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Wednesday, July 26.

An industrious Virgo Moon along with a Sun/Mars conjunction combine for an extremely busy day when much can be accomplished.  There’s plenty of energy, courage, ambition and aggression in the air to multi-task and achieve herculean labors. 

Because there’s a harsh aspect between the Virgo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius it is of utmost importance when doing several things at once to proof read, edit and review important documents. If you don’t perform due diligence there could be mistakes that slip by and cause problems. If you’re too busy to double check, then have an assistant or colleague close at hand to be another set of eyes.
Athletic activities and outdoor summer fun that requires high octane energy are in order especially if you’re on vacation. Relationship misunderstandings may cause some friction so if anyone feels slighted in any way lend them an ear and listen to what they have to say. If you spread yourself to thin with loved ones and friends they may feel hurt and left out.
Actively seek fun and romance tonight! Yang, male, aggressive energy – appropriately expressed – can be a real turn on!