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October 2015

Saturday, October 31.

Happy Halloween!  We are in the Scorpio time of year so acknowledge the dark, scary side and let it come out in the light for some play time!  The Sun shines the light on all aspects of the sign through which it travels. You can be as glamorous and chameleon-like as you possibly can tonight with the Moon in harmonious aspect to the Sun and the Moon. With the Moon …Read More

Thursday, October 29.

How appropriate that the dualistic Gemini Moon makes two aspects today between Saturn, planet of material reality and Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasy. You couldn’t have two more diametrically opposed energies. You’ll have to split and will need to compartmentalize the mind.  There’s work to do and while you may want answers they’ll be blocked by Saturn and confused by Neptune.  Communication issues are at cross purposes and you …Read More

Wednesday, October 28.

The Moon is void from 11:20 am (EDT) onward.  It is said that when the Moon is void in the sign of Taurus it still behaves strongly because Taurus is the sign of Luna’s exaltation. The void is colored by the planet Mars in Virgo so anything that came to light on the full moon can be processed and completed today.  For instance you may be making the final payment …Read More

Tuesday, October 27.

Today is the Taurus full moon.  Full moons always possess a more heightened emotional landscape.  Feelings are more on the surface.  Taurus is the most earthy and physical sign of the zodiac.  Therefore, on this lunation you’ll feel everything solidify through the body in big ways.  If you’ve been ill and something is coming to a head, then today you’ll feel it peak and the pain will hopefully break.  For …Read More

Monday, October 26.

It’s an all day Void of course Moon.  Map your action for the week.  If anything comes to an emotional head today, the day before the Taurus full moon, then wait till tomorrow to respond in a pro-active way. There may be a raw type of communication in the air today so don’t react in a knee-jerk fashion. Tomorrow’s full moon in Taurus will help you make a counter offer …Read More

Sunday, October 25.

Mercury fully leaves it’s shadow today and has finished his intense square to Pluto although there is an opposition to Uranus which may brink to consciousness an important reflection on how and what you communicate to others.  That’s an aspect for lively debate.  Since Venus conjuncts Jupiter there should be a strong social sense to the day and even if debates become heated you’ll be willing to make compromises or …Read More

Friday, October 23.

The Sun enters the deep passionate waters of Scorpio today while the Moon aspects Pluto so there’s a deep merging and marriage between the luminaries.  The inner and outer lights come together providing ample energy for transformation.  The power available today can be applied to any situation – but remember, the sword cuts both ways. Use intuition and instinct to get to the heart of the matter rather than deploying …Read More

Thursday, October 22.

We continue the ingenuity of the Aquarius Moon today although your ideas may meet up with more resistance as Mercury squares Pluto the entire day.  This is the last of 3 challenging aspects between the planet of communication merged with the Planet of secrets, power and stinging intensity.  Everyone feels their style of communication may be too strong.  Yet, your bullshit odometer is super perceptive.  You’ll have to smartly manipulate …Read More

Wednesday, October 21.

The Aquarius Moon presents a wonderful opportunity to build structures based on sound belief systems that can help take you into the future with a sense of security.  You can strengthen a new career direction today or contribute philosophical ideas to the group energy whether it be at work, in a club, group or through a humanitarian and political outlet.  It’s a day to build solid connections and firm-up details …Read More

Monday, October 19.

After some very early morning confusion due to the Moon squaring Mercury, the day springs into high gear with wonderfully powerful, expansive and action oriented aspects. The earth element is in charge today from the Virgo and Capricorn sides. That’s all about production, work and manifestation. Paying attention to details can produce positive results. Use skills to build stable structures that bring personal success as well as for enhancing society. …Read More