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Thursday, September 28

First, as I mentioned yesterday Pluto the planet representing money, trust, collaboration, negotiation, sexuality, the underbelly, the mysterious, and all the many other plutonian realms you can think of turns direct.  A major event that brings up sexuality, death and money is the death of Hugh Hefner.  He’s about as iconic Plutonian energy as one can think of.  And remember with solar eclipses in Leo all year many “big” names will make their exit. 

The other major astrological event today is the third of three Jupiter/Uranus oppositions; the first having been on 12/26/16 and the second on 3/2/17.  Uranus is about sudden upheavals particularly dealing with social injustices, equality and rigid devotion to an ideal.  Jupiter expands all that it touches and it rules all things legal, foreign and philosophical.  These two planets will egg each other on most, likely in relationship situations amongst individuals and groups.    It’s not a combination that likes limits but it’s much wiser to be unlimited with mind expansion rather than holding on to inflexible beliefs and dogmas. 

There’s a great deal of power in the air today so let’s see who channels it for good and who channels it for bad.  It’s that kind of black and white energy that may continue to polarize everyone.   Try to include if possible with this energy rather than exclude.