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Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween.  I’m sure there are many in Washington right now who are rightly spooked out of their skin as Jupiter in Scorpio continues to shed light and truth on subterranean matters.  The proverbial, “Airing One’s Dirty Laundry” comes to mind.  Jupiter will continue to widen the investigation. When Saturn enters Capricorn in mid December, a sign which rules those in authority and those holding the traditional rule, we will see the leadership being put under even more pressure as the cracks in the wall become greater and greater. 

The Pisces Moon during the daylight hours lends an air of disbelief for some, heightened imagination for others and a state of confusion. A nice aspect to Mercury during the day is good for asking questions but a tense aspect to Saturn may cause disappointment regarding the answers to those questions.
The Moon is void from 5:08 pm onwards (EDT). A void Moon is perfectly fine for Halloween although the last aspect before turning void is a square to Saturn so that will limit the revelry in some way and may dampen the mood.
Have a responsibly good time!