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October 2017

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween.  I’m sure there are many in Washington right now who are rightly spooked out of their skin as Jupiter in Scorpio continues to shed light and truth on subterranean matters.  The proverbial, “Airing One’s Dirty Laundry” comes to mind.  Jupiter will continue to widen the investigation. When Saturn enters Capricorn in mid December, a sign which rules those in authority and those holding the traditional rule, we will …Read More

Tuesday, October 24

The Sun is conjuncting Jupiter for the next few days and that’s an extremely upbeat energy.  Everyone, but in particular Scorpios, should be feeling a nice burst of confidence, optimism and hope.  Jupiter expands good emotional feelings in the sign of Scorpio and even if you’re dealing with death issues, as someone may be transitioning, there will be a sense of peace for the deceased and a heightened awareness of …Read More

Monday, October 23.

The Sun has entered Scorpio just as Mars has entered Libra.  That provides a nice checks and balance.  Mars rules the deep, dark, psychological sign of Scorpio and now that he is in Libra it’s important to actively pursue diplomatic problem solving techniques in the midst of dealing with heavy weight emotional issues and challenges.  It lightens the tone a bit and brings some much needed objectivity to certain situations.  …Read More

Friday, October 20

Events of yesterday’s new moon may intensify under the influence of the Scorpio Moon.  Because this intense energy aspects Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune today you may have confusion around thoughts and communication of those thoughts.  Jupiter and Neptune clouds the facts that Mercury likes to have in order.  Feelings may be blown out of proportion and everyone will be overly sensitive.  If you have to access deep feelings and process …Read More

Thursday, October 19

Today is the Libra New Moon at 26.35 Libra.  This lunation opposes transiting Uranus.  That will color the energy for the next two weeks regarding relationships, partnerships, social engagements, civility, protocol, diplomacy and one’s aesthetic view towards beauty.  Libra is about balancing things out with a goal towards peace and harmony.  With Uranus involved any of these issues that you’re coming face-to-face with may do a 180 degree turn. You …Read More

Wednesday, October 18

It’s the day before the Libra new moon so it’s considered to be a low energy day in preparation for the new social energy being launched tomorrow.  Get your ducks in a row.  A Mercury/Jupiter conjunction helps tremendously to gather and collect information, make phone calls, engage in in-depth conversations with others and travel, travel, travel or at least make travel plans.  This aspect is fantastic for studying, reading, taking …Read More

Tuesday, October 17

Mercury leaves diplomatic, social Libra and enters investigative, intuitive Scorpio.  This placement for the next 20 days is good for getting to the bottom of things and seeing through work projects, research and any kind of challenge requiring intense focus of the mind.  Trust your hunches by checking in with the heart in combination with the mind.  The Moon is void this morning from 7:27 am until 1:35 pm (EDT. …Read More

Saturday, October 14.

Venus enters Libra today after being in fussy and nitpicky Virgo.  The sign of relationships in its domicile should improve the balance of power, hence in debates over sexual harassment this position helps to open up debate providing listening skills to hear what the other side has to say.  I bring up the sexual harassment issue because of the recent headlines, but this energy is good for all relationship issues …Read More

Friday, October 13

It’s Friday the 13th and with Jupiter having entered Scorpio this week why not celebrate the holiday of blood and guts a little early?  The Leo Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio and that is a sign of excessive behavior so you may be tempted to take many risks tonight after work.  The type of risks that lead to overspending, overeating, overdrinking and overindulging.  If you’ve got a favorite deadly sin …Read More

Tuesday, October 10

Jupiter enters Scorpio today where he’ll remain for one year.  Scorpio is the most intense zodiac sign.  It encapsulates the power of transformation, death, rebirth and evolutionary powers.  It is incredibly resourceful.  Positively this placement deepens one’s strong feelings of compassion and emotional bonds.  When negative, that deepening of feelings can veer towards emotional self-indulgence and uncontrollable impulses.   Jupiter is the greater benefic (Venus the lesser) and is said to …Read More