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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, May 30

Yesterday Mercury was involved with Neptune which could have caused miscommunication in logical matters but may have been highly creative for working in more imaginative ways.

Today Mercury aspects Jupiter and there could be an excess to all of the daily routines of life. There ‘s a sense of over communication, too many tasks to accomplish and spreading yourself too thin. The details may have a tendency to be sidestepped so be careful. Don’ t cut corners

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Saturday, May 18

Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18.  Tonight and tomorrow the full moon in Scorpio
is at its peak.  This is always one of
the more challenging full moons of the year because Scorpio is the kind of sign
that likes to keep things hidden, secret and in

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Wednesday, May 15

Venus enters Taurus today where she remains through June 9 and Mars enters Cancer where he ‘ll remain through July 1. In traditional terms, under this influence, men will be more moody and cranky while women will be more stable and centered. In non-binary terms the more yang partner will be difficult emotionally while the more yin partner will be the rock of Gibraltar.

Mars in Cancer is not an easy energy to deal with and tends to release unconscious anger at the most inopportune times. Temper is triggered much more easily especially if you’ re harboring a grudge or holding on to something from the past. It would be best to clear the air as directly as possible because if you let the anger percolate, steam

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Sunday, May 5

Sunday, May 4.  This
weekend is the Taurus New Moon.  Although
we have it once a year in the sign of the bull, this is the first time in
almost 84 years that the planet Uranus will also be in this sign, so this takes
on special significance

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Saturday, April 27

Be extra sensitive to what ‘s going on these days as Pluto has stationed retrograde and Saturn will do so this Monday so his effects are already being felt. Pluto transforms and Saturn breaks down and rebuilds but they both have a tendency to make things feel and seem difficult. Pluto may be bring emotional types of breakdowns having to do with the cycles of life, death, trust, betrayals and commitments of the heart while Saturn may by more physical types of breakdowns of machinery and life challenges pertaining to career and worldly security issues. They can feel interchangeable. Therefore, if on the retrogrades you’ re forced to deal with a breakdown of some kind then it would be wise to be a mature adult about it because it is part of the cycles of life.

It ‘s time to re-assess situations and if an event is happening forcing change, then the retrograde periods of these planets, which last several months, help to formulate a new course of action and make a new plan of some kind. Saturn turns direct on September 18 and Pluto on October 3 so you have time to formulate a new direction. Retrogrades are invaluable period to deepen your understanding of a situation, to go back and re-address something, re-direct an energy and re-plan a course of action.

If something good is happening, for Saturn and Pluto don’ t always have to bring on bad situations they just make

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Friday, April 19

I haven ‘t said anything directly about the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral. It’ s not that the planets caused the fire, but astrological symbolism describes something significant about the event. We currently have Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the Moon traveling within 3 degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn, with the south node being

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Tuesday, April 16

Mercury is in the last degrees of Pisces and though we ‘ve been feeling the Aries energy strongly since early April the is the last vestige of a long process of purging and emotional processing of a situation that has been going on for a rather long time. Mercury is finally saying it’ s over, you ‘ve done what can be done and now it’ s time to start anew. So have one last look at the past, one last conversation, one last emotional plunge and then let it go!

The Moon ‘s early morning opposition to Neptune can help reflect one last time while her trine to Saturn afterwards can help you face a new reality. Following that is Luna’ s trine to Pluto, another helping hand

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