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February 2015

Saturday, February 28.

The morning may contain unexpected surprises as a family situation can thwart personal plans.  The Moon turns void at 12:53 pm (EST) and remains so the entire day.  The last aspect is an opposition to Pluto.  Try to resolve high pressured situations by an honest and open discourse with those who are troubling you.  It’s important to learn to compromise today without giving over total control and power to someone …Read More

Friday, February 27.

The attitude at work today should be similar to taking care of business, details and organizing your home. The Moon is in Cancer squaring Mars and that’s a high action aspect if a bit on the moody side. Everyone may be more prone to losing their temper over silly things especially if they are feeling overly sensitive so take stock of the atmosphere at the office. People with water planets …Read More

Thursday, February 26.

It’s another all day void of course Moon.  You know the routine by now.  Again, because the final aspect coloring the void is a sextile to Jupiter there should be a sense of optimism to the day even if you can’t be particularly pro-active.  While the moon remains in Gemini to some research, cruise the internet or make phone calls to collect information.  Do your homework today and then when …Read More

Wednesday, February 25.

The Moon is in versatile and curious Gemini. It’s an extremely busy day astrologically with many, many aspects. Since it’s Mercury’s day there should be much effort put towards work, the job, the daily routine and being organized, productive and curious. Let’s map it out a bit: The Moon aspects Mars and Saturn to start the day and that’s about work, building structures and moving slow, steady and with consistency. …Read More

Tuesday, February 24.

The Moon is void all day. There’s a general feeling of optimism coloring this void. Creativity is running high so develop your inner talent and express it outwardly on Wednesday. A trine between Venus and Saturn says build self esteem slow and steady by getting in touch with internal substance. Business relationships can be productive.

Monday, February 23.

It’s a day to work hard to prove yourself and express your identity.  Don’t take the easy way out.  The Taurus Moon needs to get in touch with talents and keep a steady mood in the face of any kind of unstable conditions. Go deep.  Get in touch with the substance within.  Manifest and materialize goals.  Be careful of over extending and over reaching. It’s a good money making start …Read More

Sunday, February 22.

Venus hooks up with Mars in Aries today.  As much as possible let Sunday be about love.  Relationships with people you love. doing work that you love, loving yourself, being creative, feeling the glow and joy of youth & vitality, valuing and cherishing people, places and things.  Feel the heat, desire, passion, ardor, romance, aggression and competition of LOVE in every way, shape and form.  In case you didn’t hear …Read More

Saturday, February 21.

A vibrant Aries Moon occulting Uranus brings a strong need for freedom and independence.  To the degree you connect with the element of fire that’s how high your flame can soar today.  Very dominant aggressive people will feel even more so with hopefully a healthy detachment from overly fiery emotions.  People who have been feeling sluggish and unmotivated feel a noticeable shift toward being more pro-active in taking care of …Read More

Friday, February 20.

The Moon is void of course all day until 6:13 pm (EST).  You can accomplish much if you stay on a path of working and completing jobs and projects already in progress.  It’s Friday and a void Moon so don’t start anything new. Venus enters Aries today to join her partner Mars and this is a hot combination especially tonight when so many people enjoy going out and relaxing after …Read More

Thursday, February 19.

The big news today is that Mars enters Aries and breaks a cycle we’ve been in the last month of confusion, haze, doubt, deceit, lies, fog and a kind of free floating anxiety.  It’s possible to get a clearer picture of what’s going on in life and take action towards a vision of what you want the future to be.  Mars, the planet of action, is triggering the upcoming Solar …Read More