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January 2017

Monday, January 30

The Pisces Moon meets up with Neptune, Pluto and Mercury today. It may be difficult getting out of bed in the morning because of the early morning conjunction of the Moon to Neptune at 6:18 am (EST).  Dreams may have been particularly vivid last night and there’s a desire to stay in that unconscious state.  Pay attention to what the brain was transmitting to you while asleep.  The remainder of the …Read More

Saturday, January 28

This weekends Aquarius New Moon ushers in the winter eclipse season of 2017.  The two weeks between this new moon and the lunar eclipse on February 11 will feel a steady rise in emotions and intensity around circumstances.  Lunar Eclipses are about culminations and things coming to a resolution, often from what was begun about six months ago.  The two weeks between the 2/11 lunar eclipse and the 2/26 solar …Read More

Thursday, January 26.

It’s a hard working and deeply intense day as the Capricorn Moon meets up with Pluto.  A square to Jupiter and Uranus demands not being too rigid in your approach to anything today.  Stay open to new ideas otherwise you will be thrown off your center.  If you’re too harsh on others today feelings can be hurt.  It’s a day to be more concerned about the bigger picture and less …Read More

Tuesday, January 24

Make the morning count as the Moon turns void at 12:33 pm until 5:43 pm (EST).  It’s a blustery and busy morning and people may have a short fuse as they try to meet deadlines.  Be prepared to do battle or at least be in high energy mode to handle the onslaught of work and demands from superiors, colleagues and clients.  Use the void to judge, analyze and improve something …Read More

Monday, January 23.

The Sagittarius Moon lends a feeling of growth and potential business prosperity.  Luna combines with Uranus for a unique potential towards promoting progressive ideas.  Go out on a limb.  Without taking risk one cannot break boundaries and achieve innovation. Another very creative aspect today is a sextile of Mercury to Neptune.  This is highly imaginative thinking that presents opportunities to create poetry with words.  Writers, musician, photographers and artists can …Read More

Saturday, January 21.

The Scorpio Moon makes only harmonious aspects today, so whatever is on your agenda there should be smooth sailing to accomplish the goal.  Even if resistance is met, you’ll be able to carry out plans as scheduled and organized.   The biggest aspect of the day is a trine to Mars promoting action, aggression, anger, competition and assertion all day.  There is abundant energy to further one’s agenda.  The water element …Read More

Thursday, January 19.

The Sun enters Aquarius at 4:25 pm (EST).  Aquarius rules the coldest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and therefore the negative side of this sign has to do with freezing others out and staying cold, aloof and detached.  Aquarian energy has the potential to be mentally rigid – if your thoughts don’t align with my thoughts and you’re not part of my group or way of thinking …Read More

Monday, January 9.

Mercury is moving forward in the sign of Sagittarius.  This is not the greatest placement for the planet of facts and communication.  Sagittarius, at its worst, is the used car salesman who will tell you anything in order to make the sale.  Sagittarius has a talent for making you believe whatever it wants you to believe regardless of whether or not it is true.  There is a stretching and over …Read More

Sunday, January 8.

While Venus is traveling with the south node today it would be wise to make a sacrifice of a habit or indulgence that no longer serves a good purpose and is doing you more harm than good.  This will be especially true for those with strong placements in the signs of Taurus or Libra.  Develop better habit patterns that promote good health.  A more generous nature towards others will bring …Read More

Friday, January 6.

The Moon is void from 1:41 pm till 3:18 pm (EST).  While the Moon trines Mercury building up to the void get a tremendous amount of work done and make those difficult communications that have been snagged under a Mercury retrograde clear up somewhat…….maybe not totally but there is an improvement this morning.   After the void a harmonious aspect to Venus suggests a lovely late afternoon and evening socializing …Read More