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September 2016

Friday, September 30

Friday, September 30. Today’s new Moon in Libra hooks up with Jupiter. This is a time for feeling extremely social and expanding good luck in relationships. Doors open much more easily for business and pleasure. There should be more good news in the air today rather than bad. If there is less than stellar information coming down the pike, you’ll have a much more philosophical and optimistic attitude in dealing …Read More

Friday, September 23.

We’ve just had the autumn equinox when the Sun enters the sign of Libra. This is a time of year when there is 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. There is an equal balance of dark and light and thus Libra represents equality in partnership and giving of yourself to another equally, fairly, openly and with consideration that there is always another person. You always have to …Read More

Wednesday, September 21.

The Moon is in Gemini and ruled by Mercury which is slowing down getting ready to turn direct tomorrow. You’ll notice things trying to move forward and clear up as the technical snags and snafus are being cleared up. Because the Moon runs into difficult aspects with Saturn and Neptune today there will be more confusion and prices to pay for mistakes and miscommunications. Slow down and review the challenges …Read More

Tuesday, September 20.

This is one of the more free-flowing energy days of eclipse season. Aspects are extremely harmonious from an exalted Taurus Moon, so get deeply in touch with your values and rooted into the substance of life. Direct time and energy towards loved ones. Work projects get a good jolt of productivity as well.   It’s a good day to get answers and do research work. Communicate on deeper levels and …Read More

Saturday, September 10.

Today is the last of three Saturn square Neptune aspects, the first of which occurred on 11/26/15 and the second on 6/17/16. While the aspect will start to slowly separate we will continue to feel its effects through the end of the year.   Though each individual has been experiencing this energy in varying forms depending on how this transit interacts with natal planetary positions, everyone can gain an objective …Read More

Friday, September 9.

Jupiter enters Libra today where he’ll remain for one year.  The symbolism of the largest planet of the zodiac has everything to do with expansion whereas Saturn has to do with restriction.  They are pretty much polar opposites.  Optimism vs. pessimism, confidence vs. fear, play vs. work, luck vs. misfortune and so on and so forth, you get the idea. Saturn is of course the more important planet, generally speaking, …Read More

Thursday, September 8.

The Moon is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is at the very last degree of Virgo before the King of the Gods enters Libra where he will remain for a year. Since the Moon today is ruled by Jupiter there may be an extreme quality having to do with work, details, organization, health, worrying and making mountains out of molehills. If you’re experience the positive side of this extreme energy then …Read More

Thursday, September 1.

As my teacher and mentor, John Marchesella taught me, eclipses are always, always stressful periods of time even when good things are happening.  The nature of the stress is different since on a solar eclipse the sky is dark, therefore you’re literally “in the dark” about the new energy coming in and the stress is more about the unknown, as opposed to a Lunar Eclipse when the light is so …Read More