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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Sunday, August 21.

There’s a great deal of intensity in the air today. Be sensitive of coming on too strong in personal and social situations. You cannot do whatever you want like a bull in a china shop, as there are compromises and negotiations that must be considered so that all parties

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Saturday, August 20.

The Moon is void of course from 8:21 am until 3:18 pm (EDT). Sleep in late and relax. Rebuild energy and then start having fun all over again when the Moon enters super charged Aries and makes and approaching trine to Mars which only fuels the fire and

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Friday, August 19.

The Moon enters sensitive Pisces and its time to care and nurse any overindulgent behavior from yesterday’s full moon. Take the time to escape, sleep and let the body calm down.


You can regenerate today if you play it wisely and the evening is a wonderful one

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Thursday, August 18.

It ‘s the Aquarius full moon. A perfect day for a parade, so revelers up in Provincetown, MA have plenty of energy for a party and celebrations during Carnival week. Aquarius is the sign of equality for all and bringing diverse groups of people together to show that within diversity there is sisterhood and brotherhood. It is also a politically motivated sign as politics is supposed to seek to build the infrastructure of society for the group benefit. So let’ s see what news pops out around this full moon concerning the current political season and any shake ups in the air.


For the average person have some fun today and share the love of the party.

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Wednesday, August 17.

We ‘re building towards a full moon in Aquarius. It’ s a great time for a party and being with friends and since we ‘re in the midst of the dog days of August this should be an accessible goal for many of you.


In general, take relationships to deeper levels today and don’ t be shocked if someone takes you to places you never dreamed of going. Give up tight control and go on the journey and explore new depths.


For those working the Moon

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Saturday, August 13.

This is a slow moving weekend with the station of Saturn. Whatever the weather in your area, Saturn will stall and slow down the process of moving a front, heat wave or storm system out of the area. If you ‘re experiencing depression, Saturn will make it feel like as if your brain is being held in a vice and slowly crushing it. If you’ re fearful of anything then that fear will

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Friday, August 12.

Saturn is stationing all weekend while triggering the September 1 Solar eclipse. On top of that Chiron and Jupiter are triggering the Lunar eclipse of September 16. Triggers foreshadow the challenges and issues that must be dealt with on the eclipses, so this upcoming weekend and week will

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