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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, July 20

It ‘s a busy and active day and the Gemini Moon will add a dash of having to multi-task and deal with several things at once.  It’ s important to be quick witted, clear minded and pro-active if you ‘re called upon to take action.

Even though the Leo New Moon doesn’ t arrive until Sunday/Monday there ‘s an important trigger to foreshadow or get a head start on the new beginning. The culprit to all this drama is the entry of Mars into Leo at 0 degrees which is the degree of the upcoming new moon.


Let the drama play out without overreacting to it. The Sun square Uranus is a tense aspect that can also spur on overly emotional reactions of ego, will and temper. If things don’ t go according to plan, it ‘s important to have a plan B towards which you can quickly shift gears.


Think outside the box even if you don’ t get the approval of others. If you take a risk and go out on a limb have the confidence to back up your decisions.

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Monday, July 17

The Moon is exalted and stabilized in the sign of Taurus and that ‘s a good thing as this will help stabilize feelings on a very deep level.  You’ ll need that because the rest of the aspects today are rather rough.  Venus in harsh aspect to Neptune can bring deceptive people into your environment and a combative Mars/Uranus combination can have you lose your

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Sunday, July 16

It ‘s an active day and all the aspects are tense which means it could be a day of great frustration or one of tremendous problem solving. The early morning Aries Moon trine’ s Saturn which is excellent for religious or devotional services.

Afterwards there ‘s a great deal of frustration between the Aries Moon and the Sun, Mars and Uranus. Assertion of one’ s will and ego may not be served up in the most harmonious way. Those who have a tendency to lord it over others may come on too strong and will be accused of bullying or

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Friday, July 14

Try to get everything done as early as possible today since the Moon turns void at 1:00 pm (EDT) and remains so until 7:52 pm. 

The Moon ‘s closing aspect to Mars is harmonious so there is much speed in the air to quickly bring things to a close before the weekend. Allow the positive side of Mars to serve you in speed, assertion, quickness, vision, action and being direct and decisive.


The evening is colored by positive aspects between Mercury, Jupiter, the Moon and Venus and that means great times traveling, socializing and being with all types of people sharing good fun, pleasure and conversation.


It’ s a great weekend to get away with Saturday being an easier and more pleasurable day than Sunday.

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Thursday, July 13

The Pisces Moon conjoins her ruler, Neptune, throughout the day adding a dreamy and imaginative quality to events.  For those on vacation this is a wonderful energy to escape into a world of wonder, pleasure, romance and fantasy.  For those having to work it ‘s an opportunity to use the imagination in consolidating work projects.  Pluto’ s contribution to the day

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Wednesday, July 12.

The Moon is void from 8:40 am till 11:51 am (EDT) so plan your work schedule according to the void.  After the void Luna enters compassionate, dreamy and imaginative Pisces and is colored by an opportunistic aspect to Uranus. 

This presents a great chance to take what ‘s in the imagination and give it a bolt of lighting towards manifestation. Be innovative and express your talent openly, creatively and with your own individual uniqueness.


There might be more tension will a loved one as evening rolls around because your needs don’ t quite

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Tuesday, July 11

The past weekend had a tremendous amount of passion.  For some that passion went towards extreme negativity and for others it was a positively transforming energy.  It really depends on more personal transits and progressions to your chart to decipher how the energy most likely manifests.  But for everyone

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