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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Sunday, January 14

Vesta enters Sagittarius.  Reach out to your brothers and sisters who are overseas and see how they ‘re doing.  Lend a helping hand to a group whose philosophy is to do outreach work for others. 


The Sun squares Uranus today and that could make those who feel like a square peg in a round hole feel even more that way.  You may be outcast from a particular circle of friends or organization with which you are aligned.  This aspect can make for volatility at feeling ostracized.  Be aware that your differences from others is what makes you stand out and can be your strong point, not your weakness. 


This aspect can produce  excitable and provocative behavior.  Don’ t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Be cautious when driving or working a mechanical device.  People will be more on edge, volatile and unpredictable today.  Disagreements have a tendency

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Thursday, January 11

Mercury enters Capricorn today after its long sojourn in Sagittarius due to the recent retrograde.  This will be an action-oriented placement helpful towards communication of practical matters.  Those with very ambitious charts and looking towards achievement will benefit most from this placement.  Think of Mercury in Capricorn as

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Wednesday, January 10

It ‘s a great Scorpio Moon for processing feelings and making sacrifices or surrendering to a higher power.  Music and art have strong powers of healing as well.  There’ s plenty of opportunity to assert one ‘s will on the material plane as well and deepen one’ s sense of emotional and material security. 


Project the power of your will to express what is in your heart.  The power can be used for whatever you choose so it ‘s nice if your motivation and intention is of a higher kind. 


Mercury leaves its shadow today so the messenger of the Gods is running full speed ahead without any encumbrances, although in the sign of Sagittarius he can be overbearing and sloppy so pay attention to details because in being too quick work can become slipshod. 


Eris stations direct so someone may throw a wrench into plans.   Anger can rear its ugly head if you neglect to invite someone to the table to join in on the party or festivities.  This can apply to the boardroom and work situations especially if you don’ t respect the contribution of others. 



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Tuesday, January 9

Today is the superior conjunction of Venus to the Sun at 18.52 Capricorn.  This begins the full moon phase of Venus when she becomes the evening star and sets after the Sun and her brightness is beautifully visible towards sunset.  She ‘s farther from earth and is said to be more pleasure seeking and indulgent with an affinity to her Taurus nature in terms of sensuality and her Libra nature in terms of socializing.  This phase lasts until October 26 when she becomes the mornings star. 


The conjunction in the sign of Capricorn emphasizes her earthy side where material things can be bought and sold.  Pluto is part of this conjunction so be aware of intense and powerful relationship coming to an end as well as others that are about to be formed.  It’ s about power, sex, negotiations, betrayals, jealousy

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Saturday, January 6.

There ‘s a great deal of excitement in the air today and it’ s a perfect time for boisterous socializing thanks to a Mercury/Uranus trine and a Jupiter/Mars conjunction.  Conversation and intellectual discourse are hallmarks of Mercury and Uranus while the Mars/Jupiter connection can expand physical and sexual activities.  Activities with friends may be more fun than those with family. 

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Tuesday, January 2

The work year gets off to a bang under the aegis of a Cancer Full Moon in conjunction with the direct station of Uranus.  This lunation concerns family, needs and security and Uranus is about progressive movement forward towards the future.  It ‘s about combining the security needs we all are concerned with that keep family, home and hearth safe, while incorporating a high, risk-taking energy towards innovation, progressive new ideas that foster growth and creative self-expression and the courage to take those risks even if things don’ t always pan out.  They are

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Saturday, December 30

The Gemini Moon makes a challenging aspect to Neptune and if you ‘re sick, like I am, this is an energy that is not good for self diagnosing or feeling better.  It says to stay in bed, rest, sleep, watch TV, listen to music, meditate and do restorative things for soul and spirit. 


If you’ re not ill then go out and have fun. The only thing about this year ‘s holiday weekend is both Saturn and Uranus are involved.  One planet is somber and serious and the other is rebellious and excitable, so you are going to see both ends of the spectrum play out in big ways. 


An example of how Saturn in Capricorn may effect holidays would be if you’ ve worked hard all year, put in the effort and dirty work, or have planned a major party for the last

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