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July 2017

Saturday, July 8.

We are building towards a Capricorn full moon culminating on Sunday at 12:07 am.  This entire weekend is about  either maintaining structure or having structures destroyed, ripped and torn down in order to evolve them into something greater.  Because Pluto and Jupiter are involved in this lunation there is destruction, intensity, transformation, excess and a tendency to push towards extremes.  You may feel a strong desire to keep up walls …Read More

Friday, July 7

There’s a short void from 10:12 am till 1:45 pm, so plan accordingly.  It’s a good work day for discussion and communicating ideas to one another.  Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take a risk.  We are building towards a full moon in Capricorn on Sunday so try to make this last day of the work week one of achievement in some way, shape or form. There’s …Read More

Wednesday, July 5

This is a notoriously busy traffic today and a rough Sun/Jupiter aspects suggests a higher intensity of traffic and Mercury entering Leo will make for careless driving.  Seriously, please be extra cautious and give yourself plenty of time.  Expect delays and large crowds behaving badly.  If you’re back to work today, these aspects are rather lazy so don’t expect much to get done.  Reminisce with colleagues at the water cooler …Read More

Tuesday, July 4

Wishing a Happy 4th of July to those in the United States!  Venus is at the last degree of Cancer before entering Gemini at 8:51 pm (EDT).  Venus at this degree is all about love of family.  When she enters Gemini it would be about love for friends.  It’s an easy holiday to plan:  Daytime with Family, Nighttime with Friends!  Right around the Venus ingress into Gemini, the Mercury square …Read More

Monday, July 3

If you’re lucky enough to have a long 4th of July weekend then today is a perfect one for being at the beach or doing some sort of escapist activity with family and friends.  For those who have to work the energy is rather lazy and there won’t be high expectations so take a long lunch hour and perhaps drink a cocktail or two.  The energy is very good for …Read More

Sunday, July 2

Mars/Pluto rules the day.  Positive manifestations of this energy would be power to achieve goals, sexual potency, psychological power married to physical might and relentless energy to perform super human tasks and goals.  Negative manifestations are violence, psychological and physical abuse, manipulation, emotional and physical outbursts, abuse of any or all the 7 deadly sins.  Mars is in Cancer so that placement tends to be about unconscious feelings and anger …Read More

Saturday, July 1

Chiron Stations retrograde today near the last degrees of Pisces.  There is a healing going on in the world on a deeply collective level that has to do with surrender and sacrifice.  Before Chiron enters Aries on April 17, 2018 when there will be a new beginning and new battles to fight we have almost a year to clean up our collective mess.  It’s time to wrap things up within …Read More