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Daily Insights

Monday, March 30.

It ‘s an all day void Moon beginning at 9:57 am and remains so until tomorrow at 2:12 pm (EDT).  That’ s more than 24 hours so it ‘s not the most pro-active Monday.  I recommend using the next two days for organization, taking care of details, continuing to work hard on projects that have already begun and prepare to take action tomorrow afternoon.  I know many people like to start Monday hitting the ground running but that’ s not the best approach this week.  You can run in place in terms of being determined with work you ‘re in the process of completing but not running to go after something new.  

Mercury is in the final degree of Pisces and s/he’ s triggering the solar eclipse from March 20th so there may be some information coming into awareness.  When Mercury is in

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Sunday, March 29.

The Leo Moon makes great aspects to Saturn and the Sun.  For those who celebrate Palm Sunday it ‘s a great day to shine a light on the seriousness of purpose reflecting the meaning of the celebration.  For others it’ s a great day to do just about anything.

Leo is a party sign and the Sun represents ego, joy, romance, creativity and children so the harmony between the luminaries suggest

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Saturday, March 28.

The Cancer Moon is a great one for spending a Saturday with family and loved ones.  Communication is flowing if a bit on the confrontational side although it shouldn ‘t be too hard to handle, provided everyone clarifies what they mean when any confusion sets in.  

It’ s a great day for home improvements and the inevitable spring cleaning so get out in the yard, open up

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Friday, March 27.

There are lots of aspects today and with the Moon in Cancer they ‘re even more potent since it triggers the Uranus/Pluto square.

Take working relationships to a deeper level.  There are strong negotiations going on and there may need to be big compromises.  Give in where you can and stand your ground on points that are just too important to surrender.  With a Cancer Moon everyone is going to be in a security oriented mood where each person feels their needs come first and are the most important.  Everyone is determined to get their way.  The smart ones will realize that group goals may be more important than personal ones.

Tonight is one of indulgence in all pleasure and you’ ll probably spend way too much money in the process.  If so, make it worth your

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Thursday, March 26.

The Moon is void from 8:35 am till 3:45 pm (EDT). The late afternoon hours may produce personal action as Luna enters self protective Cancer.

The void period is colored by Mars so there is much work that can be accomplished. Get the information you need during the void

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Wednesday, March 25.

The Gemini Moon is working overtime today.  There will be a tendency to bite off a bit more than you can chew.  If you start multi-tasking and become overwhelmed, keep a check list so that you can order everything and not forget anything on your list.  It ‘s important to be organized and detail oriented otherwise the energy can become scattered and by the end of the day you may have forgotten something of importance or be called out on the carpet by a boss or person in authority for not having finished a project, as promised, to completion.

All in all it’ s an

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Tuesday, March 24.

The Gemini Moon gets you moving with mental agility, communication, making contacts, being adaptable, flexible and above all curious.  It ‘s a day to ask questions and learn.  Things that add to your sense of well being and creativity are what you should be pursuing, learning from and asking questions about.  You can learn from the example of someone older and wiser even if they seem a bit strict and austere.  They have necessary skills and if you show them some respect they’ ll be willing to pass on their knowledge.

Spend the night doing something transcendental like taking a yoga class, meditation, going to the theater, a concert, a movie or

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