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Sunday, July 16

It’s an active day and all the aspects are tense which means it could be a day of great frustration or one of tremendous problem solving. The early morning Aries Moon trine’s Saturn which is excellent for religious or devotional services.

Afterwards there’s a great deal of frustration between the Aries Moon and the Sun, Mars and Uranus. Assertion of one’s will and ego may not be served up in the most harmonious way. Those who have a tendency to lord it over others may come on too strong and will be accused of bullying or wanting everything done their way. This is a good energy for athletic endeavors or outside work in the garden or building an extension on the house or just home repair in general. It’s not great energy for a cozy family get together unless there is the expectation of outside, loud, boisterous behavior with activities that can accommodate that.

The Uranus part of the equation suggests being spontaneous and not sticking too closely to a schedule or a plan. This would be good late afternoon and evening energy to spend time with friends in community activities.