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August 2016

How a Chart Lives, Even After Death: Joan Crawford

Though we are no longer incarnate in physical form after death, our charts continue to live and breathe. Famous people are wonderful examples of how a chart can still be used to predict events, especially with the way a person’s legacy remains alive in the public consciousness. There is further insight into the unfolding of their personality, growth, and psychology through the events that occur after death as represented by transits and …Read More

Monday, August 29.

Venus, Mercury and the Moon are all playing together with a strong dosage of enthusiasm from Jupiter. They all met up very early this morning in the sign of Virgo and then the Moon quickly entered party sign Leo. This is an extremely social day where talking about diverse subjects and learning things from other people while enjoying their company can be combined towards winning results. A foreign person can …Read More

Sunday, August 21.

There’s a great deal of intensity in the air today. Be sensitive of coming on too strong in personal and social situations. You cannot do whatever you want like a bull in a china shop, as there are compromises and negotiations that must be considered so that all parties feel they have a certain amount of power and influence to help make important decisions. Everyone likes to know what they …Read More

Saturday, August 20.

The Moon is void of course from 8:21 am until 3:18 pm (EDT). Sleep in late and relax. Rebuild energy and then start having fun all over again when the Moon enters super charged Aries and makes and approaching trine to Mars which only fuels the fire and makes you ready to party and have fun all night long.   If you’re a workaholic type this energy will fuel you …Read More

Friday, August 19.

The Moon enters sensitive Pisces and its time to care and nurse any overindulgent behavior from yesterday’s full moon. Take the time to escape, sleep and let the body calm down.   You can regenerate today if you play it wisely and the evening is a wonderful one for engaging with a loved one in conversation and other fun endeavors. Do something caring and devotional for someone you love. Surrender …Read More

Thursday, August 18.

It’s the Aquarius full moon. A perfect day for a parade, so revelers up in Provincetown, MA have plenty of energy for a party and celebrations during Carnival week. Aquarius is the sign of equality for all and bringing diverse groups of people together to show that within diversity there is sisterhood and brotherhood. It is also a politically motivated sign as politics is supposed to seek to build the …Read More

Wednesday, August 17.

We’re building towards a full moon in Aquarius. It’s a great time for a party and being with friends and since we’re in the midst of the dog days of August this should be an accessible goal for many of you.   In general, take relationships to deeper levels today and don’t be shocked if someone takes you to places you never dreamed of going. Give up tight control and …Read More

Saturday, August 13.

This is a slow moving weekend with the station of Saturn. Whatever the weather in your area, Saturn will stall and slow down the process of moving a front, heat wave or storm system out of the area. If you’re experiencing depression, Saturn will make it feel like as if your brain is being held in a vice and slowly crushing it. If you’re fearful of anything then that fear …Read More

Friday, August 12.

Saturn is stationing all weekend while triggering the September 1 Solar eclipse. On top of that Chiron and Jupiter are triggering the Lunar eclipse of September 16. Triggers foreshadow the challenges and issues that must be dealt with on the eclipses, so this upcoming weekend and week will bring to consciousness that which needs to be healed and re-built. It will feel as if the eclipse season will get a …Read More

Wednesday, August 10.

You may have a test of wills today, especially between men and women. The yin and yang are at odds. There is an opportunity to open up deep, transformative conversations if things get out of hand. You’ll be able probe motivations and gain an empathy or at least an understanding of the other person’s point of view. Focus to work out the details and a tremendous amount of progress is …Read More