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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Friday, January 10

Friday, January 10.  We’re
approaching a lunar eclipse at 20° of Cancer, at the same time Uranus stations
direct at 2° Taurus, on top of which is the looming Saturn/Pluto conjunction at
22° Capricorn.  All this energy peaks
within a few days of each other so the eclipse,

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Friday, January 3

Hope the New Year has gotten off to an interesting start. It certainly did for me. The Eve was an intense time and my behavior certainly went in an overboard direction and now its time to get back on track.Mars enters Sagittarius today. Mars is a planet having

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Tuesday, December 31.

Let’s get the simple and practical astrology out of the way for tonight.  The entire New Years’ Eve is colored by a Pisces Moon conjoined Neptune.  That’s a lovely aspect for escapist activities, remembering the past and doing a summary of what to let go or at years

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Thursday, December 19

Over the next few days Jupiter is triggering the upcoming solar eclipse degree at 4.07 Capricorn. Jupiter is the greater benefic and is considered to bring luck, optimism and hope. His true essence and nature is to expand and broaden. He also rules the law and legal decisions.

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Tuesday, December 17

It ‘s a great Tuesday to continue basking in the glow of the Jupiter/Uranus trine that culminated this past Sunday, as the Virgo Moon trines both Jupiter and Uranus early this morning forming a grand trine in the sky all day long that will be coloring the mood the entire day. Reach out to others to accomplish practical goals. There’ s a green light to get answers, deal with material matters and get the answers required to solve problems.

This energy can be used to help others and provide services to groups, societies and clubs of all kinds. Accomplishing goals is easy today as long as you

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Saturday, December 14

Chiron has just turned direct in early Aries. Whatever house the transit occurs in the natal chart is where there is healing moving forward in your life. For everyone Chiron indicates being visionary with correcting mistakes and being honest about where you can make headway and where you

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Monday, December 9

The Moon is in Taurus and she makes harmonious aspects with Venus, Saturn and Pluto. There ‘s wonderful opportunities the first day of the work week to build and relationships and partnerships. Strengthen the collaborative effort and deepen the trust and security of those relationships. It’ s an earthy day so set your goals towards mutually beneficial accomplishments with others.

Mercury enters Sagittarius and the trickster has a habit in this sign of sticking its foot in its

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