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Sunday, May 14

Happy Mother’s Day!  This holiday falls during the Taurus time of year and that couldn’t be more appropriate for celebrating a basic function of Motherhood.  To bring stability through nurturing and providing material security and comfort to the family circle.  The Moon represents feelings and when in Taurus those feelings and moods are grounded, steady and one knows what to expect from Mom.  She’s not going to be all over the place.  She may be stubborn but she’s committed to her responsibilities.  We honor Mom for the incalculable value she adds to hour life.  

Today’s Moon is in Capricorn will be happily approaching the Taurus Sun for the next couple of days to make a flowing aspect to so there’s harmony in celebrating the eldest female members of one’s family.  Capricorn demands honoring those for their achievements. 
The Moon’s square to Venus says if Mom isn’t feeling properly appreciated and valued she will make it known to you. 
Let Mom know you care by showing up and giving of yourself through being with her in the present moment.  A text, phone call or e-mail just won’t cut it this year if you’re in close proximity.  If you’re away then let your Mom hear your voice live since its the next best thing to having you there in person.