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New Feature: Monthly Insights for all 12 signs!

Daily Insights

Saturday, June 25.

Of course with Mars retrograde and standing still in Scorpio, many people are worried about their investments and 401K money due to the recent Brexit referendum. Let it play out. As Mars turns direct and moves forward at a snail’s pace during the month of July, there should

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Thursday, June 23.

Juno has just stationed direct at the last degree of Libra about to ingress into Scorpio. It ‘s time to commit to that relationship you’ ve been hemming and hawing over, but wait a week longer until Mars stations direct and you can take more direct action to take things to a deeper level.



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Tuesday, June 21.

Yesterday was a full moon as well as the summer solstice. We ‘ve also had the second of three Saturn/Neptune squares recently. The first was 11/26/15, the second 6/17/16 and the third and final will be 9/10/16. The first hit of this aspect would have been about trying to manifest your dreams and materialize them to the best of your ability in the world. This second hit is about how well you’ re doing in getting those long cherished dreams working and perhaps a realization of how much you can achieve vs. what is a pipe dream or an unrealistic expectation. The last hit will be about whether

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Thursday, June 9.

The Leo Moon makes all harmonious aspects. During the work day fight hard for what you want. Actively review work issues with employees and co-workers and come up with ways to improve the office. It ‘s a good day to telephone clients and return calls. Exchange ideas and value everyone’ s contribution to making business thrive and be productive.


Tonight is a

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Wednesday, June 8.

The Moon is in the royal sign of Leo all day. We have a newly crowned Queen of the Democratic party: Hillary Clinton. What a great moon for her to bask in the glory of her victory.


There are no major aspects today so everyone can enjoy

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Tuesday, June 7.

The Cancer Moon is all about getting one ‘s needs met, although until around 3:30 pm (EDT) you may have trouble achieving that. Expect the unexpected. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. After 3:30 everything will start to take shape in ways that are more satisfying. The later part of the afternoon is good for tying up loose ends and accomplishing goals.


Take some action tonight to hang out with people who are fun and bring up memories of the past in good ways. Do something you haven’ t done in a while that reminds you of your youth.


It’s an excellent night for bedroom fun and satisfying passions as well as physical and emotional needs.

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Thursday, June 2.

Mars is retrograde in Scorpio all month.  Positive Mars energy is about action, assertion, courage, energy, athleticism and boldness.  Negative Mars energy is about war, anger, violence and aggression.  When retrograde, it’s time to review our Martian qualities for better or worse.  The sign of Scorpio enhances Mar’s ability

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