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February 2016

Saturday, February 27.

The Moon enters intense Scorpio, so get involved in Saturday’s tasks with passion and commitment. If you have to work, put your nose to the grindstone, and if you’re going to have fun and play do it with full throttle devotion and resolution.   Don’t do anything lightly today. If in conversation with others engage fully and on a deep level, if spending time alone be with your thoughts and …Read More

Friday, February 26.

It’s another all day void-of-course Moon. Even though the Moon is void there’s a sextile culminating between the mental planets, Mercury and Uranus. These planets get along very well, and especially in the signs of Aquarius and Aries, there should be many thunder bolt flashes of inspiration and ideas. The trick is to store all the information in your head, or better yet, write it down somewhere so that it …Read More

Thursday, February 25.

There’s a major opportunity to heal an old wound of a chronic nature that has been erupting since last September. Find a balance between the mind/body connection. If the chronic wound has to do with an addiction of any kind, this is the time to make a break from drugs and alcohol and seek the compassionate guidance of a teacher, healer, therapist, counselor or spiritual leader.   It’s an ideal …Read More

Wednesday, February 24.

The Moon is void from 9:22 am until 5:41 pm (EST). Remember, much work can be accomplished on a void moon, but don’t start anything important, make a major purchase, or have a conference/meeting that needs an immediate outcome.   Wednesday is hump day, and the Moon enters Libra this evening which is a social sign, so you may want to enjoy a night out with your partner or friends.

Current Transits of Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter: February 22, 2016

Our Centaurian friend Chiron is a very important planetoid, and he has been more relevant and active since September for the fact that he’s traveling in mutable Pisces in the vicinity of the 2015 and 2016 eclipses. He’s called the wounded healer, which is a buzz phrase we astrologers like to use. I’ve interpreted that to mean he has a lot to do with an open sore or wound that …Read More

Monday, February 22.

I’ve disappeared from posting for the past few days which somehow seems appropriate with the Sun having just entered Pisces. Now, I’m back just in time for today’s full moon.   This is the full moon that ushers in this eclipse season. The two weeks between this full moon and the Solar Eclipse often herald the challenge of what the eclipses will be all about. The two weeks between the …Read More

Thursday, February 18.

The Cancer Moon does it’s monthly opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus. You should be pretty used to this intense and erratic energy that tends to knock one of one’s security foundation, especially if you have planets around 14 to 18 degrees of the cardinal signs.   Cancer likes to keep things running smoothly according to the past. Yet, Pluto often wants to dredge up the unpleasantness of the …Read More

Wednesday, February 17.

It’s a great morning to make calls, connections and contacts with the aim of accomplishing a great deal of work. Then the Moon turns void from 11:37 am until 2:24 pm (EST). Take a nice long lunch break and chill out.   When you come back to work in the afternoon get back down to business as the Moon enters cardinal Cancer. Be a bit more reflective and question motivations …Read More

Tuesday, February 16.

The Gemini Moon opposes Saturn, sextiles Uranus, and squares Jupiter.   Saturnian people (Bosses) will ask you to prove yourself, take responsibility and work hard on projects and meet a quick deadline.   You’ll need to be nimble on your feet and meet those deadlines immediately (Uranus) by coming up with innovative ideas that will impress.   Be careful to pay attention to all details when making a presentation (Jupiter). …Read More

Sunday, February 14.

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Moon is in Taurus which is a pleasure-seeking and indulgent sign that is also connected to sweetness, values and self-worth. So, if you are romantically involved, let the other person know how much you value and cherish them. You may want to demonstrate that love in some tangible and physical way such as buying them a precious gift as well as touching them and stimulating the …Read More