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Daily Insights

Sunday, April 19.

A sensual, pleasurable Taurus Moon dominates Sunday along with a bagful of aspects.  The early morning aspects are perfect for church going folk and spiritual endeavors so do something for God, the universe, Allah, the creator, Jesus or whatever energy it is that connects you to something greater than

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Saturday, April 18.

The Aries New Moon ushers in with even more courage, energy, assertion and power the birth of spring and new beginnings.  Even though the first day of spring was on March 20th this is the the first new moon of the astrological year so for many the real birth

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Friday, April 17.

It ‘s the dead of the moon, meaning the day before the new moon.  It’ s Friday so tie up loose ends at work.  The energy is better over the weekend and into the early part of next week for making new beginnings.  Bring things to a conclusion today or lay the ground work for what’s to come over the next week.  The

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Thursday, April 16.

Pluto, lord of the underworld, turns retrograde today and remains so until September 25.  It’s time to make a trip to hell.  Yes, the words are strong but what is hell?  It’s a dark place where we keep hidden thoughts and feelings deeply buried in the unconscious.  For some

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Wednesday, April 15.

Taxes are due today so get it done!  There ‘s a Pisces Moon which should help wrap things up.  Venus opposite Saturn says money is owed to someone.

Work aspects are highly productive today with Mars and Pluto aligned harmoniously with Luna.  Take action and stay the course through resolve and determination.  The Moon turns void at 5:37 pm (EDT) just in time for the end of the day.

While she’ s void enjoy a romantic evening with a loved one and allow your head to get into an escapist mode.  The Moon remains void tomorrow until 5:00 pm so plan around it by making today and Friday more action-oriented days. 

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Tuesday, April 14.

The early part of the day is much more optimistic than the later part.  There ‘s a noticeably more upbeat quality to the energy before the void when the Moon is in Aquarius than after she’ s void and enters Pisces.  It ‘s a very easy void to work around because it only lasts a half hour from 3:45 pm till 4:12 pm (EDT) so it’ s not difficult to navigate.  The later part of the day, as I suggested, will more disappointing.

The tax deadline is just about here and with Mercury entering

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Monday, April 13.

The Moon is in Aquarius in aspect to its ruler, Uranus as well as Jupiter. Think outside the box today and broaden your horizons. It’s not a day to be traditional or constricted. Take a chance, take a risk and take a leap of

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