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June 2017

Friday, June 30

The last day of the work week is seeking balance and harmony, and though you may fight to achieve that balance, it more than likely will be difficult.  The two luminaries, Sun/Moon, are at cross purposes today so the need for diplomacy required by this Moon butts heads with the Cancer Sun’s more personal and selfish goals.  Cancer also is more aware of feelings than Libra which has a tendency …Read More

Thursday, June 29

The Virgo Moon is busy today and so are you!  Get an early start and you’ll get an amazing amount of work done.  Aim towards completing of the work day by 4:34 pm (EDT) at which time the moon goes void for the rest of the night. The culprit that determines whether or not you have a successful day or an extremely frustrating one is Saturn.  The planet of hard …Read More

Wednesday, June 28

An industrious Virgo Moon receives a great deal of energy for plowing through great amounts of work to have a successful hump day!  Expressing creative powers are especially strong in the morning.  For the entire day Mercury is blending with Mars and that combination is about putting words and deeds into action.  Analyze, question, probe, and seek to get the information and answers needed to do your job well.  This …Read More

Tuesday, June 27

Tuesday, June 27.  There’s a tendency to go overboard and spread yourself too thin.  The Leo Moon expresses feelings dramatically and the Mercury/Jupiter square bites off more than it can chew and if you feel overwhelmed by too much information, too many tasks and not enough time to complete everything then you will turn into a drama queen!  People who orate such as actors, preachers, lecturers and the like can …Read More

Monday, June 26

The Leo Moon starts off the work week at a high energy level.  A harmonious aspect to Jupiter provides confidence and enthusiasm in all endeavors.  It won’t be a typical blah Monday.  Expectations are high, so go after what you want.  Work with others in creative and collaborative ways.  Partnerships can bear fruit.  The energy is fairly positive today, so even if you come against obstacles push through them, or …Read More

Sunday, June 25

The early part of the day may be spent attending to nursing a hangover from last night and some may want to continue in the haze throughout out the morning while others may feel that church or a meditation is more in order.  Choose your healing method and stick to it.  The Moon is void from 2:44 pm till 6:06 pm (EDT).  Afterwards she inters the exuberant and high spirited …Read More

Saturday, June 24.

The Moon continues traveling through the sign of it rules, Cancer.  Aspects are plentiful today.  With a square to Mars through 3:00 pm (EDT) it’s wise to plan physical activity such as sporting events early in the day.  Have something rugged to do and watch your temper and moodiness.  An aspect to Jupiter that culminates around the same time can cause clumsiness or being accident prone.  Be wary of expressing …Read More

Friday, June 23.

Today is the Cancer new moon and what a perfect time to plan a great weekend bonding with family and friends.  Initiate projects both at home and work that have the potential to bring more emotional security into your life.  Put effort into insuring that family bonds are strong and can stand the test of time.  We often are so concerned with money and physical things that we neglect our …Read More

Thursday, June 22.

There’s a battle between fact and fiction, the truth and alternative facts.  The Gemini Moon seeks information and asks for just the facts while Neptune in Pisces is all about stretching the mind through more imaginative and artistic visions that cloud the truth or explains it in more mystical ways.  Luna trines Jupiter and squares Neptune all day.  The aspect to Jupiter is about seeking the truth and disseminating that …Read More

Wednesday, June 21.

Wednesday, June 21.  Today is the summer solstice when the Sun enters the cardinal, action-oriented sign of Cancer.  It is the longest day of the year and this sign initiates the warm summer days ahead for us in the northern hemisphere.  There is a tendency during these longer, more languid days to spend less time at work (Capricorn’s domain) and enjoy the fruits of those long winter months of Capricornian …Read More