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March 2016

Saturday, March 26.

The Scorpio Moon intensifies the somber mood of the Saturn station, so whatever it is you’ve been feeling for the past few days continues to be felt at very deep levels. It’s important to start to process and purge ever so slowly.   Aspects are harmonious today so there is the capability to escape from the recent pressures at least for a little while, by doing something totally frivolous when …Read More

Friday, March 25.

The Moon is void until 2:09 pm (EDT). Afterwards the Scorpio Moon provides stamina and resolve to get work done and clear your desk for the end of the week.   The biggest snag today is that Saturn is stationing retrograde and Venus will make a harsh aspect to this titan all day. That will make work relationships rather stressful and there could be bad news to end the week. …Read More

You Say You Want a Revolution: Progressed Mercury in the U.S.A Sibley Chart

There’s a revolution occurring in the United States as part of the 2016 Presidential Election, which can be best depicted through the lens of a major progression taking place in the Sibley U.S.A. Chart. Progressed Mercury is currently stationing direct at 20 Aquarius 05.   Simultaneously, there are other major transits and progressions activating this chart, but in this brief article, I would only like to focus on this single, yet …Read More

Wednesday, March 23.

We’ve had eclipses in Pisces since March 2015. Pisces is associated on its negative side with “hidden enemies,” and people planning things behind our backs. You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that ISIS and other terrorist groups are constantly working behind the scenes. Lunar eclipses bring things to light and out in the open. Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is in Libra, a cardinal and action-oriented sign associated with “open …Read More

Sunday, March 20.

Happy Vernal Equinox. The Sun enters Aries the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is cardinal fire, ushering in the birth of spring. This is traditionally a time of year when energy levels start to spike after a more internal and nurturing period. We’ve set our mind on the future in Aquarius and contemplated, purged and purified in Pisces but Aries is about taking action.   Venus and Neptune are …Read More

Saturday, March 19.

Today’s Leo Moon in aspect to Saturn and Uranus should make for a day of high, sustained energy levels. You can be spontaneous within a set structure so that there is a combination of building a new vision that is firmly rooted in tried and true traditions.   Be slightly aware of being dogmatic. But all in all today is a day of accomplishment.   The moon is void beginning …Read More

Wednesday, March 16.

The Cancer Moon makes extremely harmonious aspects all day. There is a green light to get one’s needs met.   Jupiter and Pluto spur each other on to take risks that succeed. Just remember to work with this confidence in wise ways whilst in this midst of a Pisces eclipse. Jupiter/Pluto is about having great ambition to succeed.   With the Moon in Cancer, which signifies the country and a …Read More

Tuesday, March 15.

Everyone would be wise to chill out during this Pisces eclipse. You’re in the dark and there is not enough information at your disposal to make an educated, logical and reasonable decision about important matters. Again, take action only in emergency situations and let the rest wait till the dust settles. There’s an awful lot of fishy behavior in the air these days and a tendency to inflate situations, feelings …Read More

Sunday, March 13.

An all day void of course Moon means it’s a great day to take it easy and reflect.   The Moon will enter Gemini at 5:03 pm (EDT) so the evening would be a good time to collect information and review it in order to plan for the week ahead. This way you can go to sleep with a calm mind knowing that you’ve got a plan for the week. …Read More

Thursday, March 10.

The Aries Moon is progressive, constructive, dynamic and has the ability to get things done while concretizing its vision as it harmonizes with Saturn, the planet that loves to manifest and accomplish tasks.   Pluto may cause some hostility and force people towards ruthless types of behavior or micro-manage situations, but most of the day should be productive. Tonight will tend to be more up and down and fraught with …Read More