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Wednesday, May 10

Secret, lies, investigation, dirty dealings, detective work and all sorts of nefarious deeds come to light on a Scorpio full moon and the firing of FBI director James Comey is a perfect example of how this lunation uncovers dark matters and brings them to light.

Scorpio is about purging and elimination.  So this is the big news today.  In personal matters you may have your own purging as guarded secrets  may be uncovered. 
Scorpio is about honoring the dead as well, so you may be paying tribute to dead loved ones or feeling very close to people from your past with whom you’ve had a passionate connection like an old-time movie star, lover, friend or someone who has profoundly changed your life in some way.  Sex, death and taxes are the domain of Scorpio.  So is trust, collaboration and negotiation.  Whether or not you’ll be ruined or rewarded is hard to tell but you’ll get an inkling according to how well you’ve played the game and how fair an honorable you’ve been.   
Juno stations retrograde so watch for raging feminine energy and women the scornful anger of women.  It’s also the last of three conjunctions between Mercury and Uranus so news is coming forth in shocking ways and there will be much intellectual sparing and discussion.   Where do we go from here? 
It’s a great night to revel in passionate social scenes with friends or lovers.