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May 2015

Sunday, May 31.

The last day of May ends with a conglomeration of aspects that can take behavior towards extreme intensity, fantasy or over indulgence.  Jupiter most certainly insures that whatever it is you’re feeling will be expanded upon.  It’s a perfect Sunday for a spiritual adventure whether it be a mental and religious journey or a physical and emotional one.  Enjoy nature and escape into the richness of warm, outdoor weather. The …Read More

Saturday, May 30.

The Moon is in Scorpio while Mercury conjuncts the Sun.  Since we’re in the midst of a nasty Mercury retrograde the Scorpio Moon can bring out a verbal sting today.  Neptune is very strong this weekend as well and that can blur boundaries when communicating.  You may not know when to stop and go too far in verbal expression.  There’s a tendency for being too sensitive, too self pitying, too …Read More

Friday, May 29.

Today is the second of three squares between Mercury and Neptune.  This is a masterful aspect for lies and deception as well as making mistakes and saying things you shouldn’t.  Aspects are stressful and tense and there may be major confrontations with others.  You may be called upon to defend your beliefs, words or stance on important issues. The Moon turns void at 4:20 pm (EDT).  Go with the flow …Read More

Thursday, May 28.

The Libra Moon makes harmonious aspects to the Sun, Mercury and Mars. If the recent Mercury retrograde has activated difficult challenges, today’s aspects should help put matters back on a better path. Today provides more clarity than tomorrow so do the best you can to take care of business and communicate with others. Engage, participate and take action

Wednesday, May 27.

The Moon is void until 5:42 pm (EDT).  Don’t make new connection or contacts today.  Work with people who you feel comfortable with and on projects that are well under way.  Don’t go shopping.  Discuss with colleagues and clients how to fine tune the details of work in progress.  Edit, revise and improve.

Tuesday, May 26.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm! If you got a head start on work colleagues by using yesterday as a preparation day or even a full work day then you’ll be one step ahead of the game today at the office. The Virgo Moon is a back to work Moon.  Sober up quickly and get back into the swing of things.  If yesterday proved to be a difficult one for …Read More

Monday, May 25.

There are four aspects today and they are all challenging.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing but with the Moon in Virgo it really feels as if this should be a work day.  All the personal planets; the Moon, Venus, Mars and the Sun are not functioning in harmony, so if there is discord, you’ll be personally very aware of the issues and hopefully able to consciously get problems quickly …Read More

Sunday, May 24.

The Moon is void of course all day long. Take it easy, relax and hang. It’s a holiday weekend in the USA. Let the mood of the day flow and go along with it as it unfolds. Aspects are more challenging on Monday so allow Sunday to be the relaxed day.

Saturday, May 23.

In these coming days with the Mercury retrograde so strongly in aspect to Neptune and Saturn it’s important to listen to the voice of God, the Goddess, the Creator, the One Mind or whatever term makes you feel comfortable.  The essence is to listen to the voice within that guides you to a higher place of learning and teaches that there is so much more to life than focusing on …Read More

Friday, May 22.

There’s not a very pleasant bundle of energy permeating the air these days.  That’s not to say that some of you aren’t doing well and achieving great things but for many there’s great seriousness in the tone of things.  The Sun just entered Gemini which is a curious sign.  Sol has now joined Mars and Mercury in battle to overcome the vagueness and illusion of Neptune and the opposition, oppression …Read More