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Venus Retrograde: 2017

Venus begins her 2017 retrograde on March 3. Her shadow begins January 30 at 27° Pisces; she turns retrograde on March 3 at 13° Aries, turns direct on April 14 at 27° Pisces and leaves her second shadow on May 18. Even though the exact retrograde is March 3 to April 15, it’s wise to advise clients of the shadow periods and talk about the entire retrograde as lasting about 3 ½ months. It will be a time for everyone to take an accounting as to what Venus represents for them via important relationships as well as issues surrounding money, self-worth, self-esteem and anything of value or that brings pleasure. Those issues will come up for reevaluation, reassessment, recalibration, reengagement, rerating, repossessing and reconsideration. It’s important when reading for a client to take into account the sign and house position of natal Venus, aspects she makes to other planets in the radix, the houses that contain the signs Taurus and Libra and, finally, current transits and progressions along with the eclipse degrees. All in all that should give you an interesting story to review with your client. Those with planets in hard aspect from 28° mutable through 13° cardinal will be most affected.

On a mundane level this Venus retrograde has much to do with the war Goddess Pallas Athena for two reasons. First, all retrogrades of Venus bring out her inner wisdom for fighting and getting what she wants. This one is even more warrior like because most of the retrograde is in the masculine war sign of Aries. Warrior goddess energies such as courage, aggression, assertion, honesty and competitive spirit will be fierce and on full display as this retrograde will want to fight for equality and fairness – a concept very, very important to the love goddess.  Retrogrades always bring up the past, and on a mundane level we see issues of women’s rights, such as taking responsibility for their own bodies, being challenged and long-held laws in the process of being overturned.  Libra is a justice sign, and all voices want to be heard. Many women are fighting back as they fear that cherished and valued wins from the past, such as Rowe vs. Wade, Planned Parenthood and equal pay may be compromised or overturned. It’s not just liberal women or conservative women but ALL women will want to be heard. We will see the mighty power of the feminine rearing its Martian head. Transgender issues will be important with this since the retrograde makes us get in touch with our opposite.

The news always provides much insight correlated to the current astrological energies and configurations. We always see the issues as more hot and on fire. So here’s what’s been going on.

On January 21 the Women’s March descended upon Washington, D.C. and cities all around the country and the world for that matter. Venus hadn’t yet reached her shadow which was still nine days off, but just the slowing down of her energies here is enough to make this event hugely symbolic of what this entire retrograde cycle symbolizes.

Here are noteworthy news items building up to the retrograde.

Brangelina divorce is heating up and there seems to be some change in point of view as to who is responsible for what in the demise of this relationship.  Was Brad violent or was Angelina vindictive?

Red was a major color on the Oscar’s red carpet (Ruth Negga in Valentino), but of even greater importance was the symbolic gesture from Brie Larson who refused to applaud Casey Affleck after handing him the Best Actor statuette. The consensus of opinion being it was in protest to sexual misconduct allegations filed against him from actresses who worked on his 2010 project “I’m Still Here.”

Billionaires Elaine Wynn and Sheryl Sandberg pledged $1 million each to Planned Parenthood, which faces defunding threats from the current administration.

A major sexual assault case against Dr. Larry Nassar, a Michigan sports doctor who is accused of raping and molesting female gymnasts in his care while he was house doctor for the U.S. Women’s gymnastics team.

Major publicity and coverage of the TV show “FEUD” starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, which will premiere March 5, just a day after the retrograde.  They are portraying Joan Crawford & Bette Davis, who seemed to have been caught in a mythological FEUD from the past that still captures much of the public’s imagination. It’s no accident that both Crawford and Davis are Aries with Scorpio rising. This is the perfect timing to release a story about a battle between legendary and pioneering women from the past, and present them in a new light. It’s a reassessment of the talents of these two women and how their behavior in many ways was shaped by the misogyny, ageism and sexism in Hollywood; a condition that many actresses bemoan has not changed much in modern times. This is a prime example of recalibration and rebalancing the past that Venus would want to do. Part of the retrograde is in Pisces, so the image of these women as film goddesses will be re-examined to rediscover what the Aries truth is through the illusion and glamor of the sign Pisces. The Pisces energy asks for more compassion and holds a mirror up to the collective for behavior that is inherent in all of us.

A new Broadway musical called “WAR PAINT” starring Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole as Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden respectively is being highly publicized in NYC and will open on March 7. This example is just too good for words. Everything about it screams Venus retrograde in Aries/Pisces; even the publicity tagline which is, “Two trailblazers who saw the beauty in power and the power in beauty!”

The Pisces/Aries combination demands an ending of something and the beginning of something new. The collective group consciousness comes together to fight for causes they fiercely believe in. Many have a strong urge to fight for the underdog.  These world events affect everyone to one degree or another in our own personal world in our own personal way.

The Aries/Pisces combination is a new take on an old story that’s imbedded in our DNA. Pisces is the repository of all the 11 signs that come before it. It holds all the lies and truth and information of everything. The poetic nature of the sign is to see the truth through the illusion. Within the lie or illusion is the seed of an inner truth waiting to be reborn in Aries.

A Venus retrograde is about honoring the power and equality of not only the feminine but the “other” as represented by your opposite, whether they be an LBGTQ person or someone from a different country, religion or ethnicity. It’s about going to war for the equality that we all deserve because we come from the same eternal womb or matrix of the collective Mother (Pisces).

Finally, on a lighter note, if you’re single and a romance from your past comes back for a brief fling then go for it! There’s a loose end that needs to be tied up. But remember it’s not a good time to begin a brand new relationship. Folks in committed relationships need to work out their problems on a retrograde of Venus to see how much value is truly in the relationship in order for it to grow and thrive in new directions as she turns direct. If a break is meant to happen, it should occur after the retrograde, when you’ve done the emotional processing and review work.

Addendum:  Just before sending this article to print a story just exploded on the news about sexism in the armed forces.  The U.S. Marine Corps is looking into the suspected distribution of nude photographs of female members of the service among military personnel and veterans via a social media network that promotes sexual violence.  The Marine Corps. Times describes a private Facebook page as having about 30,000 members. The network solicited nude photos of female service members, some of whom had their name, rank and duty station listed. 

A more symbolic representation of Venus retrograde in Aries would be hard to come by. 

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer and serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter. He can be reached via his website at www.josephaddeo.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/josephaddeoastrologer