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Daily Insights

Friday, May 22.

There ‘s not a very pleasant bundle of energy permeating the air these days.  That’ s not to say that some of you aren ‘t doing well and achieving great things but for many there’ s great seriousness in the tone of things.  The Sun just entered Gemini which is a curious sign.  Sol has now joined Mars and Mercury in battle to overcome the vagueness and illusion of Neptune and the opposition, oppression

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Thursday, May 21.

The Sun enters Gemini today.  With the Mercury retrograde going at full throttle along with Neptune confusing matters and Mars provoking anger and sarcasm I don ‘t think everyone’ s ego and will getting in on the action will help situations.  There ‘s way too much gossip, conversation and unnecessary voicing of opinions when people should keep their mouth shut.  Think twice before allowing a thought to escape your mind and be voiced.  Once it comes out of the mouth it’ s impossible to take back.  

People are of two

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Wednesday, May 20.

As Mercury settles in to its retrograde and the Moon is in Cancer today making no major aspects, it ‘s a good time to reflect upon what your needs are and how to best go about getting them satisfied.  All personal needs at work, home, play are important and you must have the capacity to discuss getting them met alone or through and with others.  Believe me, if they’ re honest they will let you know their personal perspective as well.

The Cancer Moon gets you in touch with feelings and the past while Mercury retrograde in Gemini reopens

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Tuesday, May 19.

It ‘s a morning of multi-tasking with the Moon in Gemini.  You may be required to edit or redo something as Mercury stations retrograde.  The Moon turns void at 1:57 pm (EDT).  During the void is when you may feel the rewind button kick in so be prepared.  You may need a translator, for while people say they’ re speaking English what’s coming out of their mouth sounds like Swahili.

With Uranus coloring the void period expect the unexpected with a dollop of chaos and be willing to play 52 card pick-up.  Have

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Monday, May 18.

Today is the Taurus New Moon.  Set your intention and plant seeds, but wait, the Moon enters Gemini early this morning and Mercury turns retrograde tonight as well so you ‘ll have to revise your plans.  Tricky Mercury will make it difficult to stay grounded which is what this lunation desires.  There’ s confusion, mix ups and miscommunication.  I woke up this morning to fog in NYC.  That ‘s a perfect manifestation of this Mercury retrograde and may be the prevailing feeling from now until June 11. Today and tomorrow are particularly sensitive days.  Check all your work very carefully.  It’ s not going

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Sunday, May 17.

It ‘s the day before Mercury turns retrograde so expect delays, people being late, not showing up, transportation snafus and all the typical sorts of Mercury retrograde fun.

The Taurus Moon can help to stabilize things so that if Mercury gets out of hand you’ ll be able to remain calm, grounded and centered.  The Moon in Taurus is all about keeping emotions on a steady, even keel.   So take advantage of this energy in the face of any kind of mishap.

It ‘s also the day before the new moon and that usually means that energy is low.  For a Sunday that’ s not a bad thing.  Go with the flow and

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Friday, March 15.

It ‘s an all day void of course Moon.  But with the last aspect being a conjunction to Uranus there may be something quite unexpected that happens to color the entire void which means you may have to spend the day cleaning up a mess of some kind or dealing with something totally out of the blue that you hadn’ t seen coming.  This could be good or bad depending on your perspective.  It’s a matter of how ingenious you are in solving challenges and how well you thrive on changing a course of

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