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Daily Insights

Friday, July 3.

The early morning provides a good energy for working and taking projects to completion.  As the day progresses it becomes increasingly more social.  Enjoy learning even more about diverse subjects and people.  Become more philosophical in your approach to life and with how you express opinions.  Healthy and heated

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Thursday, July 2.

We ‘re coming off yesterday’ s Capricorn full moon.  Full Moons can be extremely social and Capricorn may surround you with people who are professionals in their field who display their talents in social gatherings.  I ‘m on vacation and I was at a party last night where everyone showed off their musical talent to great advantage.  Neptune was highly present in this full moon so that should come as no surprise to me to be surrounded by incredibly artistic people.

Today is another social day loaded with quick communication and a high amount of intellectual exchange and conversation.  The Capricorn Moon may lock horns with Uranus in Aries.  The ram and the goat don’ t necessarily get along and in this situation the traditional side of Capricorn can weigh down the

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Wednesday, July 1.

I ‘ll be back posting soon.  In the meantime please check my Monthly Astrological Insights which go into a more in-depth report for each sign.

Enjoy the energy of the July 1st full moon in Capricorn.  This earthy, productive and manifesting-oriented lunation makes harmonious aspects to Neptune.  For work that is highly creative and for vacationing it’ s all about escaping to another world.  Keep a nice balance between material existence and ethereal existence.

One can work hard in Capricorn in order to better satisfy the needs of family & home.  Being a strong, separate individual that stands on one’s own two feet can provide

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Sunday, June 28.

The Scorpio Moon continues to make everyone feel a deep commitment and passion towards that which they deeply value.  Spend time with people whom you trust and can bond with on an intimate level.  Make the effort to continue building relationships that stand the test of time.  You know

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Saturday, June 27.

Horrible news about the 3 terrorist attacks around the world; Tunisia, France and Kuwait.  Astrologically what is happening is that Pluto & Saturn are triggering the lunar eclipse from April 4th. Pluto has to do with terrorists and Saturn is in Scorpio, a sign having to do with terrorism. 

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Friday, June 26.

Chiron has stationed retrograde in Pisces the past few days.  Many of you may need to reconnect with old wounds and hurts and get in touch with where an important healing must occur. It ‘s time to be an inner guide and tap into the unconscious mind to find out where you may have family damage that needs to be confronted through an inner process and journey of self-discovery.  These family wounds are difficult to heal but just becoming aware of them can lead to a better understanding of how you function and provides great insight into pain and suffering so that you may help others through their difficult journey since you can empathize and serve as a guide.  On a practical level Chiron rules the hands and has a lot to do with massage therapy.  These past few days are optimum times to have your body touched by a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and any kind of spiritual/body healer or through deep sexual connection with a loved one.

The Moon is void today until 1:57 pm (EDT) after which she enters the deep and powerful waters of Scorpio where she approaches a trine to Mars.  The afternoon is one of accomplishing much work and getting to the bottom of things.  It’ s a great day for a therapy session where you can deeply explore feelings and

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Thursday, June 25.

A Libra Moon provides balance and perspective especially if things have been unbalanced and need recalibration.  Remember, though Mercury turned direct on June 11th there has continued to be a square with Neptune, planet of confusion.  That has been slowly lifting and Mercury will finally leave its shadow on

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