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June 2015

Sunday, June 28.

The Scorpio Moon continues to make everyone feel a deep commitment and passion towards that which they deeply value.  Spend time with people whom you trust and can bond with on an intimate level.  Make the effort to continue building relationships that stand the test of time.  You know whom you can trust and what situations you can trust so don’t wast time with those who have not passed the …Read More

Saturday, June 27.

Horrible news about the 3 terrorist attacks around the world; Tunisia, France and Kuwait.  Astrologically what is happening is that Pluto & Saturn are triggering the lunar eclipse from April 4th. Pluto has to do with terrorists and Saturn is in Scorpio, a sign having to do with terrorism.  These aspects are in effect through the end of the month.  The planets are in mutual reception so you have terrorists …Read More

Friday, June 26.

Chiron has stationed retrograde in Pisces the past few days.  Many of you may need to reconnect with old wounds and hurts and get in touch with where an important healing must occur. It’s time to be an inner guide and tap into the unconscious mind to find out where you may have family damage that needs to be confronted through an inner process and journey of self-discovery.  These family …Read More

Thursday, June 25.

A Libra Moon provides balance and perspective especially if things have been unbalanced and need recalibration.  Remember, though Mercury turned direct on June 11th there has continued to be a square with Neptune, planet of confusion.  That has been slowly lifting and Mercury will finally leave its shadow on the 27th so those who have been experiencing ongoing Mercury problems of confusion and miscommunication should be out of the dark …Read More

Wednesday, June 24.

Mars enters Cancer today.  This is considered to be a very weak placement for Mars.  When a planet is in fall think of it as having a natural hard aspect which means it has to work harder to accomplish its goals.  Mars is a planet that likes to take immediate action regardless of what’s going on.  It’s direct, bold, blatant, courageous and acts quickly and decisively.  The sign a planet …Read More

Tuesday, June 23.

The Moon remains in Virgo all day.  Today is also the last Mercury square Neptune aspect that has occurred three times in the course of the past two months.  This is the culmination of a story that may have dragged on for quite a while.  Check all three dates to see how things were initiated, how you tried to solve a problem and finally if the solution worked.  The three …Read More

Monday, June 22.

An industrious Virgo Moon kicks off the work week.  Come to the office prepared, organized and ready to work otherwise you may be thrown off kilter since Mercury is tightly squaring Neptune for the third and final time.  You can manage this aspect very well if you’re clear, focused and organized.  If something seems fishy let it go or wait before taking any measurable action on it.  Difficult situations that …Read More

Sunday, June 21.

It’s the first day of Summer.  The Sun enters self-protective Cancer and it’s the longest day of the year.  It’s a great day to celebrate Father’s Day since Cancer is a sign having to do with family, clan, tribe, home and bonding with Mom & Dad. If we love our family unit and feel nurtured, safe and protected within that unit, then the rest of life proceeds with much greater …Read More

Saturday, June 20.

It’s a party mood with the Moon in Leo making harmonious aspects to Venus, planet of love, Jupiter planet of luck & expansion and Uranus planet of excitement and thrills.  It’s a great day and night for outgoing fun and boisterous good times.  Socialize with everyone and show off the best sides of your personality.  The Sun is at the last degree of Gemini only adding to the social butterfly …Read More

Friday, June 19.

It’s another excellent work day so get your desk cleared and organized before the first weekend of the summer.  The solstice is this Sunday.  Finish work with a clear head so that you can enjoy a fun party weekend.  The Moon is in Leo today.  Use this energetic sign to be creative.  An easy aspect to Mercury insures, for the most part, opportunities to connect and communicate what you want.  …Read More