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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Sunday, November 29.

Those with prominent natal placements of Saturn and Neptune may be experiencing the current transiting square of these powerful guys as coming in the form of feeling extra paranoid. Be sensitive to your feelings, and those of others, without becoming worried that everything said, done and expressed has a

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Saturday, November 28.

The Cancer Moon kicks off turbulent aspects to Pluto and Uranus. How do you go about getting your needs met and relating to family and friends in ways without being overly emotional, manipulative and myopic? That’s the challenge of the day.

These aspects would be beneficial for an intense

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Friday, November 27.

Friday, November 27. The Moon is void until 2:27 pm (EST). Black Friday will be a bust for most people on the East Coast before that time. Early day shopping will be fraught with difficulty.

There are no aspects being made today so stay home with family and friends

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Thursday, November 26.

Happy Thanksgiving to all clients, students and friends.

Use today ‘s energy, especially the perfection of the Saturn/Neptune square, to respect everyone’ s opinions. And if you do disagree, seek to see the similarities in the “other” rather than judging their differences.

There are plenty of other days to argue. Be joyful and

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Wednesday, November 25.

The full moon in Gemini brings information and news to light. Gemini likes the facts so hopefully some of those will be forthcoming. We have to remember that this lunation is taking place in the shadow of the Saturn/Neptune square which can be very unclear and unfocused about just

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Tuesday, November 24.

The Moon is in Taurus making rather harmonious and secure aspects so this is a wonderful day to optimize and consolidate whatever it is you ‘re working on. Broaden, deepen and focus the mind.
As we’ re approaching a Gemini full moon tomorrow tensions may be mounting and since Gemini is an information sign there may be some very valuable

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Monday, November 23.

The Moon is void in the morning until 11:26 am (EST) when it enters Taurus. Plan the morning carefully and then consolidate those plans in the afternoon when the energy is about making commitments. The snag here is that Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is in opposition to Uranus,

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