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May 2016

Wednesday, May 25.

Mars is retrograding back into Scorpio beginning this weekend and will reactivate the same lessons that were initiated last summer when Saturn went of those last degrees of Scorpio. Whatever was going on last summer is about to be revisited, re-energized and reactivated. Something wasn’t totally dealt with, and it’s time to bring that issue to completion so you can move forward. It’s a summer of purging and processing.   …Read More

Monday, May 23.

Get an early start since the Moon turns void at 11:37 am (EDT) and remains so the rest of the day.   Mercury has moved forward in Taurus so it’s time to integrate the lessons learned over the past few weeks into daily life. There should be a revised common sense and practicality to the daily routine.   The weekends full moon is going to be felt for quite a …Read More

Saturday, May 21.

Full Moon weekends are always highly emotional times when feelings are more on the surface but this Sagittarius lunation, in effect all weekend, is connecting with the planet Mars, currently retrograde in Sagittarius. This will add an extra element of anger, frustration, drama, explosiveness and lashing out in very spontaneous outbursts that you may not see coming or have time to prepare for.   Tempers are short, so try and …Read More

Thursday, May 19

The Scorpio Moon makes no exact aspects today. Take things as deeply as possible. With Mars being retrograde you can do things in secret or behind closed doors and often this way of doing things brings much faster and quicker results. Just make sure your intentions are honorable. A group consensus is often the surest way of having things move at a snail’s pace, but when you can take the …Read More

Wednesday, May 18

The Libra Moon turns void at 11:23 am (EDT). Get an early start. The last aspect before the void is an opposition to Uranus, so the better part of the day will be colored by unexpected twists and turns. It’s a very contrary type of energy where opposing sides will polarize: you say potato, I say potahto, you say tomato, I say tomahto – until you’ll want to call the …Read More

Monday, May 16.

The Moon is void of course until 1:33 pm (EDT), so if you live in that time zone it’s perfectly fine to get a late start and make up time at the end of the day.   When the Moon enters Libra after 1:33 pm it will make an approaching harmonious aspect to Mars so there’s great opportunity to make progress and work in pro-active harmony with others. Just follow …Read More

Saturday, May 14.

There is a grand trine in earth. If you can access this energy intelligently and practically you can apply your talents towards career goals and achievements or at least set the wheels in motion.   There’s another energy in the air that isn’t so nice and for many is opening up old wounds that just somehow don’t want to heal. It’s as if a situation is almost healed, and then …Read More

Thursday, May 12.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 so we’ve slowly become accustomed to the slow rotting, destruction and decay of our most treasured national institutions and structures in order for them to be rebuilt from the ground up.  We are in the Taurus decanate of Pluto in Capricorn, so we are in the process of unearthing new values.  Systems have failed us.  Pluto is the biggest, most powerful player here …Read More

Sunday, May 8.

Happy Mother’s Day!   Allow Mercury retrograde to help communicate to Mom how much you value all the emotional and material security she supplied to sustain your health and well-being while growing up.   Allow Jupiter stationing in Virgo to share the abundance and fruits of your labor with Mom in gratitude and thanks.   Allow the Sun and Venus in Taurus to show the warm love and affection in …Read More

Saturday, May 7.

There’s currently an Earth Grand Trine in the sky that is around for the entire month. Grand trines are about a harmonious flow of energy through the element of the trine. There’s usually a green light and ease associated with the element. Air is communication and socializing, fire is energy and self-expression, water is about feelings and empathy and earth is about material security, talents, work and reputation. An earth …Read More