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April 2015

Thursday, April 30.

There’s a short void this morning from 8:23 am until 10:03 am (EDT).  Afterwards the Moon enters social Libra helping to promote cooperation, fairness & justice. Build structures and become conscious of what it is you want to achieve.  Mercury is at the last degree of Taurus so choose words that carry the most value in getting your point across. It’s a productive day.  Hopefully the Libra Moon will help …Read More

Wednesday, April 29.

Another highly productive day while the Moon remains in Virgo.  Creative work can gain a tremendous boost while the Moon activates Mars & Venus.  Work that you love to do becomes a focus of the day. There may be some arguments with close personal and business relationships.  If things get under your skin clear the air in a forthright and honest way rather than gossiping and bitching behind someone’s back.  …Read More

Tuesday, April 28.

The Virgo Moon is an industrious one. Accomplish much through discipline and effort to get your unique creativity expressed in whatever you do today. It’s a day of hard work and great creativity. Let the evening be colored by Neptunian fantasies such as drink, music, theater, sex, romance and going with the flow. Forget the days strenuous efforts. Luxuriate in the suspended animation of this evenings fun. One moment can …Read More

Monday, April 27.

Get an early start.  The Moon is void of course from 10:12 am till 9:07 pm (EDT). It may feel like a Mercury retrograde day with Luna in harsh aspect to the trickster planet.  There’s a propensity for miscommunication, mistakes and errors. It’s a good day to focus on organizational skills and putting things in order. If you have to strain the mind have an intense project to dwell on.

Sunday, April 26.

The party atmosphere from last night extends all day into Sunday.  Have fun, go to parties, socialize with friends or be in a romantic one-on-one relationship with that special someone.  It’s a day of high spirits, action and connecting with others by sharing joy, love and contentment. There may be some unexpected situations that arise but stay with the flow and anything can be navigated.  Later this evening just be …Read More

Saturday, April 25.

A Leo Moon wants to have fun but there’s a discomfort as it butts head with the Taurus Sun.  At it’s worst this combination is about being overly concerned with money while sacrificing what it is that brings you joy, happiness and contentment.  This is the prototypical aspect of ignoring your bliss and just staying in a rut for comfort’s sake whether that comfort be about making money or indulging …Read More

Friday, April 24.

The Moon turns void in Cancer at 1:04 pm (EDT).  Make it an early day at the office and get the most accomplished in the morning.  Use the afternoon to tie up loose ends and organize what remains to be done.  It’s an ideal void to plan, prepare, put your ducks in a row so that the weekend can be fun and relaxed and you can get back to the …Read More

Thursday, April 23.

We’re getting entrenched in the Taurus energy so feel your senses come alive throughout the body.  Take care of the body, inside and out.  The benefits of healthy living are obvious to one’s physical health but it’s also good and healthy to be slightly narcissistic.  Your body is beautiful and attractive and it’s mentally & spiritually healthy to feel good about how you look. It’s an important part of what …Read More

Wednesday, April 22.

It’s an all day void of course Moon.  Do research work and socialize.  Make lots of phone calls, text, write letters, bounce ideas off of others and network but don’t make any decisions.  Get the facts and information and put them into action tomorrow when the Moon enters Cancer.

Tuesday, April 21.

The Sun has entered Taurus. Find solid ways to support yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The Moon is in the adjacent sign of Gemini so there’s a sense of curiosity to explore everything and get the information that’s necessary in order to feel grounded, safe and secure.  Ask questions and learn something new. The morning may brings some confusion so if you don’t get the answers you want make …Read More