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Saturday, October 25.

Mercury moves forward in Libra today helping matters of communicating with more balance and diplomacy. Libra is a great sign for socializing. Make the necessary deep connections. Give everyone their fair share in expressing an opinion.

Luna conjunct Saturn is a very determined aspect for working hard to get one’s needs met. Combine resources with others in ways where everyone benefits and each person does the necessary work. It’s time to pull your own weight and stop being overly dependent.

The Moon turns void at 12:20 pm (EDT) and remains so until 12:40 am. If you’re out painting the town when Luna enters Sagittarius shortly after midnight the mood should become more lively enabling the party atmosphere to last well into the wee hours. Watch excessive behavior as Mars is also at the last degree of Sagittarius prompting everyone to be adventurous and satisfy wanderlust urges. This can be a super indulgent night so be careful to not let the fun slip into something where fighting gets the best of you.

Be expansive, enthusiastic and optimistic and let your spirits soar without being sloppy!