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Tuesday, July 25

We just had the Leo new moon this past Sunday/Monday.  New Moons are always about new beginnings and in Leo it has to do with love, romance, creative self-expression, drama, hobbies, gambling, children, fun and amusements.  It’s very important to get in touch with your inner child and re-create your vitality and talent in some way that you demonstrably express outwards.  It’s important to understand how you love and value yourself!

Because this new moon is at 0 degrees it may contain more drama and extremism and because the Solar Eclipse is at the last degree of Leo on August 21 that means there’s a new beginning and ending all at once this August that has major ramifications. There’s an important opportunity to start things fresh and move in a new direction. It’s unusual to have a two new moons in the same sign and even more unusual when one of them is a total solar eclipse. Pay very careful attention to what is happening this month because everything has a much more fated feel and there are profound ramifications.
It’s a great month to attend more live performances and to be around children. Everything this month will inherently contain more drama and be blown out of proportion so take a step or two back and try to have a healthy detachment when events and situations seem to be playing out like a Shakespearean tragedy. Remember, during an eclipse month everything is inflated: nothing is as bad as it seems and nothing is as good as it seems.
Begin by taking lots of deep breaths, and often for the next 6 weeks.