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September 2014

Tuesday, September 30.

The Moon is void of course the entire day so continue working on whatever was started during the height of yesterday’s powerful energy. Analyze, edit and take things to the next step without bringing them to a conclusion. It’s a rather optimistic void so don’t just waste the day away. It is said that when the Moon is void in Sagittarius that its not wandering aimlessly as in some of …Read More

Monday, September 29.

Venus enters her home sign of Libra later this afternoon and should help any difficult relationship issue get some clarity balance and harmony. While she was in Virgo there was a tendency towards inequality and criticism though a love of details and work. But while in Libra for the next month there’s a strong urge to want balance, diplomacy and harmony even if we’re in the midst of intense, warrior …Read More

Sunday, September 28.

The Scorpio Moon for the first half of the day continues the trend towards mental and emotional intimacy. Dig deep for answers. There’s a short void from 4:30 pm till 6:50 pm (EDT) after which the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius helping to lighten the tone just a little – but remember that we are in the midst of eclipse season so nothing will seem all that light for the next …Read More

Saturday, September 27.

Mercury enters investigative Scorpio where he triggers the upcoming Solar Eclipse of October 23. This weekend provides announcements, hints and clues for the issues needed to be processed on the upcoming Mercury retrograde which starts on October 4th as well as more fated events ushered in on the October eclipse. Pay attention as hidden challenges are unearthed. Mercury triggers the eclipse on three dates: September 28, October 10 and November …Read More

Monday, September 22.

There’s intensity and change in the air today as Pluto stations direct while the Sun enters Libra. It’s a serious balancing act that is occurring as negotiation in partnership is demanded. Libra is generally about harmony and balance but the darker side of this “war” sign is on view with Pluto in on the act so it may be time to act like the iron fist in the velvet glove. …Read More

Sunday, September 21.

It’s difficult to get a grasp on feelings and emotions today while Neptune is in strong aspect to the Moon and Mars. With Pluto fanning the fires everything can be taken to extremes while issues and boundaries are blurred. Fight for a cause or get in touch with a deep spiritual principal in order to manage today’s energy properly. If a situation is difficult to grasp chance are you’re not …Read More

Saturday, September 20.

Today’s Leo Moon delivers an energy that is a bit more conservative and controlled due to Saturn. Leo concepts such as fun, parties, romance and creative self-expression take on a more serious tone with an extra dollop of intensity courtesy of Pluto stationing this weekend in Capricorn. So the drama that is occurring in your life will take you down a path of extreme moods. I wouldn’t call it a …Read More

Friday, September 19.

Energy is high, outgoing, lively, confident and courageous. The Moon is in Leo easily aligned with Mars and Jupiter. You can take it all the way and score a home run today. Taking it all the way also means having a green light to go overboard with excessive behavior as well so take responsibility for where you focus your attention. Allow ego to thrive without being egotistical. Everyone may feel …Read More

Thursday, September 18.

All in all it’s rather a good day for whatever is on your agenda. The Moon turns void at 2:38 pm (EDT), 11:38 am (PDT) so pay attention according to your time zone in whatever part of the world you’re living. Much can be accomplished during the void as it presents opportunity for self preservation and conservatism in the best possible sense of those words. If you like to cook …Read More

Wednesday, September 17.

The Cancer Moon is self protective and as it butts heads with Pluto and Uranus it will be a challenge to get personal needs met when group concerns and power struggles with others take charge. Often one must place their focus on what is better for the group rather than the individual when this energy is in place so today try not to get whiny if personal needs have to …Read More