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April 2014

Taurus Solar Eclipse

  Today is the Solar Eclipse at 9° Taurus so if you have planets between 7°and 11° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) you’ll feel the energy most pressingly. 22° thru 25° of the mutable signs are also feeling the pressure as well. Eclipse seasons last around six weeks: 2 weeks building up to the lunar eclipse of 4/14, the two weeks between the Lunar and Solar …Read More

April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross, Eclipses and Pluto Stations Retrograde

Even the average layperson that only reads Sun sign columns and takes a casual interest in astrological writings that proliferate on the internet is well aware that astrologers all over the world are predicting catastrophic events in April due to a rare alignment of four planets in a cardinal grand cross. In truth we’ve seen this kind of configuration before and while not an everyday occurrence they are not all …Read More