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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, December 1.

Chiron is stationing direct in Pisces.  It ‘s time to heal an important situation that has been causing chronic pain and suffering in some area of your life.  Surrender to the healing process and reach out to those whom you’ ve been having problems with.  A health situation can start to move forward.  It is time to heal the wound wherever it has been festering.  For some it might be about cutting your losses and releasing the situation, for there is no

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Monday, November 28.

The Moon is void until 3:46 pm (EST), makes no aspects and is in it ‘s dead phase before tomorrow’ s new moon, so this is a very lazy and laid back day.  It may be difficult to get into a work mode due to the holiday and the astrology will back that up.  Best

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Wednesday, November 23.

Wishing everyone in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving.  This post will cover the entire weekend.


Today there ‘s a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius.  Travels snags and snafus are very, very likely so give yourself extra time.  This is a great indicator to take your time, ask questions, be vigilant and cross your “t’ s ” and dot your ” I ‘s”.  Make sure the car is in good working order and double check your tickets and airline/train/bus schedules. 


It’ s a good night to express yourself and share feelings and ideas. 


Thanksgiving Day is dominated by the first of three squares between the planets Jupiter and

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Thursday, November 17.

The Cancer Moon gets the day off to a slow start.  Be careful today about being sloppy with the details.  Work that requires logic, concentration and detailed analysis may be difficult to focus upon.  More creative and intuitive types of work will get a boost of energy.

If you bite

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Wednesday, November 16.

The Moon is void all day from 5:57 am until 7:57 pm (EST).  She ‘s not working too hard and neither should you.  Take a project that you’ re in the midst of working on and edit it.  Perhaps take it in a new direction.  Make some innovative changes but don’t do anything with them until the Luna is no longer void.


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Tuesday, November 15.




The Gemini Moon is active today.  Seek to get answers and information but because Neptune is stationing be a bit more intuitive about the information received.  Some is inspirational, some is factual and some is out and out lies.  Be discerning and don ‘t accept anything at face value. 


The most important aspect of the day is a sextile between Mercury and Mars.  There is an opportunity to use fighting words to your advantage.  Put thought and word into action.  Express yourself boldly, assertively and with conviction without being a bully.  There are many different points of views.  Be aware that you’ re not the

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Friday, November 11.

If you read my post from yesterday then you ‘ll understand the power of Neptune this month.  That being said, whatever you’ ve been feeling over the past couple of days, whether extreme euphoria or extreme disappointment todays Aries Moon will begin to wake you up ever so slightly from out of that semi-dream state of mind, but not totally.



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