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Daily Insights

Thursday, August 28.

Thursday, August 28. The social Libra Moon meets up with outgoing, enthusiastic and expansive Jupiter early today and then later on with dark, intense and oppressive Pluto. The Jupiter aspect is, shall we say, the more happy of the two so the day starts with high hopes and a

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Wednesday, August 27.

Wednesday, August 27. The Moon is void all day until 5:54 pm (EDT, 2:54 PDT). It ‘s a good one to travel, as I am doing, with a friend and have a great road trip. The last two days should have been rather productive. In terms of the work day continue working on projects from earlier in the week or even before that by refining, editing and analyzing. Make things even more perfect before presenting them to others or the public in general. Don’ t make a presentation to the boss but continue brainstorming.

The Moon enters social Libra tonight and it can be a wonderful night for rowdy and boisterous gatherings especially since Venus and Mars

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Tuesday, August 26

The industrious energy of yesterday ‘s Virgo New Moon continues today so carry over all projects with a determined energy to produce and accomplish. You may have frustration with co-workers and clients as Venus squares Saturn and you’ ll have to be inventive to get around those road blocks. Think of it as others putting up a stop sign and you ‘ll have to wait, assess and then detour your route to another even better road so don’ t let the delay veer you off course. Be creative, for the other person putting up the road block will force

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Monday, August 25.

The Virgo New Moon comes a bit early this year giving everyone a desire to get back to their work routine or, since we have one more week left of summer, at least to think about getting back to their work routine through planning, organization and starting to set

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Sunday, August 24.

 The Moon is void the entire day and it’s dead (meaning it’s the day before tomorrow’s Virgo New Moon). Thank God it’s Sunday because it’s a day to just go with the flow and do nothing. If you must feel a sense of accomplishment (although why you would want

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Saturday, August 23.

The Sun enters Virgo early this morning. The Moon is in Leo which is interesting as she’ll be trying to pull the Sun’s energy back to the past to linger in the fun, romance and good times of Leo. So it may be a great weekend to get industrious about

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