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October 2012

The Astrology of Hurricane Sandy

  As I’ve been laid up in bed recovering from minor meniscus knee surgery this week I’ve had plenty of time to watch television and one of my favorite pastimes, inherited from my Grandfather, is to stare mindlessly at the weather channel and listen to meteorologists monitor the latest storms that have the potential to wreak havoc akin to Armageddon.  The latest in this long list is Hurricane Sandy roaring up …Read More

The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and Their Connection to Pain.

Though pain on a physical level is not something any of us likes to experience, on a psychological and emotional level it can be of great value. When I use the term Pain I am connecting that with something good from which we learn and grow.  The water signs and houses are connected with endings and transformation, processing and death before a new birth begins in the fire signs and …Read More

Void of Course Moon

For the remainder of this year and into 2013 there are an unprecedented amount of Void of Course Moons that last for entire days at a time.  People often ask about the Void Moon and I want to give some insight so you can learn how to plan around the lengthy voids and use them to your advantage. Knowing when the Moon is void-of-course can help you plan your days better.  Since the …Read More