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October 2014

Monday, October 20.

The industrious Virgo Moon carries over yesterday’s feeling of wanting to get things accomplished. Continue today to build on opportunities by expanding communication and contacts. It’s an extremely social day at the office to network with an aim and goal in mind. Don’t be sloppy with details but gather and focus them and if you need help ask a co-worker. More than likely they’ll be willing to help. Push hard …Read More

Sunday, October 19.

It’s a great day to clean house and get organized for the cold weather. Bring out the winter clothes, pack away the spring and summer apparel and get the home ready for the winter months ahead. The Virgo moon is an organizing one in which attending to details is the name of the game. As Luna aspects Pluto there’s an intensity and obsession to get everything completed today. Take control …Read More

Saturday, October 18.

The Moon is void all day so just hang out and enjoy life with little concern towards ambitious activity.  Enjoy the autumn weather and take a walk, bike ride or drive in the country enjoying the beautifully colorful sights of mother nature.  It’s a perfect day for those kinds of activities. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:08 pm (EDT).  The night is perfect for escapist activities as well.  An opposition …Read More

Friday, October 17.

The party atmosphere continues all day Friday and late into the night. Finish off the week with a bang at work and make all the contacts you need in order to clear your desk and make way for a major night of exuberant debauchery (within limits!). The Moon is in dramatic, fun, party-oriented Leo and she joins Jupiter and Mercury putting everyone in a mood to stay up all night …Read More

Thursday, October 16.

It’s party time, even at work. This is a fun, lively and communicative day. Mercury conjuncts the Sun making everyone an honorary Gemini for the day and with many planets also in Libra the social principal is on full display. To boot, Mercury also meets up with Mars putting words into action. Say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t be shy about it! Of course Mercury …Read More

Wednesday, October 15.

It can be an extremely productive Wednesday as the self-preserving Cancer Moon makes a flowing aspect to Saturn helping everyone to build solid structures and produce results in whatever your chosen field. You may have to work extra hard to be diplomatic with others but use Mercury retrograde wisely to communicate in healthy ways that resolve differences rather than exacerbate them. There can be communication conflicts but work through them …Read More

Tuesday, October 14.

The Cancer Moon triggers all the intensity of the Uranus/Pluto square so you’re going to see even more legitimate concern as well as over reaction to the Ebola crisis and public safety concerns.  Could it be the new scourge that is the 30 year anniversary of when Saturn was last in Scorpio and the AIDS crisis descended upon us?  It may well be the start of some new dreaded disease …Read More

Monday, October 13.

Get a very early start on to the work week by answering e-mails, texts and phone calls. The Moon is void from 1:58 pm till 7:30 pm (EDT) so it’s best to be pro-active early in the day. Mercury retrograde along with the void Moon in the afternoon makes that a great time to edit, analyze, review and revise work. You’ll actually accomplish a great deal during the void if …Read More

Sunday, October 12.

Socializing is the name of the game courtesy of an outgoing Gemini Moon in harmonious aspect to Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. It doesn’t get much better than this. Even if tensions are high due to being smack in the middle of eclipse season there should be an ease in dealing with all situations, even the stressful ones. Outgoing, fun and upbeat energy permeates all day long! Don’t stay inside alone. …Read More

Saturday, October 11.

The Gemini Moon is perfect for a short excursion on Saturday. Get away on an adventurous road trip. Fantasy fuels the night so have something fun that helps you escape from the mundane events of life. It’s a perfect night for a party with friends where conversation is loud, boisterous, witty and full of intellectual debate and stimulation. At parties or in social or even business situations people can indulge …Read More