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September 2015

Wednesday, September 30.

The last day of the month finds us engaged with a stabilizing Taurus Moon which can help everyone get grounded after the craziness and unhinged energy of the past weekend’s lunar eclipse.  The boat should stop rocking somewhat as one sets anchor.  An early morning trine to Jupiter lends expression to put one’s natural talent to good use on the job, and the conjunction of the Sun & Mercury can …Read More

Tuesday, September 29.

The Moon is void today from 3:45 am until 2:57 pm (EDT).  There are going to be very, very long voids for the next month.  Without getting paranoid or going crazy just be aware.  We have to live our lives and the void of course Moon is nothing to be afraid of.  As a matter of fact it may help in some circumstances because it can often have you do …Read More

Sunday, September 27.

Today is the lunar eclipse in Aries.  Aries is a hot headed sign and lunar eclipses are more intense versions of full moons which are fairly emotional to begin with.  So when an eclipse is evolved the energy is ramped-up to a crazy level. At its best Aries is courageous, brave, assertive, competitive, full of life, honest, bold and fast on its feet.  At its worst its war mongering, angry, …Read More

Saturday, September 26.

The Moon is void from 12:32 pm until 3:29 pm (EDT) on Sunday.  That’s a long void but by that doesn’t signify in any way, shape or form that nothing will happen.  We’re building towards an Aries Lunar Eclipse on Sunday and as I’ve been saying for the past week the energy is being felt very strongly through Monday. It doesn’t mean it”s a horrible time for everyone, but it …Read More

Friday, September 25.

It’s an intense weekend.  Today Pluto stations direct and how appropriate we are seeing so many people in positions of power and prestige taking center stage: specifically Pope Francis and all the political leaders in the USA as well as Vladimir Putin coming to the United Nations and many other leaders, presidents, kings & queens congregating in NYC.  Saturn is in Sagittarius, so of course religion is a major catalyst, …Read More

Thursday, September 24.

The CEO of Volkswagen has resigned  after findings that the company had cheated on its emissions tests.  This is a huge financial impact on the company and tremendously detrimental to its reputation.  I mention this only because Mercury is currently retrograde (cars) and Pluto is stationing direct over the next few days coinciding with a lunar eclipse in Aries (nefarious deeds and corruption coming out into the open).  Aries is …Read More

Wednesday, September 23.

It’s the autumn equinox, when the Sun enters Libra and we have an equal balance of 12 hours of day and night.  This is a sign that strives for harmony, peace, diplomacy.  It fights and argues for the sake of bringing greater equality to a situation.  It’s a sign that finds great value in aesthetic beauty, protocol, etiquette, socializing, partying and behaving in as civil way as possible in all …Read More

Tuesday, September 22.

It can be a productive day if you can get past the frenetic style of communication and bombastic attitude of people.  There’s a caffeinated feel to the mood and everyone is speeding around.  It’s also an accident-prone type of energy so don’t try to beat a red light or rush around unnecessarily.  The retrograde of Mercury won’t help matters.  Think outside the box to solve problems.  The ability to think …Read More

Monday, September 21.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:33 am (EDT).  The aspect this earthy and productive Moon makes is a sextile to Neptune all day long.  There is plenty of opportunity to ground the imagination into work projects.  Make it come from the heart and be diligent to make dreams and creative projects take on physical form in some way.  The recent Virgo eclipse is about planting the seeds and tilling the …Read More

Sunday, September 20.

Aspects are harmonious.  Great day for a car trip with someone whom you enjoy lively conversation and have a great deal to talk about.  Mercury is retrograde, so wander for a lovely country ride and don’t mind getting lost.  Just pay careful attention to the road and avoid heavily trafficked areas as that would put a damper on the mood.  For a late summer Sunday it’s a perfect day to …Read More