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Daily Insights

Sunday, October 26.

A Sagittarius Moon with Mars at zero degrees Capricorn is a great combination for stretching your goals towards productivity and high ambition. Though it ‘s Sunday look towards far reaching career horizons and get the ambitious juices flowing towards planning for the work week ahead. After you do some important planning then enjoy the rest of Sunday relaxing in ways that heal, nourish and regenerate the soul, spirit and body.

Zero degrees Capricorn is the world axis and often when Mars hits that point something major happens in world events. Keep your eyes and ears open towards what’ s happening in the next couple of

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Saturday, October 25.

Mercury moves forward in Libra today helping matters of communicating with more balance and diplomacy. Libra is a great sign for socializing. Make the necessary deep connections. Give everyone their fair share in expressing an opinion.

Luna conjunct Saturn is a very determined aspect for working hard to get

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Friday, October 24.

The Moon continues in Scorpio and further develops a deep consciousness surrounding yesterday ‘s eclipse. This energy is around for a while so don’ t be afraid to face your fears and probe deeply. You ‘ll be glad you did.

For the end of the work week the Moon sextiles Pluto so getting to the bottom of things at the office should be easily obtained. Be determined getting your desk in order and clear. Mercury is stationing direct today and throughout the weekend so a lot of information can begin to be processed and if things have been stuck now they can move forward. Also, this is the timing to see if problem solving techniques have worked or might need a slight adjustment.

It’ s a great Friday night for passionate socializing. Intense conversation can lead to further intensity between the sheets.

Give yourself ample time on the commute

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October 23, 2014.

Today is the Scorpio Solar Eclipse.  Please read my lengthy post from yesterday for valuable information.

All I ‘ll say today is that on this eclipse it’ s important to plant seeds for a new beginning.  In the sign of Scorpio something must die in order to be reborn again.  Search for your passion in the next 6

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There’s a powerful Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014 at 0° Scorpio. Solar Eclipses are always about fated new beginnings that introduce major issues to deal with over the course of the next 6 months until the next set of eclipses resolve those issues brought up on this solar

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Monday, October 20.

The industrious Virgo Moon carries over yesterday ‘s feeling of wanting to get things accomplished. Continue today to build on opportunities by expanding communication and contacts. It’ s an extremely social day at the office to network with an aim and goal in mind. Don ‘t be sloppy with details but gather and focus them and if you need help ask a co-worker. More than likely they’ ll be willing to help.

Push hard today without being a bully and losing control of your temper. Work as a team player to

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Sunday, October 19.

It ‘s a great day to clean house and get organized for the cold weather. Bring out the winter clothes, pack away the spring and summer apparel and get the home ready for the winter months ahead. The Virgo moon is an organizing one in which attending to details is the name of the game. As Luna aspects Pluto there’ s an intensity and obsession to get everything completed today. Take control and be productive. Clean out the cobwebs and the corners. They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. It ‘s that feeling that you know where every item is and everything is running like a fine tuned machine. And if things aren’ t in good working order you can attend to the details to get them up and functioning

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The Sign of Scorpio