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Daily Insights

Monday, September 25

It ‘s a tricky day for communicating with others as Mercury knocks his head up against Saturn while the free spirited Sagittarius Moon is frustrating by the controlling demands of Venus in Virgo. 

You might have some good ideas but if they’ re not thought out carefully with precision and coherence then just forget about it. You can only stretch as far as practicality will allow today.

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Thursday, September 21

The Moon is in Libra today and the Sun will join her tomorrow.  The mood is about finding balance based upon the work projects initiated on yesterday ‘s Virgo new moon as well as any of the many projects and challenges that occurred in the Virgo time of year. 

It’ s important to start to find equilibrium, but while the Sun is at the last degree of Virgo today you may be

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Wednesday, September 20

It ‘s the Virgo new moon. Time to get back to work with vigor and vim. All the upcoming New Moons in some way or another trigger the August solar eclipse. Virgo is a sign of industry, work, details, control, cleanliness, practice, health, caring for the body, service, uniforms and anything having to with the habits of daily life.

The degree of the new moon aspects the solar eclipse in a way where you may feel blind about the direction of some of these Virgo matters mentioned above. It’ s important to get in touch with your potential and stimulate it in ways to release it from any chains that bind. Ask yourself what are my talents and how can I begin to get the wheels turning to be productive with them.

Remember new moons are always

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Monday, September 18

The Moon is dead, meaning the day or two before the new moon so that usually means to keep things on a low burn workwise especially if getting ready to launch a new project.  Keep it in the planning stages.  Wednesday is the better launch day. 

That doesn ‘t mean today and tomorrow are not productive it just means there is more energy to be had mid-week for new beginnings. The Virgo Moon triggers the recent Mercury/Mars conjunction so that promotes hacking away at the details and whittling away anything extraneous that doesn’ t

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Sunday, September 17

The Leo Moon can dramatize the effects of the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo.  That means that any kind of reactions will be overdramatized and because Virgo is a sign that has to do with being picky, parsimonious, critical and worrisome those qualities may be exacerbated.  Likewise the positive side

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Saturday, September 16

Today as Mercury is starting to leave its second shadow period and completely finish it ‘s most recent retrograde s/he conjuncts Mars for the third and final time. At it’ s most rudimentary this aspect is about any or all of the following (as well as some others I may have left out):
setting words into action, angry words, fighting words, bold words, courageous

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Friday, September 15

Venus is traveling alongside the Leo North Node and that presents wonderful opportunity to meet new people and form partnerships with creative souls.  This can stir quite a romantic encounter if hitting your chart in the right way. 

Have fun tonight with new people and recreate romance, fun and

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