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November 2014

Sunday, November 30.

Mercury squares Neptune all day and if you’d like to use this aspect wisely rather than in an unevolved way then use the mind to get in touch with spiritual or religious pursuits.  Connect to a higher realm where you can access information that may not be available to you on a more mundane, practical and material level.  Allow the mind to focus on the ethereal through meditation or hard …Read More

Saturday, November 29.

A compassionate Pisces Moon in aspect to Pluto and Venus puts everyone in a dreamy mood to take relationships deeper through imagination and fantasy. The problem is that you could take things a bit too far and hurt others’ feelings. There may be a tendency to take situations to extremes with partners. There could be too much spending, too much exaggeration, too much inflation of any kind so that inevitably …Read More

Friday, November 28.

Black Friday can really be full of blackness today for those unenlightened souls who don’t pay attention to the Void of course Moon.  So for all those who can’t resist going shopping today because, hey, there’s no other time to shop then I dare you.  The Moon is void from 12:14 pm till 5:03 pm (EST).  So you either have to be an early morning shopper to get those deals …Read More

Thursday, November 27.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA and elsewhere.  It’s the Sagittarius time of year when abundance is in full bloom and optimism should reign as we all become aware of the bounty and abundance of life.  Even if things are rough right now find something to be hopeful and happy about even if it’s fleeting.  The thought and feeling will register in you mind, body and soul. The Moon …Read More

Wednesday, November 26.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving here in the USA and that’s one of the most heavily trafficked days of the year.  The Moon is void between 10:30 am and 2:23 pm (EST) so plan events accordingly.  The astrology is active today so there could be transportation and travel snags.  Give yourself plenty of time.  All in all the aspects are flowing so if there are any problems they should be …Read More

Tuesday, November 25.

The Capricorn Moon can be relentless and determined as it makes contact with the ever present Uranus/Pluto square.  There’s a strong drive to do whatever it takes to get something accomplished.  Be wary of your methods otherwise you may be shocked right out of a job. Mercury conjunct Saturn says to take responsibility for your words.  You will be called to the carpet for any misstatements so make sure you …Read More

Mars/Pluto Conjunction of November 2014.

November 10, 2014 was the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Conjunctions of two planets are births, a new beginning based on the coming together of the two principals represented by the planets. This conjunction has everything to do with putting your power (Pluto) into action (Mars). Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign representing manifestation on the material plane. What structures need to be destroyed and what new structures …Read More

Monday, November 24.

It may be a slow start to the work week as there’s a void Moon until 11:31 am (EST). After that put the foot on the gas pedal as Luna enters industrious and ambitious Capricorn, a Moon that likes to be productive. She meets up with Neptune most of the day so there also a tinge of magic and inspiration in the air. It’s not necessary to be so practical …Read More

Sunday, November 23.

It’s a wonderfully expansive day continuing the buoyancy started on yesterday’s Sagittarius New Moon.  Socialize, party and have fun!  Explore any endeavor that puts you in touch with a higher purpose.  Religious people will find today full of inspiration and non-religious types will bask in the same light and optimistic energy but with the emphasis on different pursuits.  Enjoy this energy after having been in the dark and murky waters …Read More

Saturday, November 22.

It’s a New Moon at 0 degrees of Sagittarius.  That’s a bright new journey being developed over the next couple of weeks.  Take out your bow and arrow, stretch it as far as possible and shoot for the stars.  Sagittarius is a sign that must travel, expand, understand and reach out to a myriad of diverse people.  The more knowledge one has the better able one is to make informed …Read More