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July 2016

Thursday, July 28.

An opposition of the Moon to Mars and square to Mercury isn’t necessarily helpful for anger management issues. Because Mars is still in Scorpio and moving very slowly any challenges regarding the worst Mars has to offer such as attacks, war, guns, violence, rape, murder and so on and so forth are still prevalent.   To boot, Uranus in Aries (a sign ruled by Mars) is slowing down to station …Read More

Saturday, July 23.

Aspects are extremely good for a great summer Saturday of escape, fun and fantasy. Do anything that removes you from the mundane and transports you into the sublime. Imagination, passion and travel are heightened, so utilize the opportunities to experience all of these emotions in creative and recreational activities.   Make today one that is special to remember for a very long time to come.

Friday, July 22.

The Sun enters Leo today while the Moon is in Pisces. That’s a winning combination for escaping on a summer vacation and having some quality play time. Herald the Sun’s ingress into the royal sign of Leo by doing something creative and special during and after work. Infuse your work with heartfelt expression and feel how special you are. The Pisces Moon is one of the most imaginative. If you …Read More

Thursday, July 21.

Today’s aspects are bombastic, loud, exciting, unexpected, angry, fast, confrontational, highly energetic, athletic, and accident prone. Be careful.   There may be fights over philosophical ideas and values. It’s important to move quick today, but not to the degree where you’re agitating yourself and everyone around you. Speed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a better job, so think intellectually about whether the over-action is really productive and, if it is, …Read More

Tuesday, July 19.

A full moon in Capricorn will either reward you for doing your best or call you out on the carpet for not doing your homework. Capricorn is a sign that wants the best and MUST do the hard work involved in order to achieve something great in terms of recognition, status, reputation and one’s standing in society.   Rewards are commensurate with the amount of diligence, hard work and effort …Read More

Friday, July 15.

The Moon is in Sagittarius so the focus will be on foreign issues, and with yet another terrorist attack in the world, there will be more discussion and dissemination about what to do with radical foreign extremists.   In more mundane news the flowing aspects of the Moon to Mercury and Venus will bring people together who have similar beliefs. Conversation will be lively, enthusiastic and upbeat when in social …Read More

Wednesday, July 13.

Mercury is at the last degree of Cancer all day. The positive side of this would be communication in an extremely caring and sensitive way, which will come in handy if dealing with touchy people or situations. Therapists can make great use of this placement. The negative side would be whining and moodiness. Details surrounding a family issue or something from the past can come to a conclusion and be …Read More

Wednesday, July 6.

The Leo Moon is one for being dramatic and showing off a bit. You’ll get aid from Saturn to structure the day well and not use it merely for fun and entertainment. A trine between the love planets, Venus and Mars, ensures that relationships will harmoniously flow both at work and personally. And a Sun/Mercury conjunction makes everyone a natural born communicator. Everyone has ideas to share and express. It’s …Read More

Friday, July 1.

Mars is now direct. If you’ve been suppressing that bitch slap for the past few months, now is the time to release the energy. Crawford’s an Aries, so she should know! And on a more serious note, the US military has allowed transgender people the right to serve alongside other Americans. Mars rules the military and Scorpio is a sexual sign and all about transformation. Coming in the days of …Read More