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You Say You Want a Revolution? – The Sibley Chart and Progressed Mercury in the 2016 Presidential Election

This article was originally published in NCGR E-News back in March 2016.  That was before Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump the Republican candidate, so Bernie Sanders is considered strongly in the discussion.  He still remains a prominent figure because he is one of the instrumental leaders in this cataclysmic political revolution and shift in our country.  I have been asked to reprint this article as we’re in the final stages of this crazy presidential race when a new president will be elected to lead our country in less than a month.  This addendum was made on October 9, 2016 in the midst of the Donald Trump disaster when an audio tape was leaked, revealing his vile, disgusting, lewd and possibly illegal statements about seducing, sexually assaulting and violating women.   Why will this finally be his downfall when he has said and done so many incredibly horrendous things that would have terminated any other candidate’s presidential bid months ago?  It’s because of the glee with which he bragged about sexually assaulting women by forcibly kissing them and grabbing their genitals.  This three minute video/audio tape turned a boorish buffoon into an outright predator.  The south node conjunct a planet often brings out the worst in the nature of that planet; a behavior pattern, obsession or addictive feeling.  In Trump’s radix chart the Moon and south node are conjunct in the 4th house.  In his case it’s all about his lunar inner self and attitude towards women that will knock this clown off his fragile pedestal.  The Lord of Karma, transiting Saturn (in tandem with eclipses), reveals and brings to light the true nature of someone born on a lunar eclipse with the Sun at 22 degrees Gemini in the 10th conjunct the North Node and the Moon at 22 Sagittarius conjunct the South Node in the 4th.

When I initially wrote this article you’ll see that I mention women will play an important role in this election, and we’ve come to realize that that has meant far more than Hillary Clinton.   Who knew that the revolution I touched upon in this brief article would take on such monumental proportions?   True to the nature of Aquarius (the age through which we are living and a sign so prevalent in the USA natal chart, as well as what is happening by progression, as you’ll read ahead), it has taken everyone unexpectedly off guard, from out of the blue and rocked the core of our social values in a shocking, unpredictable, erratic and shocking way.  We are truly living through revolutionary and rebellious times.   I also did not mention the “Black Lives Matter” movement when writing this, as I was choosing to focus on the candidates and who might win.  Since March, we can see how much more influential that group movement, and many others, have been in the political landscape and current revolution of society’s values.  A note worth repeating is that in the original writing of this article, I only used the Sibley USA chart for my interpretation but I have to make mention here that in Bill Clinton’s chart his progressed Venus is stationing retrograde by progression and that is extremely profound.  He has Libra rising and Venus rules the ascendant as well as his first house stellium and his Taurus Moon.  Venus also rules “the relationship” so it couldn’t be more obvious that he and his wife are going back to a home from their past.  This also indicates that his marital role is changing and he’s going back to something from the past but in a slightly more behind the scenes type of partnership role.

Of course, a last minute “October Surprise” of the further FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail debacle may turn things totally upside down!


There’s a revolution occurring in the United States as part of the 2016 Presidential Election, which can be best depicted through the lens of a major progression taking place in the Sibley USA Chart.  Progressed Mercury is currently stationing direct at 20.05 Aquarius.  Simultaneously, there are other major transits and progressions activating this chart, but in this brief article, I would only like to focus on this single, yet very profound and important progression.  I would suggest a more detailed and exhaustive research article can, and should be written about this election, from the astrological perspective of examining the Sibley Chart.

The Sibley USA Chart is cast for July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA using Whole Sign Houses.  The whole sign house system works particularly well in this chart, especially through house rulership, and it is a cleaner and clearer approach.  The angles are mutable with Mercury ruling the 10th house (the President of the nation) and the 7th house (the conditions or status of women in the nation).  Those houses have other mundane meanings, but for the points being made in this article, I’d like to concentrate solely on those two.

Progressed Mercury standing still, stationing direct in Aquarius, indicates the country is ready to move in a new direction, totally opposite to where it’s been.  Will that new direction be one of chaos or enlightenment?  Will we land right-side up, like Apollo 11, or upside-down like the S.S. Poseidon?  We have 3 candidates which can be considered revolutionary who would like to take us in that “new” direction:  Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is creating a revolution by catching the entire Republican Party off-guard.  In that prototypical Aquarian way, there’s a sudden, loud burst, from out of the blue.  No one saw him coming, and he’ll most likely win the Republican nomination, unless there’s an Aquarian rebellion or counter revolution of some kind at the convention.  He’s fueling the disenfranchised working class who feel ignored, left out and betrayed by the traditional leaders of the party.  Similar to Robespierre in the French Revolution, he is provoking an uprising amongst the common people through inciting a take-over of the established government by breaking down traditional rules.  A good case can be made for correlating Mr. Trump to Robespierre, who was the major figure in overthrowing the Monarchy (i.e. the Republican Establishment), in favor of a country run by the “common man”.   But, this so-called “common man,” is not so common.  We have had plenty of time to witness Mr. Trump alternate between behaving like an overbearingly egotistical, fame hungry, domineering Father and a petulant, bratty, spoiled-rotten boy!  Robespierre’s tactics were bullying, incited riots and involved violence, and so are Donald Trump’s!  The collapse of the monarchy immediately brought in the French “Reign of Terror” accompanied by a bloodbath and many beheadings.   Much of the public would feel the election of Donald Trump would usher in an American “Reign of Terror.”

One of Bernie Sander’s major campaign slogans is, “A Political Revolution is Coming!”  The phrase, “Are You Ready for a Political Revolution” is used by the Sanders campaign, and his supporters, on a daily basis.  He is anti-establishment and espouses Socialist views, which is very uncommon for someone running for President.  In and of itself, that is extremely revolutionary.  He is attracting very young voters, many of whom, most likely, look up to him as a revolutionary Father figure, who can topple the old guard.  Yet, others see Mr. Sander’s revolution as a bit chaotic and lacking in a good plan.    The same could be said of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has the least revolutionary ideas of the bunch, but she’s the most revolutionary from the perspective that if she wins, she becomes the first woman President of the United States.  If that’s not revolutionary, then I don’t know what is!  Another precedent being set would be having a former First Lady elected president.  Her husband, a past President, would presently become the “First Gentleman.”  This would be a complete reversal of traditional leadership roles, and that is extremely revolutionary.  At this point in time, a slow moving Mercury, as ruler of the 10th (President) and 7th (the wife/partner/role of women) is stretching out the manifestation of this complex, gender role-reversal story.

So we have three Aquarian types seeking power, but only one can be chosen.   Are we going to get a crazy Frankenstein’s monster, with progressive views, in the form of Donald Trump, a brilliant and crazy old man with progressive views, in the form of Bernie Sanders or a former First Lady, who many see as crazy, as the first woman President?

I hate making election predictions, but here is why I think Hillary will win, based on this important progression.  Bill Clinton took office in January 1993.  By September of that year, progressed Mercury turned retrograde at 4.51 Pisces.  In September of 2015, progressed Mercury started its direct station at 20.05 Aquarius, and look who is now running for President:  Another Clinton!  One enters office on the retrograde, and I predict another Clinton will be elected on the direct motion.  We have the duality of the planet Mercury, the duality of the bookended stations, and the duality of a husband/wife, President/First Gentleman-First Lady.

The Presidency is trans-gendering!   Transgender issues have been awakened in more mainstream ways in the past several years.  Society has become more conscious and enlightened as we strive to integrate this outcast part of society into the fabric of the group.  This Aquarian theme has been resonating for several years and is being mirrored in this current scenario.  One can also make the case that since Mercury has been retrograde for over 20 years we have been in the dark in terms of education, enlightenment and too many secrets have kept the public and the democracy in the dark.  We can no longer afford to have our leaders keep the “common people” hidden from view.  Democracy needs to come into the 21st Century!

Let’s see what happens on this roller coaster ride of an election year!

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer and serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter.  He can be reach via his website at www.josephaddeo.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/josephaddeoastrologer.