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Tuesday, October 24

The Sun is conjuncting Jupiter for the next few days and that’s an extremely upbeat energy.  Everyone, but in particular Scorpios, should be feeling a nice burst of confidence, optimism and hope.  Jupiter expands good emotional feelings in the sign of Scorpio and even if you’re dealing with death issues, as someone may be transitioning, there will be a sense of peace for the deceased and a heightened awareness of spiritual feelings.  Be in tune with the deeper, more mysterious processes of life.  There’s beauty in the dark, mysterious and unknown and you may be willing to go to the depths of emotional situations in order to understand a person or situation with greater awareness. 

Jupiter will enflame one’s spirit and belief in oneself. Egos will be running high so the negative side of this energy is someone blowing an awful lot of hot air and wanting to hog the spotlight with a passion that this sign is known for. The flip side of passion is obsession.
Everyone’s desires, including sexual, will be expanded should you want to take advantage of this energy that way. It can also expand your addictions to such things as chocolate, sugar, alcohol and drugs so while you may have more energy with which to party, don’t let the Scorpionic influence lead you to a bottomless pit.
The next few days are good for facing fears and feeling personal power and confidence, in whatever area of life that may be presenting itself. With awareness one can easily honor the more noble sides to Scorpio such as passion, emotional commitment, loyalty, security, deep empathy and intense focus. Without awareness of the energy the unconscious mind might want to expand the ignoble sides of Scorpio such as jealousy, obsession, murder, melodrama, addiction, hatred, lust and so on.
You have a choice, it’s always a matter of how conscious you are of when you make them.
The energy for most of the day is highly energetic, innovative and competitive. Present ideas using the highest part of the imagination rather than stooping to falsehoods. It’s a particularly good night for an intense physical activity such as the gym, playing sports, sex or a healthy type of fighting physicality.