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Daily Insights

Wednesday, November 14

The Moon is in Aquarius while Mars is in the last degree of that sign so people may be more emotionally punchy today and lash out in unexpected bursts of temper and energy.  It ‘s a high wired type of energy.  Positively you can have brilliant ideas that pop into your head like bolts of lightening which you can put into immediate action.  Be aware of moving too fast and being accident prone.  Because Venus is about to move forward and her partner Mars is in the last degree of a sign that represents break outs, break through and break ups, any one of those types of “breaks” can occur.  A sudden event can be shocking because it seemingly comes out of the blue without any warning.  


There is a great deal of intellectual stimulation that you can use wisely to forge progressive and innovative projects.  It’ s a particularly good night to socialize and participate in conversation and learning as

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Tuesday, November 13

There ‘s a very short void moon this morning from 10:13 am till 10:45 am (EST) so take a short break from work for that half hour.  After that the Moon enters Aquarius and the mood shifts towards thinking of the future and directing energy towards making improvements, innovations and taking advantage of new opportunities.  The entire day is colored by Luna’ s positive aspect to Jupiter so confidence is running high to solve problems with an optimistic attitude.  Take a risk today as it can pay off.  Communication is upbeat and positive and since Venus is about to turn direct on Friday there is a light at the

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Thursday, November 1

Mercury is in his shadow in a sign that brings out the worst in what the messenger has to offer in regards to stretching the truth, lying, proselytizing, being a religious zealot, not backing up opinions with facts, giving away waaaay too much information in situations that merely

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Thursday, October 25

We are still in the energy of yesterday ‘s full moon.  It’ s explosive quality can be seen in the chaotic events surrounding the bomb threats made on several leaders throughout the country.  This is a good example of this lunation manifesting in a very literal way.  Let ‘s see what other fall out we may have.  We still may have news about tectonic plate shifts and earthquakes as this energy is highly symbolic of that type of activity, especially in the sign polarity Taurus/Scorpio.  It doesn’ t necessarily have to

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Tuesday, October 23

We are building towards a rather volatile and exciting full moon in Taurus that culminates on Wednesday at 12:45 pm. (EDT)  Taurus is a sign that doesn ‘t like change but because this full moon is conjunct the planet Uranus you may be forced to change something of value in your life that has kept you grounded and rooted and has been of very long standing.  Something you value whether it be a relationship, possession, job, talent or indulgence may be ripped from you.  For some this could be a financial reversal but whatever it is it might be shocking and from out of the blue – sort of like an earthquake. 


This kind of stubborn, rigid and rooted energy tends to crumble and shake when it is forced to change so try not to hold on to something for dear life if it is meant to exit.  Because Venus is currently retrograde in Scorpio this lunation will only heighten the death of something or someone whether literal or psychological.  Again the symbolism is about the death of a relationship, talent and/or something of great value. 


Many may have an epiphany after a long arduous psychological journey.  An idea can pop into your head that can manifest on the material realm if you have fertile soil to plant it in, or you receive a sudden windfall of money to financially back it.  That money can improve or  fund an innovative idea into something that may bear fruit in the future. 


Tempers can flare on this lunation in an explosive way like a bull in a china shop.  People will want to be more physical in terms of sexual behavior and in the heat of anger may want to break things.  It can be a horny full moon because the sensual nature of the sign Taurus.  Show someone love and affection by touching them, smelling them and making the body come alive through physical contact.  Be aware of the joy of physicality and mother nature and explore the glorious earth we live on in new ways and do something outdoors to break your routine or rut. 


It will be an unpredictable type of full moon so expect the unexpected around all Taurus/Scorpio issues involving love, money, sex, and material security.  This energy will cross two houses of the horoscope so those will be the areas of life being tossed and turned.  Here’ s some glimpse of the houses and the meaning and where the balancing act needs to take place:


Houses 1

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Saturday, October 20

It should be a very enjoyable Saturday if you allow your mind to float, dream and enter alternate worlds where you can escape from the mundane, everyday practical tasks of daily life.  Do something whimsical, fun and creative.  It ‘s a great day for meditation.  If you’ ve been running yourself ragged lately then the escapism

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Thursday, October 11

The stock market markedly dropped yesterday and though I ‘m not a financial astrologer some of this has to do with Venus retrograde in Scorpio.  A planet associated with money in a sign dealing with money reversing direction.  Venus retrograde is opposing Uranus in Taurus three times and this is highly symbolic of volatile markets and finances.  Those dates are September 12, October 30 and November 30.  On top of that Uranus is going back and forth between Taurus and Aries late this year and into the early part of 2019 so this will continue a volatile streak with money and finances for the world at large and the global economy.  Those dates include November 6, January 6 and March 6. 


Yesterday’ s energy was fraught with much tension.  Today has a more optimistic tone.  If there is fall out from yesterday, or difficulty continues ,the aspects today provide confidence and power to deal with stress in ways where you gain

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