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October 2016

Friday, October 28

Neptune conjuncts the south node today.  It’s time to surrender a bad habit.  Some of you may learn an important lesson about the problems of addiction and the pain and suffering of bad escapist tendencies.  Let them go.  Cut your losses.  Make the sacrifice to live a healthier life.  There may be an ill person that is transitioning at this time.  Say goodbye with love and compassion and celebrate the …Read More

You Say You Want a Revolution? – The Sibley Chart and Progressed Mercury in the 2016 Presidential Election

This article was originally published in NCGR E-News back in March 2016.  That was before Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump the Republican candidate, so Bernie Sanders is considered strongly in the discussion.  He still remains a prominent figure because he is one of the instrumental leaders in this cataclysmic political revolution and shift in our country.  I have been asked to reprint this article as we’re …Read More

Sunday, October 23.

Aspects are extremely harmonious on the Sun’s first full day in Scorpio. It’s a wonderful Sunday to spend in social settings with friends and family whom you hold in high esteem. Solidify relationships with those you already love and make those solid bonds even richer.   How deep is your love?

Saturday, October 22.

The Sun is at the final degree of Libra before entering the fixed sign of Scorpio this evening at 7:46 pm (EDT). While at the last degree there is always a heightened feeling to the vitality of the Sun as represented by the sign. In Libra bring an even greater awareness towards the thoughts and opinions of others. Have greater consciousness of those around you today and engage in conversation. …Read More

Wednesday, October 19.

The last time Mars and Pluto were conjunct was on November 10, 2014 at 11.35 of Capricorn.  Do you remember what hit the news right around that date?  Bill Cosby’s sex scandal was being revealed and making national headlines.  His sexually criminal past was uncovered with more and more disturbing allegation coming to light on a daily bases. On this conjunction of Mars and Pluto occurring in the sky right …Read More

Saturday, October 15

You see how Donald Trump is exploding and imploding in rapid fire combustion as one after another shocking revelation descends upon him without even a moment to catch one’s breath?  That’s the type of energy in the air this entire weekend as we build to an Aries Full Moon conjunct Uranus.  Aries is an angry war sign and is ruled by sexual Mars and Uranus is about unexpected, shocking and …Read More

Friday, October 14

The Moon enters Aries today and builds towards a fire engine red, full moon. Are you looking for excitement, action, competition, speed, super fueled energy all combined with an unexpected out of the blue, explosive type of power? Well, then this is your weekend.   A Uranus/Moon conjunction says it’s best to expect the unexpected. Today may seem like the calm before the storm but beginning Saturday and Sunday expect …Read More

Thursday, October 13.

Communication can be combative as Mercury does battle with Mars. This could be an indication of what the upcoming weekend may bring in terms of explosive events and behavior as we approach a very powerful Aries full moon conjunct Uranus. As the weekend progresses expect the unexpected and do not expect plans to go according to schedule.   For today watch your mouth – loose lips sink ships. The Moon …Read More

Friday, October 7.

Now that the frantic energy of eclipse season has calmed down, Mercury is out of its shadow and Pluto has moved direct there is a much clearer perspective on how to deal with more fated and long term issues that arose in the chaos of September. Even though eclipse energy has waned the issues that began or came to light for resolution are now able to be worked on in …Read More

Tuesday, October 4.

An observation about Jupiter in Libra for a year. For those especially with Libra Rising, he will bestow great confidence in one’s appearance by enhancing a more optimistic sense of beauty. Whatever your pros and cons are, physically and emotionally you’ll be able to make the best even better, and help camouflage your flaws with great style.   Jupiter will expand one’s confidence in whatever house he is transiting.   …Read More