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January 2015

Saturday, January 31.

Love, imagination, escape, compassion, family, socializing and music.  These themes are strong today so indulge in doing something that brings value and love into your life.  Because the Moon is in Cancer memories of the past are strong and it will be easy to escape into a fantasy world of your own choosing.  It’s a day for strong memory recall. An active imagination can ease the harsh realities of daily …Read More

Friday, January 30.

As I warned today is one of the many very, very long voids I talked about. All day long so plan work accordingly and do not initiate major new projects, meeting, contacts or purchases. Keep the engine running on things already underway. Because the Moon is void in Gemini with the last aspect a sextile to Jupiter there’s probably a laissez-faire attitude towards everything but be wary of sloppiness in …Read More

Thursday, January 29.

The Gemini Moon and its aspects speeds up the pace today in everything you do.  Being quick on your feet and dealing with situations demanding spontaneity and flexibility is what’s called for and easy to pull out of your bag of tricks.  The one caveat is a harsh aspect to Mars could make certain people accident prone.  This aspect promotes being hot headed and making hasty choices that may not …Read More

Wednesday, January 28.

The Moon is void until 5:36 pm (EST) after which it enters Gemini.  Relationships may be strained today as she squares Venus and opposes Saturn.  It’s an energy about putting work and effort towards partnership especially those that are job oriented and worth the extra time.  Don’t expect people to be flexible or accommodating.  Older people will either offer words of wisdom or block you at every turn.  There’s a …Read More

Tuesday, January 27.

“Something wicked or magical this way comes…………..”  It’s a winter wonderland or house of horrors depending on your perspective here in the Northeast of the USA with Blizzard Juno hurling forth her wrath . If you’re off, skiing, relaxing you may love curling up indoors and escaping into your own private world but if you have to work, travel, attend to ill family or friends then this can be a …Read More

Monday, January 26 and a Blizzard Named Juno.

Today the East Coast of the USA is being rocked by a mega blizzard aptly named Juno. For those who know their mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter and benefited from the honor that position afforded her as Queen of the heavens. Juno’s story is not the happiest in terms of being a loving and benevolent Goddess. Feminists don’t particularly like many of her attributes and qualities because they …Read More

Sunday, January 25.

The Aries Moon is in charge again today and triggers the Uranus/Pluto square so it’s an action-packed Sunday for whatever you have planned. Afternoon aspects to Mercury and Jupiter are great for socializing, networking and reaching out to friends and families for lively conversation and a generally boisterous Sunday. Have fun and if last night or early this morning brought any unexpected intensity then today you’ll be able to recuperate …Read More

Saturday, January 24.

It’s a pro-active Saturday courtesy of the Aries Moon.  Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is self-directed and very me-oriented.  Flowing aspects to the Sun and Saturn insure that goals can be reached today as you self-direct energy towards achievement and recognition.  Your visions can be structured towards something that gets immediate results or if you’ve been working on something for a while you may get the payoff today.  …Read More

Friday, January 23.

The Moon is void in Pisces for more than 24 hours beginning 6:13 am (EST) and doesn’t enter Aries until Saturday at 8:31 am (EST).  Please everyone, check your time zones to make the proper adjustments. This brings me to an important point for the next month that will color the entire Mercury retrograde period in a rather frustrating way.  The duration of the voids are going to make January, …Read More

Thursday, January 22.

Mercury is still causing problems as the two days before, day of and day after are usually the most stressful so just be aware of what is happening and face any challenges with as clear a mind as possible, get the facts and information and assess the problems that need to be addressed. The Pisces Moon squaring Saturn in Sagittarius only adds to the confusion and stagnation of the problem …Read More