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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, April 27.

For some of you the New Moon may have gotten off to a slow start.  That should change tomorrow when Venus enters Aries and things really begin to speed up.  It ‘s still important to solidify those new beginnings and just because things are getting off to a slow start doesn’ t mean they are not moving.  Think of this new moon as a long distance run rather than a

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Wednesday, April 26.

Today is the Taurus Moon at 6.27 degrees of Taurus.  If you have planets around that degree of the earth signs you ‘ll experience a harmony surrounding the material pleasures of the world such as money, achievement, work, status, pleasure, nature and productivity.  If you have planets at that degree of the fixed signs you’ ll experience challenges towards asserting your will through creative endeavors, collaboration with others in business or in the intimacies of a relationship and dealing with friends, groups

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Wednesday, April 19

The Sun enters Taurus.  This sign along with Pisces and Virgo often gets short shrift.  The negative side of the Bull often gets talked about in excess such as being lazy, slow, dull, possessive, greedy and materialistic.  All those issues are true, but all the signs have a negative

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Tuesday, April 18.

The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus on its monthly cycle.  With Pluto slowing down to station on Thursday along with Mercury retrograde the power is in going deeper and backtracking to solve a problem that just won ‘t let go.  You can’ t move forward till you process, purge and clean up

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Thursday, April 13

Here ‘s a good Venus/Mercury retrograde story.  Back in the late spring, early summer of 2016 I needed a specialty medication through my mail order pharmacy.  My primary insurance paid the majority of the bill while my secondary insurance was responsible for the remainder of the co-payment which amounted to $180. After months of haggling my secondary insurance, they informed me that the medication was outside the coverage and that I was responsible for the $180.  I put the charge through my credit card in October 2016 and then a few days later the charge was reversed.  When I called my primary insurance they said that the secondary insurance was paying after all.  I chalked that up to good luck.  Well, I shouldn’ t have. 

This past Monday, April 10 (the day of Mercury retrograde) I got an email and phone message from my insurance company saying that I had a bill of $180 past due.  Of course, the skin on the back of my neck began to crawl.  I called

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Monday, April 10.

We are building towards a full moon in Libra that culminates at 2:08 am (EDT) on Tuesday morning so you ‘ll feel this energy beginning today and extending through tomorrow.  There’ s a T-square that forms with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction opposing the Sun/Uranus conjunction in Aries both of which are being squared by Pluto in Capricorn which becomes the focal

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Sunday, April 9.

Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus.  This is the slowest sign of the zodiac so it will intensify, retard and drag out Mercury challenges having to do with communication, travel and machinery malfunctions.  Don ‘t expect speed with this transit.  It’ s important to be highly functioning towards reanalysis of a situation and probing a problem to

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