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Daily Insights

Tuesday, March 3.

Another all day long void Moon.  I hope you made sparks fly yesterday because today you may need to take a step back and become more internal about how to proceed.  If there was much happening yesterday then reassess and process the information received.  We ‘re building towards a Virgo full moon on Thursday so begin pulling the details together  

Today’ s trine of Jupiter/Uranus

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Monday, March 2.

A powerful Leo Moon gets the work week off to a rousing, fiery and creative start.  Everyone has a green light to shine and be a star today.  Luna makes nothing but harmonious and flowing aspects enhancing everyone ‘s ability to tap easily into their own special talent.  This is anything but a Blah Monday.  Get excited, revved up and even have some fun along the way.  Get in touch with your inner child and combine your talents with others to achieve goals that bring mutual satisfaction.  Creative juices and ideas flow and harmony abounds in partnership.  

Look at the Sun in the sky today and be aware of it’ s journey through the sky.  That’s the energy to tap into. 

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Sunday, March 1.

Uranus is currently opposing the degree of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 14.25 of Libra. This entire weekend is colored by excitement, sudden shifts, unexpected events and a foreshadowing of the bigger picture needing to be faced head on in late March and early April.  Uranus is a planet

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Saturday, February 28.

The morning may contain unexpected surprises as a family situation can thwart personal plans.  The Moon turns void at 12:53 pm (EST) and remains so the entire day.  The last aspect is an opposition to Pluto.  Try to resolve high pressured situations by an honest and open discourse with

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Friday, February 27.

The attitude at work today should be similar to taking care of business, details and organizing your home. The Moon is in Cancer squaring Mars and that ‘s a high action aspect if a bit on the moody side. Everyone may be more prone to losing their temper over silly things especially if they are feeling overly sensitive so take stock of the atmosphere at the office. People with water planets are especially driven to achieve much today because the tide is on their side. Water needs to be in the mood to take action and today is one of those days so take advantage of it. It’ s a good end of the work week for accomplishment.

Tonight the Moon’s trine to Neptune bodes extremely well for fantasy, fun,

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Thursday, February 26.

It ‘s another all day void of course Moon.  You know the routine by now.  Again, because the final aspect coloring the void is a sextile to Jupiter there should be a sense of optimism to the day even if you can’ t be particularly pro-active.  While the moon remains in Gemini to some research, cruise the internet or make phone calls to collect information.  Do your homework today and then when the Cancer Moon comes into play tomorrow get your needs met but try not to be too passive

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Wednesday, February 25.

The Moon is in versatile and curious Gemini. It ‘s an extremely busy day astrologically with many, many aspects. Since it’ s Mercury ‘s day there should be much effort put towards work, the job, the daily routine and being organized, productive and curious. Let’ s map it out a bit:

The Moon aspects Mars and Saturn to start the day and that ‘s about work, building structures and moving slow, steady and with consistency. Venus gets in on the game taking some of the coldness out of Mars/Saturn so that you’ ll be able to share the load with colleagues and partners. Luna then squares the Sun and Neptune which is

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