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Daily Insights

Thursday, March 30

Today is the second square between Jupiter and Pluto the first having been on 11/24/16.  Any major risk taking that occurred around that date with making or losing money will be revisited this weekend.  Issues are being exposed in order to be resolved.  This could be a power struggle

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Tuesday, March 28

We all know the first day of spring was on March 20 but its when the first new moon in Aries occurs, which it did last night at 10:57 pm (EDT), is when we feel that rush of vitality and zest so endemic to the sign of Aries.  This

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Sunday, March 26.

It ‘s the balsamic phase of the Moon the day before tomorrow’ s action-oriented Aries New Moon which will initiate the birth of spring in a big way.

In the meantime, today is one of those days to languish and escape and do anything you want to provided you don ‘t have major obligations. It’ s about sleeping, going to the movies, going to a

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Thursday, March 23.

Mercury squares Pluto so secret and covert communications can be uncovered.  If you ‘ve been trying to keep a secret then chances are that today it can be revealed to your detriment.  Those in therapy can make great strides but if you’ ve been doing nefarious deeds behind someone ‘s back then be prepared to have your words come back to bite you in the ass!

The Moon squares Mars so the mood of the day can be hostile, angry and volatile.  People are cranky and want to clear the air especially if they feel as if others have been deceptive around money and undermining one’ s talent and sense of self-worth. 


Try to get a bird ‘s eye view when things get overly emotional.  The mutual reception between Mars and Venus can help to gain insight about the other person’ s perspective or point of view. 


It can no longer be swept under the carpet!

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Tuesday, March 21.

The second day of spring may bring more communication snags.  Moving too quickly without reflecting carefully over details and plans may cause arguments with colleagues and co-workers.  Slow and steady action is they best way to go.  Don ‘t be overly aggressive with giving orders. 

There can be wonderfully creative ideas popping into your mind but if you don’ t do the necessary research work to implement those ideas in practical

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Monday, March 20.

It ‘s the first day of spring which means the Sun enters Aries.  The first sign of the zodiac is always about births, beginnings and taking action.  After a long winter this is the energy one needs for revitalization and a more conscious use of energy towards achieving goals.  This is the energy of youth and vitality so allow it to energize you in age appropriate ways.

The Moon is void from 6:37 am until 11:31 am (EDT).  Use the morning for planning and the afternoon for implementing those plans.  When the Moon enters Capricorn she’ ll be making a frustrating aspect to the Aries Sun.  Both signs are cardinal ,which means they are action oriented, but their styles are vastly different.  There could be frustrations as the Ram and the Goat lock horns. 


Aries likes to take immediate, quick and decisive action

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Sunday, March 19.

The Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Uranus today, so take some chances and risks by doing something fun, daring and outgoing.  Don ‘t sit at home all day doing nothing, that is, of course unless being home is an ideal place for adventure.  There are many ways of having unexpected fun at home, so be creative. 

This is a great day for being with friends and groups of people that lift your spirits.  That can be family, but I would hazard a guess by saying that for many family isn’ t the first clan that comes to mind for letting your hair down and being yourself. 


As Mame Dennis says, “Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!”   Don’t starve but

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