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Tuesday, October 10

Jupiter enters Scorpio today where he’ll remain for one year.  Scorpio is the most intense zodiac sign.  It encapsulates the power of transformation, death, rebirth and evolutionary powers.  It is incredibly resourceful.  Positively this placement deepens one’s strong feelings of compassion and emotional bonds.  When negative, that deepening of feelings can veer towards emotional self-indulgence and uncontrollable impulses.   Jupiter is the greater benefic (Venus the lesser) and is said to bestow luck and prosperity in the sign through which he travels.  He’s not always about good news, though generally he supplies confidence and optimism even in the face of adversity.  Because he governs the principle of growth and expansion he sometimes has a tendency to pile on more shit, especially if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.  In Scorpio he wants to expand one’s passions, desires, joint finances and collaborative relationships with others especially where deep and trusting bonds are forged.  Scorpio is the domain of sex, death and taxes and you may see all these matters increasing for better or worse.  If you’ve been overspending then taxes will increase, if you’ve been playing Russian roulette in sexual matters then you may have to pay the price for over indulgence.  You may see those around you who are ill make a sudden transformation over to the other side.  Jupiter deaths are usually surrounded with an ease in passing.  Death matters may bring inheritance issues to the forefront. 

Scorpio rules the darker emotions of jealousy, revenge, betrayal, envy, stalking, triangular relationships, murder, obsession and so on and so forth so you can either choose to be released and purged from the dark clutches of those emotions or Jupiter may just pile on even more.  It would be advisable to gain wisdom by expanding one’s trust and collaborative powers in working with others.  Many may want to form marriage or business mergers where the growth between two people is far greater than going it alone.  Try to find more meaning in the mysterious side of live by stretching studies to include the mystical realms of tarot, astrology or other hidden realms that offer inner guidance. 

On a positive note look to see which house Jupiter is entering and that is where generally there should be some luck, hope, optimism and expansion of those house matters.  Here is a quick review: 

House I – your entire outlook to life will be more optimistic and upbeat.  Your outer personality finds favor in all social situations.  A good time to market yourself.

House II –  money, value and talents

House III – communication, writing, language, teaching, learning, siblings, neighbors

House IV – home, family, the past, Mom

House V – children, recreation, creative self-expression, romance, fun, joy

House VI – work, health, pets

House VII – relationships, marriage, social engagements

House VIII – sex, death and taxes, mergers, collaborations, trust issues, money, emotional security

House IX – foreign travel, higher education, publishing, advertising, legal matters, religion

House X – career, status, reputation,  authority figures, Dad

House XI – friends, hopes, goals, humanitarian organizations, politics

House XII – retirement, spirituality, meditation, hidden talents, escape, vacation

Jupiter in Scorpio, for everyone, asks that you question the deeper motivation behind everything you do with truth, honesty and a willingness to learn how to do better.  Learn how to share power rather than manipulating others with it. 

More in the coming days about Jupiter in Scorpio.