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Tuesday, May 9

The Moon is in Scorpio building towards a full moon on Wednesday.  This lunation is one of the most emotional of the year because when the Moon comes to culmination in this sign often things that have been hidden, in the dark, covered up and left unattended in the unconscious or subconscious have a nasty way of rearing their ugly head if not acknowledged, honored and processed in a mature and caring way.  Secrets may not longer remain hidden.

Watch for more volatility, anger and emotional outbursts.  Since the Sun make an extremely harmonious trine to Pluto while Luna sexitles the lord of darkness there is plenty of opportunity to get through difficult situations in tact and grow in maturity and have a more understanding heart.  It’s all about emotional and material security and learning to trust others. 
Transform scary energy into something more powerful, loving and caring.  And if it’s time to kill off something or someone then now is the time to do it.  Release the situation with as much forgiveness as possible and let it go with a minimum of resentment and bitterness.