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Saturday, July 8.

We are building towards a Capricorn full moon culminating on Sunday at 12:07 am.  This entire weekend is about  either maintaining structure or having structures destroyed, ripped and torn down in order to evolve them into something greater.  Because Pluto and Jupiter are involved in this lunation there is destruction, intensity, transformation, excess and a tendency to push towards extremes.  You may feel a strong desire to keep up walls or tear them down.  You may have to defend and protect or you may be the one ripping things apart.

The status quo can no longer remain in power if they have ossified to the point of maintaining traditions based upon fear. It will be difficult to remain balanced and fair because the tendency this weekend will be to fight for what one wants and that often doesn’t take into account other people.
We are only a month away from the very powerful eclipses that will rock the USA and this weekends full moon may give us some insight into what the nation as a whole will have to come to terms with. Our karma is up for review. How will we maintain the structures and traditions of the past that still work for our benefit while incorporating the progressive and innovative that will steer us towards a more prosperous future?
Practically speaking tonight can be a very fun, exuberant, boisterous and indulgent night of revelry and partying. Excess is the name of the game so be careful. It’s a roller coaster ride and make sure the seatbelt is fastened so you can roll with the punches.