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Monday, July 17

The Moon is exalted and stabilized in the sign of Taurus and that’s a good thing as this will help stabilize feelings on a very deep level.  You’ll need that because the rest of the aspects today are rather rough.  Venus in harsh aspect to Neptune can bring deceptive people into your environment and a combative Mars/Uranus combination can have you lose your temper and make snap judgment decisions that haven’t been thought through clearly. 

The Moon will help you to remain centered and grounded. Try not to make emotional decisions that haven’t been thought through and for heaven’s sake if someone is promising something that is too good to be true then chances are it is too good to be true! Don’t be duped. Do further research.
This is a day when accidents and mishaps can occur unexpectedly and if something forces your hand and needs immediate attention then by all means take action – but only as a reaction to something out of your control. Don’t respond immediately if you don’t have to.
There’s a lot of crankiness in the air today and for many you’ll just need to have lots of sweets and chocolate nearby to soothe the savage beast.