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January 2016

Sunday, January 31.

The early part of the day is perfect to pursue religious and spiritual pursuits, and that should be a good Sunday morning thing to do.   The remainder of Sunday can be a highly social and busy one. Be careful of blurting out things during the course of conversation that should be kept secret.   If you’re out in groups of friends the noise level will be loud with much …Read More

Friday, January 29.

The Libra Moon is once again rather dynamic today making stressful and action-oriented aspects. It’s an aggressive energy that’s best used in working on intense work projects with others where each person has to deliver the goods and bring their talents to the table towards productive goals.   Keep the mind active, intense, probing and looking for answers without using stinging words. You can argue with someone but just make …Read More

Thursday, January 28.

The Moon is void in the early morning and then she enters Libra at 9:59 am (EST). Make sure you take action after that time. Libra is a partnership sign and seeks balance, harmony and takes into consideration others’ opinions and points of view before making a decision. It can be indecisive but because the Moon squares Venus (Libra’s ruler) there won’t be much of that going on. In fact …Read More

Wednesday, January 27.

It’s an extremely industrious Virgo Moon and now that Mercury is starting to pick up speed, so should you. Aspects are flowing throughout the day and the last aspect before the moon turns void at 7:11 pm (EST) is a conjunction to Jupiter. This suggests that information can be disseminated and you’ll be able to get answers from others and solve problems by attending to details and staying focused. It’s …Read More

Tuesday, January 26.

Mercury is finally stationing direct but it’s a slow process. The trickster will make challenging aspects to Pluto and Uranus this weekend, so news may be intense and unexpected. You’ll have to make adjustments to perhaps hearing things you are not prepared to deal with. If news is on the bad side, it’s important to adapt with ingenuity.   For today, while the moon is in Virgo, get plans organized. …Read More

Monday, January 25.

It’s an all day void of course moon. You know the drill. Don’t start anything new today, especially as it’s also the day of Mercury’s station. Wait until tomorrow for action. Use today to plan.

Sunday, January 24.

The Leo full moon is more or less still in effect on Sunday and for those who experienced the blizzard of 2016 in the South, Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast it’s an important clean up day. The intensity and drama of this lunation was on full display.   The Moon makes an early morning square to Mars which could accelerate tempers but is also a great aspect for taking action to clean …Read More

Saturday, January 23.

Today’s Leo full moon is packing a wallop for the Mid-Atlantic states with a powerful blizzard. As mentioned yesterday, when storms hit on a full moon they are often intensified. Let’s see how this finally plays out.   Leo is a sign of drama, self-expression, showing off and feeling special. You may be asked to do something to take center stage or be in the limelight. That doesn’t necessarily mean …Read More

Friday, January 22.

We’re building towards a full moon in Leo tomorrow but we’re hearing and feeling the dramatic hype already mounting in this showy & fiery sign. While the Moon is in Cancer today, there’s some cooking going on, along with inner intuition and creativity as this lunation ushers in a big release.   In the mundane world here in the East, we are experiencing this energy in the form of a …Read More

Thursday, January 21.

The Cancer Moon makes a harmonious aspect to dreamy Neptune in Pisces. While yesterday was a day when the element of Air was in control, today Water has the upper hand, which suggests being compassionate and sensitive at some point during the day, even during working hours.   Help others, or at least have an understanding of relating from a feeling center rather than a totally rational and logical mind. …Read More