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February 2013

Best Actress: The 2013 Academy Awards

Sunday, February 24.  The Moon is in fiery, fun, party oriented Leo the Lion and how appropriate that Hollywood chose this day to present the Academy Awards with Luna in the dramatic sign of the Actor while the Sun (and many other planets) transits Pisces the sign ruling film, movies and escapism.  Good synchronicity!  The Moon does go void at 11:50 pm (EST) and 8:50 pm (PST).  Not terribly bad …Read More

Valentine’s Day, Love and Sex: Saturn in Scorpio

  Since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it appropriate to repost an article I wrote in 2012 about Love and Sex.  Most of us think about Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday but love is much more complicated than that.   After all this holiday falls when the Sun is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius which represents a whole different type of love which has little to do with romance. …Read More