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July 2015

Friday, July 31.

The combination of the Saturn station direct, Venus retrograde, Jupiter in Leo and today’s full moon in Aquarius will dramatize, emotionalize and make everyone overreact to all situations occurring. Beware of drama queens.  It’s either going to be a Friday where things come to light in a good or bad way and there will be lots of polarizing energy. If the work day is very stressful then use the energy …Read More

Thursday, July 30.

Lots of focus on the sign of Leo with four planets traveling through this royal sign.  So interesting that on the station of Saturn at the end of Scorpio, in very harsh aspect to both Jupiter in Leo and retrograde Venus in Virgo/Leo, so many people on social media are taking the horrible slaughter of Cecil the Lion so seriously.  It’s a very sad story and yet, so descriptive of …Read More

Wednesday, July 29.

Today the Moon is in Capricorn so you may get a glimpse of serious issues starting to loosen up and move forward since Saturn is turning direct on August 2.  It’s time to start rebuilding structures that have been destroyed and decimated.  With Saturn getting ready to leave Scorpio and the Moon making a conjunction to Pluto today, it’s a good idea to slowly start the re-building process. It’s a …Read More

Monday, July 27.

The Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and that’s a difficult aspect for making your opinions understood.  Sometime what you believe and what you understand to be true are at odds. The energy from yesterday’s Uranus station is definitely carried over to the first day of the work week.  Stay objective amidst any unpredictable situations.  Take the lead in being pro-active to any change.  Quick logic mixed with intuition is the best …Read More

Sunday, July 26.

Yesterday, Venus turned retrograde and today it’s Uranus’ turn.  That combination can be love when you least expect it, love from out of the blue and love at first sight or probably the best of the bunch, (since Venus is retrograde and as I said, is not great for starting a new relationship), a love blast from the past. At its worst, this combination would be the split up of …Read More

Saturday, July 25.

I’ve been writing about Venus turning retrograde for quite a while and today is the day when the Ruler of Taurus & Libra turns around for a while.  The retrograde runs from July 25 to September 6 but because of its shadow its full effect is really felt from June 22 through October 9.  The retrogrades of Mercury, Venus & Mars work very similarly but they rule different matters.  Mercury …Read More

Friday, July 24.

The Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces supplying an imaginative mood to the entire day.  If it’s a three day weekend for any of you, or if on vacation, this is a great energy for escapism and getting away from it all.  For those working this is a productive use of imagination. Venus is turning retrograde tomorrow in Virgo so you’ll be feeling her moodiness today (as well as all …Read More

Thursday, July 23.

Today the Sun is spending its first full day in Leo.  Leo is the sign of drama, fun, love, joy and feeling alive.  We must learn to love ourselves first before we can love others.  When the Sun is happy in Leo it is probably more joyous than in any other sign.  It’s an exuberant, outgoing energy that expresses itself, at its highest, in total honesty – like a child …Read More

Wednesday, July 22.

The Sun is in the final degree of Cancer today. Make sure your inner light is in full working order so that the demonstrative side of confident Leo can be rooted in a firm and secure foundation when the Sun bursts forth tomorrow.  Attend to personal needs and water your plants.  Remember Cancer is the first sign of summer so it is about taking action for personal goals and nurturing …Read More

Tuesday, July 21.

There’s a short void from 6:06 am till 9:23 am (EDT). The Moon enters Libra afterwards which is a sign ruled by the planet Venus. Venus turns retrograde on July 25th so you may become very aware of problems in paradise in your relationship today, if you already haven’t, when she entered her shadow back on June 22. It’s time to start thinking about bringing balance into your relationships, and …Read More