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October 23, 2014.

Today is the Scorpio Solar Eclipse.  Please read my lengthy post from yesterday for valuable information.

All I’ll say today is that on this eclipse it’s important to plant seeds for a new beginning.  In the sign of Scorpio something must die in order to be reborn again.  Search for your passion in the next 6 months as the energy is there for you to find it.  Learn to trust, be intimate and collaborate on a deep level with other people.  Understand what power means in your life; how to achieve it, control it and use it wisely.  Examine less desirable Scorpio traits such as bitterness, jealousy, envy, destruction, betrayal, manipulation, obsessions, addictions and transform them into something higher and more noble.  It’s time to regenerate.  We all have a dark side and when it is honored and embraced the negative side of the dark loses its grip of fear and terror over us and becomes something magical.  Be your own therapist, detective, investigator and psychologically probe the mysteries of life.

Venus is in Scorpio and for the next month (and longer) love can become a very black & white affair, do or die, all or nothing.  Will you be a stalker and blood sucker in relationships or will you learn about the deep power of emotional and sexual intimacy.  The choice is yours.

Passion is power!  To gain control one must give up control.  Go deeper and find the gold at the bottom of the barrel.