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Wednesday, May 17

The Nodes of Fate have recently triggered the upcoming Solar Eclipse to occur on August 21 and all I will say is pay attention to what has been going on in the news lately in the political arena because it is setting the stage for something major in August and the fall.

The Aquarius Moon makes very harmonious aspects with Venus and Jupiter today; the lesser and greater benefic.  This is a day when there’s a green light of moving ahead in relationships and getting along with other people.  Even if matters are tense there is an ease in smoothing over problems and meeting challenges with more optimism and cooperation from others. 
Mercury has entered Taurus so slow down your thinking to make sure that every word you speak carries the weight and value with which you want to communicate.  Parse your words with great care and don’t over embellish. 
Wednesday night is optimum for midweek partying and taking action to connect and have fun.  Everyone’s a bit frisky tonight.  Engage in conversation before getting down to more intense passion.