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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Thursday, August 27.

Mercury enters Libra today the sign of it ‘s retrograde later in September so you may get an idea of where you’ re failing in diplomatic relations with others and where work needs to be done to balance the scales.

The Aquarius Moon helps to get a bird’s eye view on situations and detach from becoming overly emotional.  This is a great moon

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Wednesday, August 26.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo. The principle is the expansion of the identity. The style of Virgo is through analyzing the details, being of service, organizational skills and becoming aware of healthy disciplines.

It ‘s a day when much can be achieved and accomplished with a great amount of confidence.

If you’ re experiencing the negative side of this energy then it is an extreme amount

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Tuesday, August 25.

Aspects today are much more harmonious then in the past four days. For most there ‘s a definite upswing in the energy.  Everyone will feel the benefits of the Sun approaching Jupiter which expands hope, faith and confidence.  Jupiter generally expands an optimistic feeling.  The only problem with Jupiter sometimes has to do with broadening the current mood without any boundaries so that if things are feeling rather gloomy it can exaggerate that feeling.  Because Virgo is a sign that likes to worry and criticize there can be an issue with making mountains out of molehills.  But generally this is a beneficent energy, and as the dog days of August wind down, enjoy some rest & relaxation if you’ re in a position to do so.

For those getting back to school or work, the Virgo energy is very useful for getting organized and attending to details as well as multi-tasking.  The Moon

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Monday, August 24.

There ‘s a much more buoyant start to the work week as the Moon is in effervescent Sagittarius coming off some harmonious aspects to Venus & Uranus which lends creativity, ingenuity and a unique perspective to solving any problems with other people.

There is a Mercury problem today, so you may have communication snags and have to double check work and ask twice for explanations in order to get answers that you want.  There’ s a tendency for people to expound and expand unnecessarily, instead of giving the straight and simple facts.  You might have to edit others who go on long, long story telling binges when you just need them to be brief and get to the

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Sunday, August 23.

The Sun enters Virgo and that’s going to ease some of the tension of the past two days since Jupiter is in the early stages of this sign and that will tend to expand a sense of confidence.  The only problem is that because Jupiter is in detriment in

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Saturday, August 22.

The energy is basically a carry over from yesterday. It will be like hitting a brick wall. I plan on having a heavy duty writing assignment on which to focus all day, because even though that ‘s a difficult task, since aspects are challenging, it’ s best to have hard work to do, because at least you know

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Friday, August 21.

This is a lousy Friday to negotiate a deal with colleagues and partners.  It ‘s also a lousy night to bring up any kind of difficult subject matter with a loved one.  Chances are the Scorpio sting is fairly active all day and night.  People can say things that can be interpreted in the worst possible way, which doesn’ t necessarily mean they meant the message to be taken in as negative a way as you may receive it.  Little things can be said that are blown out of proportion.  Sometimes the worst thing

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