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August 2017

Wednesday, August 30

The Saturn station has been dampening the mood a bit.  It’s a slow moving energy which is why Hurricane Harvey stalled and came to a standstill.  Each of us is having something slow down and come to a standstill whether it be a certain type of mood, an event being drawn out much longer than thought, or a task just taking forever to complete.  Or there could have been a …Read More

Sunday, August 27

With the recent Solar Eclipse I felt it important to get out of the house and experience the event surrounded by Mother Nature, and since it was a gorgeous day here in NYC I took the ferry out to the beach.  I met some friends and with our trusty glasses viewed the magnificence of the eclipse and basked in the experience.  It was important to let the energy flow through …Read More

Thursday, August 24

The eclipse occurred on Monday but it’s far from over.  Having the Sun in Virgo along with Mercury retrograde in the same sign, suggests there is a lot of ferreting out of information that has been hidden and obfuscated.  The other big thing that is making the air feel heavy and weighed down like a lead ball and chain is the station of Saturn, which is in the process of …Read More

Monday, August 21.

Today is the solar eclipse at 28.53° of Leo and there’s been much talk about it within the astrological community.  If you read my column steadily you’re aware of some of my observations.  Remember just because today is the eclipse date, doesn’t necessarily mean there is a great event to signify it, other than the physical manifestation of the eclipse itself and the darkening of the sky around the path.  …Read More

Friday, August 18

The Cancer Moon aspects dreamy Neptune this morning so that can either make you lazy, indolent and late for everything or you can use it to stir the imagination creatively while at work or on vacation.  An opposition from Pluto may find a boss, colleague or client trying to influence you or perhaps assert their power over you.  Don’t react in an overly sensitive manner but let them know you’re …Read More

Wednesday, August 16

A solar eclipse leaves us in the dark according the sign in which it occurs.  When we are “eclipsed” we are wiped out.  In this country we are in the dark and being wiped out in the sign of Leo which represents leadership and having a leader we can look up to as a loving, caring and proud Father.  The Sun which rules the sign of Leo is supposed to …Read More

Tuesday, August 15

The Moon enters Gemini at 10:06 am after a long void that began the night before at 9:15 pm (EDT).  The Mercury retrograde may be felt more acutely today since the Moon is in a Mercury ruled sign, and Luna will be making a challenging aspect to Mercury all day through the early morning hours of Wednesday.  Be aware of the tension in the air in mercurial matters such as …Read More

Monday, August 14

A little Astrology 101 during Mercury retrograde and eclipse season. Often when astrologers talk about eclipse dates the average layperson gets obsessed with a major event occurring on the precise date of the eclipse. Sometimes that is true, but more often than not it isn’t. This is especially true when it comes to major mundane world events. We have a perfect example this past weekend with the attack by White …Read More

Saturday, August 12.

Today Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo.  Read what I wrote about this in yesterday’s post.  There’s an awful lot of celestial activity in addition.  The Aries Moon gets along well with the Leo Sun and this combination is one of high spirits, energy, athleticism, healthy expression of ego, theatricality and vitality.  It’s a day for creative self-expression in a big way and living in the present moment.  Saturn gets in …Read More

Friday, August 11

The Aries Moon puts the general public in the mood for action.  Since it’s a Friday you may want to get an early start on the weekend and get out of the office early and travel to weekend destinations.  The caveat is Mercury is stationing retrograde in the sign of Virgo.  This can be a difficult travel day, the worst of the weekend, so please take extra precaution and give …Read More