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Daily Insights

Wednesday, September 19

The past few days we ‘ve been in the grip of a strong Mars/Uranus square.  This is an accident prone aspect as well as losing one’ s temper rather quickly, abruptly and at a moment ‘s notice when you least expect it.  This aspect can cause tenseness amongst friends.  It can also be very good for finding courage under fire and performing at rapid speed and being quick as a lightning bolt.  Flashes of mental brilliance can be had but it also can short circuit mental hook-ups.  Check the wiring! 


Because the Moon squares Mercury today this energy may continue so try not to lose patience although that’ s easier said than done. 


Vesta has just entered Capricorn and this placement heralds being in tune with more traditional values centered on family, home and hearth.  Honor ritualistic practices to which you

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Sunday, September 9

Today is the Virgo New Moon so the intention is towards taking action with hard work and being efficient and putting the nose to the grindstone.  Saturn ‘s direction motion adds to the seriousness of purpose and consciously placing one’ s focus on long term achievement and goals. 


Venus is in her shadow period.  Today the love goddess enters Scorpio

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Saturday, September 1

 The Moon is indulgent Taurus today and the aspect that will personally be felt is a square to Mercury.  This doesn ‘t have to be about miscommunication but if it is, this combination can be dramatic and explosive especially if the miscommunication is about how to spend money on entertainment and having fun. Someone may be more value conscious then another and there could be a tug of war where one person is more frugal while the other is more indulgent.  It might be hard to compromise.  Because it is a holiday weekend you might be wise to err on the side of indulgence since it’ s the last big blow out weekend of the summer. If you ‘re around siblings this weekend there could be more strain. 


There will be enough time for caution, discipline, sobriety and hard work after the weekend when Saturn will take charge as he starts to slow down after Labor Day and stations direct on September 6.  Saturn’ s serious effect will be felt starting on Tuesday, so why not enjoy the weekend

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Wednesday, August 29

The Moon is in Aries and Mars has turned direct, so it ‘s important to pay attention to what the warrior planet is doing in your chart.  Are you feeling angry and volatile or do you feel inspired to move forward in a new direction after a summer of careful re-direction of energy? 


Both can be occurring at the same time.  For many this has been a time of great loss.  Perhaps it is accompanied by rage or the feeling of having to reinvigorate life by taking action to move forward.  It’ s time to build new structures and break out of the old chains that have bound you, whether or not you ‘ve been released from those chains consciously or through events beyond your control. 


Important events happen around the stations.  John McCain died on the station of Mars and he’ s the perfect embodiment of what Mars in Capricorn represents.  He was a military man

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Thursday, August 23

The Moon is void of course from 10:19 am until 12:56 pm (DST) so plan accordingly and use those few hours to hang low and don ‘t initiate anything of major importance.  Those are good hours to process information and work on issues that are already underway and that you have a firm grasp on. 


The Moon enters Aquarius after the void and quickly makes a square aspect to Uranus which doesn’ t bode well for things going according to schedule or as planned, so stay flexible.  The Sun entering Virgo today should aid

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Tuesday, August 21

Mercury turned direct over the weekend and there should be further clarification of difficult situations where communication has been blocked.  The second shadow period of Mercury retrograde lasts from  August 19 till September 2.  This is the time when any difficult challenge caused by Mercury retrograde can be

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Saturday, August 11

Today is the Solar Eclipse at 18.42 degrees Leo.  This is a double whammy because Solar Eclipses always involve the power of the Sun which is our identity and will but this one involves the sign of Leo which is also about our identity and will.  Eclipses make

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