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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There’s a powerful Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014 at 0° Scorpio. Solar Eclipses are always about fated new beginnings that introduce major issues to deal with over the course of the next 6 months until the next set of eclipses resolve those issues brought up on this solar eclipse or take them to the next level. We all personally have to deal with challenges depending on what house the eclipse falls in within our natal chart as well as what planets are aspected by the eclipse degree, using an orb of 3° at the very most. The challenging Ptolomaic aspects (conjunctions, squares & oppositions) are especially noticeable as they force us to take action often based upon a crisis of some kind. Trines & sextiles do work but their energy is usually more free flowing . The eclipse season always makes people stressed out. Remember nothing is ever as bad or good as it seems on an eclipse. Emotions are heightened and blown slightly, and sometimes not so slightly, out of proportion.

Solar Eclipses herald major new beginnings in world events and that’s what I’d like to focus on here. Though 0° is not the world axis it is a sensitive degree as it represents the very beginning of something descriptive of the sign of Scorpio. 0° of any sign magnifies the issues of that sign and ushers in something entirely new. The major issue we see playing out in world events is the Ebola Crisis. Scorpio rules disease, death, destruction, plague, blood, bodily fluids, secrets, trust, merging, sex, death, rebirth – I think you get the point. The Ebola crisis is the event all over the news and the fear and terror that it is instilling in everyone is extremely heightened at this time. That’s not to say it isn’t serious, it is, but we are a bit in the dark (solar eclipse) about how it operates and where it is going so everyone; media, public and government, is feeling frenzied because they don’t have enough information in order to make informed decisions. When the hype calms down after eclipse season, there will be more facts and information based on knowledge of the disease and how it works to enable governments and people to take proper precautions and deal with this very serious disease in better ways.

Eclipses are also influenced by any planet traveling in close proximity to the degree of the eclipse. On October 23 Venus is also at 0°Scorpio so the eclipse is colored by the planet of love, money & relationships. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is about sexually transmitted diseases or any disease transmitted through bodily fluids. Venereal is derived from the word “Venere” which is Latin for “Venus”. Venere is still the Italian word for Venus. My point here is that Venus in her dark form (Scorpio) is all about sexually transmitted disease and she colors everybody’s fears about this eclipse. It’s a communicable disease and we will continue to see fear of others in situations where the person who is right in front of you can sneeze, cough, spit or transmit some hideous disease on you through a one-on-one contact, not to mention the act of sexual intimacy. I think we’ll see a decline in people going to bars and having casual hook-ups with others. Venus in Scorpio asks us to face our issues around deeper intimacy. There is going to be fear of “the other”. People will be testing others to see if they can trust them on an intimate level. The question on everyone’s mind is “could intimate contact with you possibly kill me?” Venus in this position can also be the gift of researching deeply to find cures and antidotes to help regenerate healing. How do we use resources of money & power to help others battle a potentially crippling disease? How we deal with the Ebola crisis over the next six months is crucial and will have major impact on how we experience the Solar Eclipse on March 20 at 29.27° Pisces: the World Axis. The last degree of Pisces embodies every single manifestation of every sign that comes before it. It is the repository of the entire collective. To put it plainly that final degree of the zodiac is the garbage dump of the universe, the absorption of everything you can think of. It’s extreme surrender & sacrifice or extreme compassion & healing. That could be a huge magnification of the end of something as we currently know it. This last degree of Pisces on the world axis is about wiping the slate clean for a fresh new start or an inflation of extreme paranoia and illness. It’s crucial to see how this health crisis is dealt with over the next 6 months before we know in which direction that March eclipse takes. Will we forge a new beginning towards the light or return to the abyss of the past as we fall back into our own fear, illusion, paranoia, confusion and panic. The Fool in the tarot deck is very descriptive of 29° Pisces – 0° Aries. He’s coming out of a cave, about to jump off a cliff into a new beginning – but it is a precipice, there’s a choice – will the Fool take the risk and chance of the new beginning by jumping off the cliff into the light or will he retreat back into the darkness of the cave?

The Lunar Eclipse of April 4, 2015 is at 14°Libra and harkens back to September’s Aries eclipse at 15°. It’s practically the same degree and Uranus again will be traveling in close proximity. Uranus always brings a reversal of a previous held stance & position or more chaos or enlightenment.

In casting the chart of the current eclipse for Washington, D.C. we notice that the Venus/Sun/Moon conjunction is in the 7th house of our open enemies. The disease is outside of us in Africa coming from an “enemy” we are very well aware of. Aries rising puts Mars in the 9th house in Sagittarius; again the battle being fought on foreign shores. And Pluto is conjunct the MC from the 9th house indicating the deadly reputation of the disease based on a foreign invader and our obsession, terror and fear of the something that has the potential to have a deadly grip on us. The obsession is with 8th house matters and our reputation, stature and standing in the world rests on how we control the disease. What will the CDC do to help? Needless to say, Mars as ruler of Scorpio and Aries, is at 28° of Sagittarius which is only 2° off the world axis and in a sign and house that has to do with disseminating information and spreading disease without any limitations or boundaries (he rules the 8th and all those Scorpio planets). Sagittarius is a sign about unbridled expansion, growth and exaggeration. People’s belief systems will become very self-righteous. The 9th house is also about philanthropy. And if that were not enough Mars is out of bounds in the eclipse chart emphasizing his roguish, extreme and out of control nature. Another thing to remember is that Saturn is about to leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius (with a retreat back into the last degrees of Scorpio from June 16, 2015 till September 19, 2015). As many have stated the last time Saturn was in Scorpio was the mid-1980s when fear of the AIDS crisis was in full bloom. How will we answer the call to this deadly disease? History does repeat itself and yet we are given second chances to make better choices.

I haven’t even touched upon the war in Syria, but needless to say this chart has a tremendous amount to say about that as well. This chart is so interesting and profound and warrants a more intense scrutiny and review than I can give here.

One last thing, please watch trigger dates for the eclipses in the upcoming months to see how these stories progress. Trigger dates for the Solar Eclipses are: 11/9, 12/5, 1/21/15, 2/20/15 and 6/21-25/15. Triggers for the Lunar Eclipses: 1/6/15, 2/7/15, 2/28/15, 3/5-11/15, 6/30/15, 7/7/15 and 7/16/15.

Be conscious of the stations of the outer planets on 11/16, 12/8, 12/21, 3/14/15 and 4/17/15. Oh and lest I forget the last two squares of Uranus/Pluto on 12/15/14 and 3/16/15.

I think that’s enough to ponder, don’t you? Find something in life to be passionate about!!!