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Monday, May 15

The nodes of the Moon can trigger and foreshadow events for the August 21 Solar Eclipse so pay attention to things that pop up today that are events needing to play out over a period of time.  It might not seem important now but most likely carries more weight then you think.

Luna aspects Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto while Mercury is at the last degree of Aries.  Jupiter and Neptune like to inflate, over sensitize and exaggerate reality but the Capricorn Moon is firmly grounded into achievement, so this could be a good combination for checks and balances.  It’s also good for working hard on creative endeavors and making sure your head isn’t stuck high up in the clouds.  The Moon will bring you down to reality when you get too impractical.  Pluto adds intensity and power to endeavors but the opposition can bring in another person who puts pressure on you or micro manages. 
Mercury in Aries is loud and speedy so it’s the kind of Monday where everyone starts the day in hyper active mode.  Watch where you’re going and don’t let this speedy placement cause accidents or careless mistakes.  Try not to overreact to others by yelling and screaming and making bossy demands.  If you’re a yeller by nature try to add some biting wit to your demands instead of coming on like a soldier on the battlefield. 
This placement of Mercury can also be beneficial for a new vision and idea and when he enters Taurus tomorrow there’s a consolidation of those ideas.