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December 2015

Tuesday, December 29.

It can be another productive day if you set you mind to it. There’s a void from 12:38 pm until 1:58 pm (EST) so plan around it. It’s a fairly short one, so there shouldn’t be an issue.   There’s a great deal of assertive energy in the air and one can lose a little control of one’s temper with Mercury square Mars. That’s an assertive way of communicating. The …Read More

Monday, December 28.

The Leo Moon offers plenty of opportunity to get back to work and accomplish a great deal that one must in order to tidy up the end of the year at the office.   Luna’s aspect to Saturn is about getting things done while the aspect to Uranus is about planning for the future and getting organized for the new year and setting goals for the future.

Sunday, December 27.

There are no aspects today while the Moon sojourns through the sign of Leo. As we conclude the Christmas weekend, allow the best of the sign of Leo – joy, fun, romance, contentment and respect – to permeate your world. Feel your heart come alive as you’ve built new memories over the weekend.   If you’ve had a less than stellar time, then look into your own heart for healing …Read More

Saturday, December 26.

We are still in the energy of the full moon of Christmas Day so continue to process feelings and emotions and bask in the holiday spirit, especially if it has been a good one.   There are many aspects today coming off the full moon which will keep things in a high energy mode. The Moon in aspect to Jupiter should expand indulgence while her opposition to Mercury will enhance …Read More

Friday, December 25.

Merry Christmas. Read my post from yesterday regarding today’s full Moon and station of Uranus.   Keep communication open and fluid and balance the heart with the mind.  Express your unique individuality within the family fold. We can all be different and yet get along.     Peace on Earth to all.

Thursday, December 24.

It’s Christmas Eve and we are building towards a full Moon at 3 degrees of Cancer that will trigger the lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015 as well as the upcoming lunar eclipse on March 23. On top of the that, Uranus will be stationing on Christmas Day. This is going to be a weekend to expect the unexpected. For some it may be a volatile holiday with upsets, setbacks …Read More

Wednesday, December 23.

The Gemini Moon is a bit hazy in the morning and you’ll get a glimpse of Mercury being in its shadow and perhaps some of the issues the upcoming retrograde might address.   An opposition to Saturn focuses even more attention to how you communicate with others today. Cross your “I’s” and dot you “T’s”. If you’re unclear or fuzzy in anyway you’ll be called to task.   If you’re …Read More

Tuesday, December 22.

The Moon is void from 9:26 am until 9:31 pm (EST). It’s void in the sign of Taurus which is the easiest sign for luna to travel through, so it is said these voids are often nullified. Test it out with something simple like food shopping or Christmas gift shopping for an item that doesn’t cost too much and see what, if anything, happens.   We hit the Winter solstice …Read More

The Power of Vesta

I’m always excited to broaden my astrological knowledge, especially when it comes to interpreting some of the finer points that I feel less sure about, such as the asteroids. I know they are important, but I don’t often use them as much as I might, so when I see deep meaning being transmitted through them at moments of major world events, I become more confident in my ability to expand …Read More

Sunday, December 20.

The Sun and Moon are in harmony today making for a very peaceful flow of energy between Yin and Yang. Be adventurous and seek travels to share good cheer with others during this special time of year.   Mercury does battle tonight with Uranus which could cause flare-ups and arguments especially when expressing opinions of an opposing nature with friends and the group majority. Use this energy for lively debate …Read More