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December 2014

Wednesday, December 31.

It’s New Years’ Eve and the Moon is in pleasure seeking Taurus. This is a perfect night for indulgence and for those inclined towards over-doing things the cosmic energy adds to the urge to splurge! The evenings aspects Luna makes leading up to the big countdown are squares to Mars and Jupiter. That’s a rather intense combination of overdoing behavior. Mars puts everyone in an energetic mood towards action, high …Read More

Tuesday, December 30.

A consolidating Taurus Moon is perfect for finishing up last minute, end of the year tasks and get business completed.  You can also begin to plant the seeds for the dreams you’d like to bring to fruition in 2015 as the energy is ripe for setting tangible goals for the year ahead. Dream it, think it, believe it and know that you can manifest it.  Use these last days to …Read More

Monday, December 29.

The Aries Moon stirred up the Uranus/Pluto square yesterday.  Aries still controls the day until Luna goes void at 7:46 pm (EST).  Aspects to Mars gets Monday off to an action packed start so put the foot on the gas pedal and drive the chariot fast.  Miscommunication may abound as the Moon squares Mercury but in the afternoon her trine to Jupiter should smooth over any ruffled feathers and straighten …Read More

Sunday, December 28.

The Moon is in Aries today and aspects both the Sun and Uranus. There will be a strong urge today to express one’s ego and individuality (the Sun) in unique and unusual ways (Uranus). The Sun is about feeling special and being loved for that specialness. Its ego is actually rather frail because if one isn’t flaming a special talent in ways that find acceptance by those nearest and dearest …Read More

Friday, December 26.

The spiritual and mystical sign of Pisces is in charge today with the Moon sojourning here while the Sun aspects Neptune. On the day after Christmas and in the season of giving tap into the universal love, compassion and empathy that Pisces and this season wants us to eternally connect with. Allow the sign of Capricorn to help to manifest those qualities on the material plane. Ground the magic. It …Read More

Thursday, December 25.

Merry Christmas.  Love those with whom you’re with today, especially yourself.  The Moon is void from 10:11 am until 11:07 pm (EST).  A void Moon is perfectly fine on Christmas since it’s a day for gathering with loved ones, relaxing and enjoying life’s bounty.  It’s not a day for action, doing and accomplishing but for appreciating, valuing, cherishing and loving. Astrologically the Moon aspects both Jupiter and Saturn.  That’s a …Read More

Wednesday, December 24.

The Moon is in the intellectual sign of Aquarius for Christmas Eve and with Saturn having just entered Sagittarius yesterday try to get an objective view about what the past year was about, what was achieved (and perhaps not achieved) and look towards the future for what opportunities you can take advantage of in 2015. Use this moon to get a bird’s eye view of everything. It’s a big travel …Read More

Tuesday, December 23.

Saturn enters Sagittarius today. This holiday season will have many of you asking the question, “What does religion mean to me?” in a new way. Sagittarius is a sign about religion, a word derived from the Latin verb “Religare” meaning to tie, connect or bind back to the source. How do you make connection to the source, the energy, God or whatever term used to define your life philosophy? Not …Read More

Monday, December 22.

We are getting down to the wire with Holiday gift shopping.  Today presents a good opportunity for last minute bargains since the last aspect the Moon makes before going void at 10:17 pm (EST) is a conjunction to Venus which would indicate getting good value for your buck.  It’s a highly productive day as we’ve entered the Capricorn time of year and Luna triggers the Uranus/Pluto square.  Action is the …Read More

Sunday, December 21.

Two major events occur today.  Uranus stationing direct in Aries in tandem with a New Moon in Capricorn on the Winter Solstice.  Very clearly and succinctly;  Uranus demands clearing the air on an important situation and letting people know where you stand in order to allow the New Moon to forge a new beginning with the powerful energy always inherent in that monthly lunation. On the Winter Solstice the days …Read More