is a bluntness and honesty to Aries as well as a loud and bombastic quality.  It’ s easier to lose patience with others who can’t seem to keep up with you.  Spur on a healthy competition with employees that fuels the desire to produce their best. 



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Saturday, March 3.

The Libra Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn.  Relationships come under the sobering lens of Saturn today.  It may be hard to compromise, or a work situation could cause a conflict with a social engagement.  At it ‘s best you can combine a social engagement with career networking but otherwise it’ s one or the other and someone will be disappointed. There ‘s a certain amount of responsibility focused on today’ s

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Tuesday, February 20

Eclipses always occur in opposite signs so the polarity is extremely important, especially when it comes to national and world events.  The signs represent what topics will come to consciousness and where we need change.  The events of the eclipses will foster and encourage that change. 



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Tuesday, February 13

When an Aquarian isn ‘t behaving in an upright, true blue and honest fashion which the sign is known for it is because they are receiving challenging aspects from the other fixed signs: the urge to seek pleasure, wealth and sensuality (Taurus), sex, money and power (Scorpio), romance, gambling and drama (Leo).


Today is full of ideas exploding into your head and due to the quickness of the energy those ideas may spew out your mouth in rapid fire speed before you’ ve had time to process the information and present it in a reasonable way.  You ‘ll have to edit yourself or have someone you trust nearby to do it for you. 


You can take the spotlight today if you earned your place in the Sun.  If you’ re presenting visionary ideas in a lecture, class or through teaching of any kind, they will be well received provided you ‘ve done your homework.  We’ re building towards an Aquarian eclipse on Thursday

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