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December 2016

Sunday, December 25.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah! The Moon is void of course all day which is perfectly fine for a holiday celebration. Just go with the flow and make the ties that bind even stronger today.

Saturday, December 24.

It’s Christmas Eve.  The transformative Scorpio Moon makes only harmonious aspects today.  Even if there are stressful or challenging situations around the holidaysthese easy aspects bring ease in processing the challenges.   In general, this is a day to be passionate and make deeper connections with family, friends and loved ones.  Use poetic and imaginative words in conversation and through telling stories.  Take the holiday to a deeper level where …Read More

Wednesday, December 21.

With Mars having entered Pisces and Mercury in its retrograde why not donate time and effort towards charitable causes from the past that touch your heart and where you can make a difference for others at the end of this year and during the holiday season.  Fight for a cause you believe in.   The Sun enters Capricorn at 5:45 am (EST) and the days will start to slowly get longer.  …Read More

Monday, December 19.

Mercury stations retrograde today at 15 degrees of Capricorn near Pluto but not quite catching up to him.  Any kind of evolutionary quality about information coming to light regarding secrets of those in power really won’t be totally revealed until Mercury passes through its entire retrograde, moves direct and catches up with Pluto around January 29.  On a personal, social and universal level any kind of purging and transformative energy regarding …Read More

Thursday, December 15.

There’s a cardinal grand cross in the sky today and you can either use that energy towards solving problems at rapid speed as they come up, or you can use it for causing more stress and creating even greater problems by compounding them through inappropriate and reckless action.  There is a choice.   Whatever is going on be assured it is an action-oriented day and the Jupiter/Uranus part of the …Read More

Tuesday, December 13.

It’s a Gemini full moon and that means things could get emotionally scattered if you’re not in control of feelings.  Jupiter helps put you in the mood for expanding on many ideas, to the point of biting off way more than you can chew so it’s important to stay organized, which an opposition from Saturn should help to do.  Uranus ensures that many of the ideas are progressive, inventive and …Read More

Monday, December 12

A buoyant, curious and versatile Gemini Moon starts off the work week.  It’s a good day to work with others and brainstorm by exchanging imaginative ideas.  Share all the thoughts in your mind towards a work project in an effort to get the best ones into the limelight and throw out the ones that don’t stand up to discussion and analysis.  The more there is an exchange of information the better …Read More

Friday, December 9.

It’s a very, very active, action-oriented Aries Moon that makes many aspects today.  This is one of those Friday’s where you can, if you desire, tie up many loose ends by the end of the day, especially so since the last aspect the Moon makes before going void at 8:06 pm (EST) is a opportunistic sextile to Mars!   Work hard, think outside the box, reinvent your paradigm, broaden the …Read More

Thursday, December 8.

The Aries moon is a proactive one.  If you processed much information yesterday and used your imagination in a positive way then today is the right time to implement those thoughts and plans into action. Though the Moon is in challenging aspect to Mercury, you can get answers, but you may have to make several calls or have more than one conversation to iron out the details.  There can be …Read More

Wednesday, December 7.

The Moon is void of course the entire day in the sign of Pisces.  It’s a day to ruminate and allow the mind to wander and perhaps daydream a little.  Your mood may be more elusive and carefree but to use this day productively it is best to let the imagination run wild.  Don’t necessarily act upon it, but allow it to stretch your perspective so that on the Aries …Read More