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Daily Insights

Saturday, November 22.

It ‘s a New Moon at 0 degrees of Sagittarius.  That’ s a bright new journey being developed over the next couple of weeks.  Take out your bow and arrow, stretch it as far as possible and shoot for the stars.  Sagittarius is a sign that must travel, expand, understand and reach out to a myriad of diverse people. 

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Friday, November 21.

The Moon is dead today for two reasons; it ‘s in the deadly sign of Scorpio which is a sign that like to make endings and it’ s also the day before the Sagittarius New Moon which will signify a new birth and new beginnings.  Finish up the work week by bringing those projects to a close that are near completion and contemplate how you want to

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Thursday, November 20.

Things must be taken deeper today as the Scorpio Moon makes a flowing sextile to Pluto.  Venus square Neptune early in the day may cause some problems with partners, co-workers and colleagues.  Someone you ‘re depending on at the office may phone in ill, not show up or disappoint in some way.  That could throw a wrench into today’ s planned activities but you ‘ll be forced to come up with alternative ways to solve problems and handle situations.  You’ ll be just fine as long as you put your

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Wednesday, November 19.

Now that Neptune is moving forward there should be some clarity to any confusing behavior from the recent past and how to move forward in more clear, yet imaginative ways.

The Moon is void the entire day so take it easy.  This is actually a great day to review

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Tuesday, November 18.

The Sun conjuncts Saturn early this morning setting the serious tone for the day. This is a sobering, responsible and disciplined aspect that on its positive side can start to build a new identity out of the burnt ashes or negatively can cause depression, oppression and repression. It depends

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Sunday, November 16.

Neptune stations direct today and I ‘ve been writing recently about this most elusive planetary energy the past few days so please read my previous posts.  As Neptune moves forward we’ ll awaken from the anesthesia and any numbness that has been permeating will begin to wear off as feeling begins to slowly return. It ‘s that feeling of slowly waking from a dream state as reality sets in. The rose-colored glasses haven’ t been lifted yet but get prepared because if you ‘ve been deluding yourself the past few weeks you’ re about to get a wake up call.


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Saturday, November 15.

It ‘s a good idea to sleep in late this morning as the only aspect for the entire day is the Moon in opposition to Neptune.  Spend some time under the covers cuddling with a loved one, your pillow or a good book.  Once you get the day going the Virgo Moon should kick in to be productive in what ever you’ ve got planned for a Saturday afternoon.  It ‘s a good Moon for getting organized, performing tasks such as cleaning the house and doing some planning for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  See what’ s hidden in your closets.  You may discovers things you thought were lost and you also may decide to throw some stuff away.

Neptune is stationing so it ‘s a great night for fun and fantasy.  Go to the movies, socialize, drink a little and get in touch with feelings.  Neptune sensitizes everything it touches as if you’ re on hallucinogenic mushrooms.  Feelings go overboard so it would be best

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